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He closed his eyes. He tried to clear his head but to no avail. He just couldn't stop thinking about it. Ever since that mission. Ever since they had met. Then again, how could it be? He shook his head, as if it was wet. There was this beautiful blond hair, encircling the face of an angel. And, those eyes. Deep ocean blue, one of a kind. The eyes that haunted him every night. It had to stop. He needed an explanation for this. He got up, headed towards the library, black coat flustering.

"What an unpleasant surprise."

"Zexion, where are you?" he demanded.

The gray haired man came to his view. The cloaked schemer put on an expression like he already knew the question. But VI had no idea, not even a clue, what went on in his mind.

"Can Nobodies feel?"

"You should know, shouldn't you?"

He hesitated. How he hated all this riddling and the mind tricks the quiet member played on the others.

"Second thoughts? Unusual for you."

He just stared at him. Keep staring. That's how you break the riddle. Let him explain. Mind your temper. Keep cool. Don't interrupt.

"What's on your mind?"

Another, unusual cold stare.

"You don't say, you think you can feel? Show some common sense."

He clenched his fists, bit his tongue until he drew blood. Zexion looked at him, satisfied, but he couldn't resist his curiosity.

"We have... memories. But nothing more."

He continued to stare. This couldn't be all of it. Just show some more patience.

"But, maybe, if there is a strong connection..."

He knew Zexion enjoyed torturing him like this. So eager for an answer, his usual patient mind had gone. It was agonizing to wait.

"A strong connection in the somebodies."

He smiled and relaxed. He got his answer. Zexion looked at him as if he just insulted him.


He ruffled his hair and went out, still smiling. He walked around, aimlessly, until he found the one he had been looking for.


"What's up, Rox?"

"Do you... remember that... girl... we met on our last... mission?"

The red head looked at his friend, curios. He nodded.

"What happened to her?"

The flurry of dancing flames let out a deep sigh and let his head hang down.

"DiZ took her. I don't know what he did with her, though. She was kind of cute, poor thing"

"Yeah..." he let a dreamy glare slip into nothingness. Axel grinned at his short friend.

"You liked her, didn't you, Roxas?"

"N-no! Of course not! We're Nobodies!"

He shook his head but the pyro was already laughing.

"Ha ha, Roxas has a sweetheart!"

He left his friend. Axel was still laughing. Fine by him. He wouldn't understand anyway. He summoned a portal to Twilight Town. High up, on the Clock Tower of Sunset Station, he enjoyed his sea salt ice cream. He often came here just to think. Or just to have his ice cream. This town... it felt like he belonged here. He enjoyed to just think about it. But this was also where he had met her.

He was fighting heartless. With Axel at his side. That was when he saw her. She ran across the square they had been fighting in. He didn't pay much attention towards her at first, until a scream swept through the air. He immediately turned and saw a couple of heartless but not the girl. Something inside him made him move. It was more of instinct he ran to the pile and destroy heartless. Axel called him back, asked what he was doing but he didn't care. He saw her hand reach out for escape. He dropped his Oblivion and grabbed the hand pulling the girl to her feet and away from the heartless. For a moment time seemed to have stopped. She gazed at him, with those blue eyes that followed him in his dreams. He looked back at her, with his own, same blue eyes. He felt her hand shiver in his.

He couldn't wait anymore. He reached out, pulling her into his arms, so close together-


The blond opened his eyes. It had been a dream. Axel was next to him, waiting with two ice creams. They were still at the tower. He took the ice cream with a deep sigh. That was when he made his decision.



"I need to find her"

"You know you can't do that, Rox. Not without permission. And Xemnas isn't gonna grant you that"

"I know"

The red head looked at his friend in worry, What was the blond thinking? That girl must have twisted his mind.

"You thinkin' of leaving?"

But he kept licking his ice cream as if Axel hadn't spoken. The white silk dress mended in so perfectly with her pale skin. Although it was plain, nothing special, he thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Axel noticed his friend day dreaming and ate his own ice cream in silence. They sat there for the rest of the day.


He moved quickly. Axel could only guarantee him about twenty minutes. He walked through the Sandlot, looking around, searching. This was were they had met. He could see her ghost run across the square, the non existing heartless following. He followed her invisible tracks backwards. It seemed she came from that abandoned mansion. He arrived at the gates, only to see them locked. He snickered. No one could keep him out. Oblivion appeared to his right, vibrating, urging him to use it. He opened the gates and ran inside the grounds, gates closing again when he stepped foot over the edge. He noticed a large window with white curtains on the second store. A girl was standing there, looking at him, watching him. It was her. He ran inside the mansion, through the old and crumbling foyer. It looked like no one had been living here for ages. He ran up the stairs and took off to the left, hoping he would end up in the right room. He stopped in front of a large door, knowing she was in there. He went in.

