Summary-When Tamaki was little and still lived in France with his mother, he was raped by one of his mother's close friends. What if the man suddenly shows up at Ouran as a new teacher? What is our cute host club king to do?! KyouyaxTamaki

Warning: Mentions of rape, kind of descriptive rape, twincest, and hints at future homosexual relationship. If you are against any of these things, then I suggest you X out this fan fiction now.

disclaimer: I do not own Ouran High School Host club (I wish I did though)

Hidden Past of the host king: Chapter 1

Tamaki looked around the party his mother had brought him to. Most of the people attending were adults, so there was no one to really play with or talk to. The ten year old was pulled out of his thoughts when a hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Tamaki dear, this is my good friend Sir Jacob Noire" His mother said, gesturing to a tall man standing next to her. He was about 6'4" with olive green eyes and dark brown, almost black hair that was neatly trimmed. He was wearing a gray, almost charcoal colored, long sleeve button up shirt with black pants. The man looked to be about the age of 25.

"Hello Tamaki. It's a great pleasure to meet you" The man, now known as Sir Jacob, said smiling down at Tamaki.

Tamaki didn't know why, but he didn't like this man. He gave out weird vibes. The man looked him up and down, from his black pants, to his white long sleeve button up shirt, to his blond hair, and back down to his expensive black leather shoes.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance " Tamaki answered politely trying not to sound to…he didn't know the word to describe how he felt. Maybe nervous? Uneasy? Scared? Whatever this feeling was, he didn't like it, and he wanted to get as far away from this man as humanly possible.

"Well, it seems to be getting late, and as much as I don't want to leave, it seems I must. It is way past Tamaki's curfew." Tamaki let out a little sigh of relief at his mother's words. Finally they could leave this boring party and Sir Jacob.

"It is only but nine. How about I take Tamaki to my room to rest? You stay here and have fun!" Sir Jacob said, placing his hand on Tamaki's shoulder "I'll take care of him. You should enjoy yourself"

Tamaki's mother smiled brightly as she nodded her head. Giving Tamaki a kiss on the cheek and a quick 'Good Night', she was off.

Tamaki fidgeted nervously as him and Sir Jacob walked down the hall, the noise of the party getting softer and softer as they continued to walk. They continued to walk until they had reached the last door on the long hallway. Now, you could hear none of the party that was occurring in the ballroom.

"Come Tamaki" Sir Jacob whispered into the blonde boy's ear, making the young boy jump.

Once they were both in the room, Sir Jacob closed and locked the door. Tamaki backed away with wide eyes as the older man stalked towards him, a strange look in his eyes. He gasped as his back hit the wall, making him unable to back away from the man any longer.

"Come Tamaki. Its time for bed" Sir Jacob slowly moved him hands up to the buttons of the scared boy's shirt and started to unbutton them. When all the buttons were undone, the shaking boy whimpered as his shirt was pulled off and he was pressed against the older man's chest and the wall. Before the boy knew what was happening, his pants, along with his underwear were taken away and he was thrown roughly on the bed. Hands started roaming and groping his body as he cried.

"Please! Stop!" Tamaki screamed as he was groped again "Please stop! I beg of you!"

The man laughed while starting to undo his own pants.

"Come now Tamaki, this will feel good" Sir Jacob whispered to the sobbing blond, licking his cheek with his slick tong. "Plus, your violet eyes are even more beautiful when you are scared"

With that he propped the blonde's legs up and positioned himself at his virgin hole. With a smirk he pushed...

"AAHHHH!" A now seventeen year Tamaki Suou screamed as he woke up from his nightmare. He looked around him and confirmed he was indeed in his own room, and in his blue silk sheet covered bed. It was just another nightmare. 'Just another horrid memory of that time' Tamaki thought depressed.

After that night, Sir Jacob continued to sexually abuse the blond until he had left to Japan when he was fourteen. His mother had no clue of what was happening to her only child, suspecting nothing out of the ordinary. Tamaki never gave her reason to.

