Do You Dare?

( delicacy )

& ; mick & beth

Disclaimer: I do not own Moonlight, its characters, settings, etc. These words, however, are mine.

He couldn't move.

What was keeping him there...? He didn't know. Eyes racing around wildly, something seemed off, wrong, painfully not right; he could feel it in that long dead heart of his, searing and striking and driving his protective nature insane to the point that he couldn't think straight--

Sweet. Floral. His.

Blinking, he sniffed the air and was met with a familiar scent.



The image finally appeared before him as though all along someone had been holding a gloriously realistic piece of art in front of him, painting the picture he'd rather see. A feral cry escaped him, his senses sharpening, his eyes changing with the power of the supernatural.



Both laying across the floor.

Vampires, two of them, draining the life from Beth who had known and seen too much of his world to escape.

And he couldn't move.

Her eyes, unseeing, stared through him.

Her wrist, he neck, glittering red liquid pouring slowly through slowly weakening veins by an alarmingly silencing heart.


"Josef!" He was there, transformed... Unmoving. "Josef! Josef!"

He couldn't move... And couldn't be heard? "Josef, help her!"

Helplessness surged through him -- this was not... right. This was not happening! Not to Beth, not to him.


"Oh Beth..." Mick's head snapped around to the sudden intrusion of a voice. "Where's Mick St. John to save you now?" Josh whispered sadly. "I told you Beth. I warned you..."

"Mick..." Beth cried brokenly, the last vestiges of life slipping away from her. "Where is... Mick..."


Mick awoke with a start, the helplessness, fear and loss all resounding inside of him. Exhaling deeply, he held his head in his hands, the relief washing over him, the greatest and deepest he'd ever felt in his life. "Just a dream, just a dream... She's fine..."

But how long would it take to become a reality, he wondered.

And when it did...

Did he dare to risk it?