The room was white, as white as the walls at the Castle That Never Was. The blond was sitting at the table, drawing.

"I've been expecting you, Roxas"


"It was about time you showed up. I feared you'd never come."

He gazed at her. Her beautiful hair tangling off her right shoulder was shining as if it resembled his mind right now: excited. He went over to her. She stood up and looked at him. Her perfectly blue eyes met his.

"W-" he said but she put her finger on his lips, motioning him to shut up.

"The key blade is the answer to everything, Roxas. Just remember, you'll see."

She took a few steps back from him. He felt like he was frozen, he wanted to follow but he couldn't. She faded away. He shouted after her.

"Wait! I... don't even know your name..."

He walked over to the table where she had been sitting at. The drawing she had made before, he picked it up. It showed him and her, in this very room, at this very moment. Knowing that his time was up and he needed to go back, he left.


Roxas was walking through the square in front of the memorial skyscraper in The World That Never Was. He went through an alley, walking briskly. Axel was leaning against the wall watching him but Roxas took no notice. He walked past him, not even glimpsing at the red head.

"You're mind's made up?"

He turned his head but his body remained as it was.

"Why did the key blade choose me? I have to know."

The Flurry jumped off his coolly position as if the wall just stung him. He shouted at his friend who was looking straightforward again.

"You can't turn on the organization! You'll get on their bad side and they'll destroy you!"

The blond tilted his head slightly back to Axel.

"No one would miss me."

He walked away.

"That's not true..."

Axel knew he couldn't stop him. He let his head hang and talked mostly to himself.

"I would."

But Roxas was gone and he didn't come back.


A hooded figure walked up to a man who had his face covered in bandages. The boy first spoken of held up a piece of paper.

"Look at what Namine has done." he said. The man in bandages took a brief look at the drawing. He turned back to his computer.

"Destroy it. Whatever they have been discussing, they will not recall that information. I forbid it!" he said menacing with a deep voice. A ripping noise was heard, then the bandaged man spoke again.

"Namine is getting out of control. We must act fast. You know what you must do."

"And it will help Sora wake up?" the hooded boy said. The man with the bandages didn't reply.

"Don't keep me in this fog all the time, tell me!" the cloaked boy said angered. The older man still didn't turn around but said calmly to his angry companion.

"With time, things will become clearer. Now go."

Although his face couldn't be seen, the boy shot the man a furious glare and then left.


"Utter Silence"

A boy walked through The World That Never Was. He wore a long black cloak and had his hood over his head so his face was hidden. It was raining. Whispers swept through the air.

"Something so natural."

He arrived at the memorial skyscraper. Heartless started appearing out of nowhere. Another boy, silver haired and blindfolded was watching him. The first boy looked to his surrounding enemies. He drew two key blades, Oathkeeper to his left, Oblivion to his right. The silver haired did something and the clouds above cleared the square, revealing falling stars in the night blue sky. Blue flames encircled the fighter on the ground. The flames shaped the outline of a heart. The hooded boy spoke, whispered merely.

"Where's Sora?"

He skillfully destroyed the greedy black beings. More whispers.

"A memory beyond."

More heartless came but he easily vanquished them. He jumped to the tall building in front of the square. He looked up the tower. Whispering.

"Something so simple."

He noticed the silver haired boy at the top, jumped up and started running up the tall building, getting closer to the watching boy. Both heard the whisperings that became louder and rushed through the air.

"Where's Sora?"

"We must find him."

The hooded one threw Oblivion towards the silver haired who jumped down towards the mysterious boy.

A creation born of ignorance.

The blindfolded caught Oblivion gracefully and fell towards his opponent.

Behind the Darkness Door to the Light

They came closer to passing each other, one going up, the other down.

The secret place.

"His voice...it's left me."

"This time... I'll fight."

The whispers became more rapid as they looked at each other's face when they passed.

A world between A forgotten world

The gathering.

The silver haired continued falling and the hooded boy continued raising as there listened to the whispers that filled the air.

A third enemy Nobody "Who is Nobody, you ask? They are the nonexistent"

The whispers over crossed each other making it difficult to identify each.


"What took you so long, Kairi?"

"Can we do it? Against that?"

Memories came streaming back to the hooded boy, memories of Sora.


"We have come for you, my liege"

"You are the source of all heartless."

The thirteenth order.




"Your highness but why?"

Change The third key

End of the world

"What is this place?"

"Is this the answer you've been looking for?"

"This is the world in its true form."

"Maybe our journey meant nothing at all."


"We'll go together."


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