He would always act happy and show off false but convincing smiles around his mother to please her. Even when Sir Jacob started visiting almost everyday, Tamaki kept up his happy act around his beloved mother. He wouldn't tell his mother the abuse if she even did ask or happen to notice.

Besides the fact that Sir Jacob had threatened to kill him if he told, he didn't want to cause his mother unwanted stress or worry. He was also terribly ashamed. He was ashamed that he couldn't stop the man from hurting him and ashamed of the helplessness and dirtiness that got stronger and stronger with each rape.

Tamaki sighed sadly as he got up out of bed. After a nightmare, he could never get back to sleep. Even if he took sleeping pills, his mind would not let him.

He glanced at the clock and saw it was three o'clock in the morning. He let out a dejected sigh as he decided to start getting ready for school.

After taking a long a shower and getting dressed in his school uniform, Tamaki walked down the stairs towards the extravagant dining room. It was only about four thirty, so not many of the maids and butlers were up.

"Good Morning Suou-sama" A maid said, bowing as she passed him. He gave her a tired nod and walked over to the dining room table. Placing his book bag on the floor, he collapsed into the plush chair, laying his head in his neatly crossed arms on the table.

"Well, Good Morning Tamaki-kun! Why are you up at such an early hour?" One of their oldest maids, Anita-san, asked. She was an old woman that had known Tamaki since he had come to Japan. She was a plump woman with graying brown hair that was always tied up into a high bun with a couple bangs hanging in the front. She acted more like the kind grandmother he never had rather then a maid.

"It was just another nightmare Anita-san. Do you think you could make me a cup of coffee and toast when you aren't too busy?" Tamaki asked politely.

"Of course! I'll go make it right now!" Anita-san answered, smiling brightly at him, trying to get him to brighten up a bit. She, as well as a majority of the staff, knew about his frequent nightmares. She did not know what they were about, but many of the maids and butlers had been awaken in the middle of the night by his terrified screams. She pitied the poor boy.

"You don't have to if you're busy Anita-san! I can get it myself if you have other things to do!" Tamaki protested tiredly. "I don't want to trouble you"

"It's no trouble at all! And it's too early for me to be busy anyway!" With that, the plump maid went into the kitchen, humming a happy tune. Tamaki let out a small smile.

Unlike the act he played for his friends, he was still not used to having maids, butlers and such waiting on him. Yes his mother's family was rich and had a chef and driver, but they never really had maids or butlers. They only got the chef and driver when his mother had started to fall ill.

Tamaki sighed again and decided to finish his dreaded math homework he had failed to complete the night before. Just when he finished, Anita-san came back with a tray that held a steaming cup of coffee, a cup of milk, a plate of buttered toast, another plate of pancakes smothered in syrup and another plate that held a blueberry muffin.

"Thank you so much Anita-san" Tamaki said, moving his homework to the side to make room. "You are too kind sometimes!"

Anita-san just laughed and placed the plates in front of the blond.

"You're so sweet Tamaki-kun" Anita-san smiled as he licked his lips while eying the food. "I sure wish my son was as well mannered as you!" And with that she went back into the kitchen.

After stuffing his face with food, the blond noticed it was nearly time for him to leave. He carefully placed his dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and took the blueberry muffin to go.


Tamaki smiled as he entered his homeroom and spied his best friend, Kyouya Ootori. They had been best friends ever since Tamaki had first came to Japan. Even though the two seemed to be exact opposites, they were still the best of friends.

"Morning Kyouya!" Tamaki said while sitting next to his friend, who was currently typing away on his laptop.

"Morning" He mumbled, continuing to type. Tamaki stared at him for a bit before turning away and looking off into space. A conversation two girls were having a couple seats over caught his attention. A pretty brown haired girl, Akiko-chan, and a black haired girl, Kozumi-chan, were talking to each other in an excited manner.

