Hola readers! Here I am, with my newest creation, a story about Jacob finding someone that fills the gap that Bella left. Honestly, I have no hate towards him, nor towards any of the characters…maybe Victoria. But the character, my friend's name is Victoria (waves to Victoria the friend!).

Disclaimer: I only own Anna. The rest, including the irresistible Jacob belongs to Stephenie Meyer (thank you for him!)

Jacob: Haha at least someone thinks I'm hot.

Me: Aww Jake we all love you! Well, most of us do.

Edward: (grumbles)

So here I am in La Push, Washington. I bet you're wondering exactly who I am, and why I'm talking about a small place like this. Or why I'm telling you the story of Jacob, well through my eyes ever since I've met him.

My name is Anna Collins. I'm sixteen, have a rat's nest of blond, curly hair, and I have green eyes. I'm not a werewolf, unlike the man that has been able to capture my attention and refused to let go.

See, I've lived in La Push for a year now. It's a quiet town, for the most part. If you exclude the howls in the late night, courtesy of the people who are locals. I probably shouldn't be sharing my story with you, since it's supposed to be a secret. But I doubt you all will be spreading the word too far.

I have to tell you, this town is so different from where I'm from. I lived in Denver, Colorado. The city life, not some country life. But my father, Stephen and I both had been hikers, managing to go almost every weekend to climb the mountainsides of Colorado. It was home, but it was a different home from here.

The locals here seemed strange at first, after all, they all held secrets. Everybody knew everybody, and being accepted here was no easy task. Newcomers I suppose were to be suspicious of, which I learned later on. Of course, I had to meet the most unlikely lot of all: The Pack.

But that's my introduction of my life in La Push. You can't stop reading, not yet. See, my story has just begun. The moment that you choose to read the next chapter, is the moment where you will be drawn in to see my story, my life. Just hopefully, just maybe, you'll see that Jacob is a guy- no, a man, with many sides. Sides I learned and expierenced.

Don't look back now, because the new road is ahead. Are you read for it?