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Marty arrives at school and began to head to his first class when he runs into his high school girlfriend, Jennifer. "Marty, Mr. Strictland is like looking all over for you. You are going to be like in big trouble, fer sure. Let's like go in the back way so you don't get caught."

Marty and Jennifer are sneaking to their classroom when suddenly they he a all to familiar voice. "Mr Mcfly, you are late. You must change your ways and become a frog of stature not slacker weirdo like your father. For becoming a frog of stature for it is the American way." Strictland lectures Marty.

Later on we see Marty and Jennifer cuddling on bench in down town Hill Valley in front of the town famous clock tower. An old lady approaches them handing out flyers to save the clock tower from being replaced after being hit with lighting. Marty reluctantly takes one.

The next scene we see Marty arriving home on a skateboard. His father plumber truck is in the driveway on wrecker completely totaled. Marty walks in to see his frazzled father dressed in a frumpy leisure suit being hassled by his very angered supervisor Biff Tannen. "Hey Mcfly, you blue nosed freak why didn't you tell me there was blind spot in the back of your truck."

"I..I..am sorry Biff, I didn't know." George Mcfly said nervously. Biff turns around to see a surprised Marty staring at him. "What are you staring at, you little green butt head." he says with a chuckle and leaves. Marty stares at his dad and then shakes his head, wishing his father would stand up to Biff.

His family sits down to eat supper, his brother whom looks just like Gonzo and his sister whom is a girl pig sits next to Marty. On the TV next to the table is playing a TV show about chickens being shot out of a cannons and George's eyes are glued to it. Marty's brother is also staring at the TV with the same intensity.

A pudgy weathered Lorraine sets a cake down on the table and sits down her self. "Children, we will have to eat this cake ourselves, your uncle Joey didn't make bail again." She says as she cuts a large piece for herself and begins to devour messily. Marty and his siblings look at her in disgust. Then his sister turn to Marty," Oh yeah, that crazy girl, Jennifer called you."

Lorraine looks up from her cake with icing on her snout, " Marty, I don't like that girl. Her calling a boy. When Moi, was your age I didn't call a boy or go out with a boy. It's not proper." She then goes back to devouring her cake noisly. "Mother, how am I supposed to find a guy?" Marty's sister asks. Lorraine looks at her.. "You wait for love like I did. And some day you will meet a wonderful, amazing guy likeā€¦" She looks over at George whom is laughing hysterically at the tv and sighs a bit disappointed. "Your father." Marty rolls his eyes.

"That's so stupid, you met dad because grandpa hit him with his plumbing truck." Marty's sister exclaimed. Lorraine looks at George dreamily remembering the past, "Yes, your father looked so helpless, his fuzzy blue body laying limp and he curved noise sticking out adorably as he slept. I knew I was in love. We went to the school dance and I knew we were meant for each other." "You told us this, Mom. You guys went to the idiot over the rainbow dance." Marty's sister said annoyed.

"No, no. no. It was the "Some Where Over the Rainbow" dance. It was so magical." Lorraine said dreamily. "I still don't understand why dad was standing in the middle of the street anway. He must have been some weirdo." Marty's sister said rolling her eyes. Marty looked at his father and sighs.