"Did you hear?" Akiko-chan asked her dark haired friend, who looked at her with a curious expression. "There is going to be a new World History teacher! I heard he is from France and he is very handsome! He is only in his early thirties too!"

"Seriously?!" Kozumi-chan squealed quite loudly, but ignored the strange looks she got from around the room. "I wonder if he will be as handsome as Suou-sama!"

At that, Tamaki turned away so they wouldn't notice he was listening to their conversation. He wondered who the new teacher would be. Soon the bell rang for class to start and the teacher started the lecture.


At the end of the day, there was a mandatory school meeting. Everyone went into the auditorium, conversing with his or her friends about the new gossip going around. Unlike public schools, their auditorium was a giant room with eight long lines of beautiful oak wood chairs with baby blue silk cushions. Headmaster Suou walked onto the stage stopping behind the dark brown podium, clearing his throat to get the room's attention.

"Afternoon students. As you have probably heard already, Hajime-sensei has retired and has moved to the USA, Florida I do believe. But anyway, I am here to announce our new World History teacher! Please all welcome Jacob Noire" He finished as he started clapping, most of the students following his example as a tall man with dark, almost black hair walked onto the stage.

Tamaki stared in shock at the man on stage. 'No! He can't be here! Can't! No!' He screamed in his head as he tried to calm himself down. 'Maybe it's a different person. But how many 'Jacob Noire's are there in France?'

"Thank you. I am happy to be teaching at such a glorious school. I have heard many wonderful things about this school, and its many talented students" He bowed slightly, "I hope to teach here for many years" and with that, the headmaster went back up and they were dismissed.


"Where the hell is Tamaki?" Kyouya growled frustrated. It was almost time for the host club to open and their host club king was nowhere to be seen.

"Ah, look!" Hikaru or Kaoru said pointing at the door as it opened to reveal Tamaki.

"It's Milord!" Kaoru or Hikaru said as both twins pointed at the slightly nervous Tamaki "Your late milord!" They both said in unison. Tamaki chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Sorry I'm late! I ha…" Tamaki yelped when he was suddenly hit by the door he was still standing by. Haruhi walked into the room, panting slightly. It seemed she had run all the way here.

"Sorry I'm late. I forgot my folder in the classroom and had to go all the way back for it!" Haruhi said in one breath.

"It's ok Haruhi!" The twins said together smiling at her gently.

"How come Haruhi doesn't get yelled at when she's late but I do?" Tamaki whined at the twins as they laughed.

"Because Haruhi is just special like that milord" One of the twins said as the other nodded their head in agreement. Kyouya and Haruhi sighed as they continued to argue.

Soon it was time for the club to open. As soon as the doors opened, girls came rushing in, most still talking about the new teacher. Tamaki turned pale, his stomach doing sickening flips. What if he had to talk about his old tormentor for an hour? He didn't think he could handle it. His dream from last night suddenly popped back up in his mind and he felt bile rise in his throat. He quickly placed a hand over his mouth and ran to the restroom that was connected to the music room. Once he was in the restroom and into a stall, he didn't even get the chance to shut the door before he threw up. He had already barfed up his breakfast and lunch after the assembly. What he was throwing up now was probably just stomach acid.


Everyone in the host club was surprised with their king's actions. The girls who had entered looked at the door Tamaki had left through in confusion. Kyouya stood up and cleared his throat.

"Tamaki is feeling sick today so as to not spread whatever he has he will not be attending to anyone today. I am greatly sorry the inconvenience" After that was said a wave of 'Poor Suou-sama!'s went through the room. Once everyone was settled with a customer, where every host had two times as many since Tamaki had run off, Kyouya went to the restroom to check on his friend.


Tamaki sat by the toilet, coughing out vile once in a while. He didn't know what he was going to do. His nightmare had come back to haunt him once again. 'I can't go through that again! I refuse to go through that again!' He screamed in his mind thinking again of all that had occurred years ago. Throwing up some more, he never heard the restroom door open or someone walk up behind him until he felt a hand touch his shoulder.

