Hey this is something my brother and I started about 5 years ago. The first chapter was uploaded a long time here Fan Fic but I deleted it. Well my brother has begged me to re upload it and write another chapter with him. So here it is. Oh yeah neither of us own Back to the Future or the Muppets.



Kermit the Frog as Marty Mcfly

Fozzie the Bear as Doc Emmett Brown

Gonzo as George Mclfly

Miss Piggy as Lorraine Banes /Mcfly

Janice as Jennifer Parker

Biff Tannen as Biff Tannen

Johnny Fiamas as Match

Sal as 3-D

Sweetums as Skin Head

Sam the Eagle as Mr. Strickland

Rowlf as Einstein Rizzo as Goldy Wilson Fraggles as the Libyans

As the movie starts the camera pans around Doc Brown's messy old garage that is filled with a assortment of wacky inventions and toys such as a self can opener for dog food, a automatic self inflating whoopee cushion maker and automatic laugh machine. On the shelves their hundreds of bad joke book lining the walls. All of the inventions were turned on and running by themselves.
Suddenly Marty Mcfly opens the door and calls out looking for Doc. "Hi Ho , Doc ! Doc ? Where is he?" Marty looks down and noticed a pile open canned dog food over flowing out of Einstein dog dish.
"Oh gee, gross."
Marty then walks over to the Doc's gigantic amplifier, turning it up on full volume and plugs in his electric banjo. He strums one cord and the speakers explode sending Marty flying into a bookcase knocking the contents of them off of them.
"Sheesh , what a splash !" He exclaims sitting up bewildered.

Suddenly Doc's banana phone rings and Marty scrambles for it but has some problems finding because it was lost under old rejected gag scripts. After the fourth ring he finally finds it.
"Hello?" he says a little exhausted.
" Hi Marty. Wocka wocka. Could you join me tonight at the Ha Ha Joke Factory . I have a new crazy idea for a invention." Doc whispers hastily.
"Sure, Doc. Speaking of crazy inventions, yours here have been on all week." Marty replies glancing around them room.
"Oh yeah , that reminds I wouldn't try using that new experimental bango amplifier, its has some bugs in it . Buzz buzz!" Doc warns Marty.
"Okay Doc . I will keep that in mind." Marty says as he shakes head and sighs.
All of a sudden all of Doc's kuku chicken clocks in garage go off at once
"Is that all my kuku clocks squawking." Doc ask excitedly
" Yes , its on its 8 squawk." Marty say loudly trying to be heard over all the noise.
"Great my experiment worked! They are all a hour late!" Doc exclaimed excitedly.
"Darn it, Doc. I am late for school! Good bye, Doc." Marty exclaims fustrated.
" Don't forget, be at the factory at 1 tonight!" Doc reminds Marty before hanging up.
Marty slams the banana phone down and takes off down the street on his skate board, catching a ride the back of a rusty ,old pick up truck that he hangs on to all the way to school.