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Today was the worst day of my life I decided as I walked alone to my dorm room. This was my life, I woke, I ate, I attended the classes, and I slept. No one paid attention to me; and I never paid attention to them. It was simply the way it was.

When I first came to Spencer I had plenty of friends. I was even considered popular. But then Reid Garwin and Tyler Sims started attending Spencer and I was ignored. The lesson I learned from those first few months of complete loneliness was one: I obviously never had true friends or they would have chosen to stay with me. And two: high school is a very cruel place to be, with the attention always turning from one person to the next. But it never turned away from the Sons of Ipswich.

There status was near worship. Ever since Pogue Parry started dating all the girls at Spencer got desperate to snatch the remaining three boys. As far as I can see only I find the four boys boring, unnecessary, and simply lacking of any motor skills whatsoever.

To be honest I would be much happier if the four boys never came to Spencer. Although Caleb Danvers seems nice enough he is still one of them. And is therefore just as bad as the rest.

The hallways were completely empty as they always are on a Friday afternoon. All of the students were preparing for some sort of party. A party that I won't be invited to.

"She's pretty shouldn't we invite her?" a female voice I didn't recognize asked. I turned a stony glare towards her but the blonde didn't seem to notice; I did not wanted to be invited to a party simply because I had a pretty face.

"Go ahead Sarah, but I don't think she'll let you even talk to her. She's kind of antisocial," Kate, Pogue's girlfriend, whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

The girl, I assumed was Sarah, shrugged and approached me anyways. Well at least she's brave,I thought then snorted, a pig is brave when it goes to the slaughter house I suppose.

"Hey I'm Sarah Wenham; the transfer student" She said sticking her hand out, a friendly smile on her face. I glanced at her hand before deciding to go for more of a cold shoulder approach.

"Yeah I know who you are" her smile faltered at my very matter-of-factly tone "I'm Eden Prayer"

Suddenly her smile was huge; her entire body quivering with laughter "are you serious?" she asked finally bursting into laughter.

"Yes" I said; She seemed to sober at my deadpan expression.

"Sorry its just," I never did hear the rest of her sentence because I was already turning and walking away. But I'm sure it ended with an 'its just a little ironic'. I'd heard that same phrase thousands of times and I didn't need to hear it again.

I gave a quick glance over my shoulder to see her standing there a slightly distraught expression on her face. I felt a little guilty for being so rude to her; but I forced myself to keep walking to my dorm room. I opened my door flipping the light on and dumped my backpack on my desk.

Something scrambled in my room. I flipped around nearly screaming. My entire body pressed against the door. I gave a little shriek when my eyes landed on a tall, muscular, dirty blond. He smiled a genuine smile.

My hand dove into my pocket coming out with my knife. I flipped it open and pointed it at him "I know how to use it" I threatened; narrowing my eyes on him, but the truth was I'd never used that knife on anything other then cutting threw things.

"Whoa" the man said putting his hands up; a surprised grin on his face "I'm unarmed sweet heart"

"Don't call me that" I snapped trying to be mean and threatening.

"Sorry, sorry, this is just a little misunderstanding that's all," he said taking a step closer to me. I suppose if I had anywhere to step backward on I would have; but I didn't, so I just stood my ground stiffening up. He took another cautious step towards me.

And there we stood for what felt like an eternity. Me pointing a knife at him threateningly "So, you gonna let me out or what?" he asked playfully.

I dropped my knife closing it in one swift motion. I stepped to the side throwing my door open and giving him a pointed glare as he left my room.

I watched him go down the hallway glaring at him the entire time. I was refusing to let myself feel foolish.

"By the way," he said turning on his heels and walking backwards his eyes focused on me, "I like your name it's very classical"

I could barely keep myself from gapping at him. Heā€¦liked my name?

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