He screamed loudly, as if the touch burned as he shrunk into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest tightly.

Kyouya gasped at his best friend as he got in the fetal position and started to cry. He had never seen Tamaki like this. Not even after his grandmother's visits.

"Tamaki" He made sure not to touch his friend, so he wouldn't freak out again. "Tamaki, it's me, Kyouya"

Tamaki curled into a tighter ball, whimpering slightly.

"I'm sorry." He whimpered so softly that Kyouya had to listen carefully "I'll be good. I promise. Just please don't hurt me again"

Kyouya gaped at the blond. Who dared to touch his Tamaki? Wait, when did Tamaki become his? Oh well, back to more important matters!

"Tamaki…no one can hurt you." When that didn't seem to work Kyouya gently touched Tamaki's back, ignoring the flinch he received and started to rub it soothingly. After a while it worked and the blond came back to his senses.

"Thank you Kyouya. I guess I kind of freaked out there" Tamaki whispered as he hugged Kyouya around the waist, snuggling his face into the dark haired boy's chest.

Kyouya blushed brightly as Tamaki continued to snuggle into his chest.

"Tamaki, how about we go back out to the host club?" Tamaki shivered in his arms while shaking his head no.

"I don't think I can be a host today Kyouya." Kyouya nodded as Tamaki shivered again. Standing up and pulling the blond with his, he picked Tamaki up bridal style and walked over to the sink. After cleaning up, they left the restroom, Tamaki in Kyouya's arms. Tamaki's eyes were closed as he continued to snuggle into Kyouya's chest. All eyes were on them as they crossed the room and went into another room that connected to the music room.

All the host club members politely excused themselves and went after the Shadow King and Host King.


"Kyouya-Senpai, what's wrong with Tamaki-Senpai?" She asked as they all stared at the sleeping blond that was currently lying on the couch with his head in Kyouya's lap. Kyouya gently combed through the blond locks with his fingers as he thought.

"Someone hurt him." He whispered, not sure if he wanted to tell them of what happened in the restroom.

"Someone hurt Tama-chan?!" Hani yelled, a dark look crossed over his face. "Who?" He then proceeded to crack his knuckles. Kyouya hesitated slightly, but decided it would be best to tell them about the restroom incident.

"When I went after Tamaki…he was throwing up and sobbing. When I touched him on the shoulder he started to freak out saying weird things about how he would be a good boy and begging not to hurt him" Kyouya said softly, as to not wake the blond. He sighed stressfully and then turned to the twins.

"I don't think any of us want to participate in the host club today, can you two ask them all to leave? And that we will make it up to them."

The twins nodded, saluted, and marched out of the room. A couple seconds later, there were several squeals and giggles and then it was silent. The twins walked back in with the rest of the host club staring at them with raised eyebrows.

"What did you do?" Haruhi asked, not sure if she really wanted to know what the twins have thought of to get a whole room of girls to react like they had.

"Oh, just brotherly love" One of the twins said.

"Level two" The other one said smiling along with his brother. When they all kept staring with raised brows they demonstrated.

"Oh! Hikaru!" Kaoru moaned out, now enclosed in his brother's arms, as the older twin squeezed his butt. Hikaru pulled back so they were nose to nose.

"You are so adorable Kaoru. So adorable that I could eat you up" The older twin shortened the space between their lips drastically.

"Hikaru" The younger moaned/whispered to his twin. That's when the space suddenly closed and their lips touched. Kyouya's, Haruhi's, and Hani's eyes widened at the slightly tonguing twins. They broke apart and turned back to everyone else.

"I should have never asked" Haruhi mumbled grimly. A whimper suddenly rang through the room. The blond lying on the couch was tossing and turning. A mixture of fright and pain was present on his beautiful face.


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