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Last time:

All throughout the host club, Kyouya and Tamaki ignored each other. While Kaoru and Hikaru didn't notice anything amiss, Haruhi, Mori and Hani did.

"Haru-chan! What's wrong with Kyou-chan and Tama-chan?" Hani asked Haruhi, hugging the girl tightly around the waist. Haruhi smiled sadly down at her sempai.

"I don't know Hani-sempai. Maybe they had a fight?" Haruhi suggested thoughtfully. Hopefully it was just an argument over the next club theme or something else as small. She didn't like how the two were acting and wanted them to make up soon.

"Oh…" The small blonde boy said blankly, blinking a bit up at the dark haired girl. "OH! So they are just having a mommy and daddy quarrel!" Hani seemed to be positive this was the problem. "They'll make up in a day or two, right Takashi?"

Mori looked down at his blonde haired cousin with a quiet 'hnn'. Haruhi laughed quietly at his child-like innocence. It must be nice to be that blissfully unaware. With a smile, Haruhi went back to her table. Hopefully the two would make up soon.


A week went by. Tamaki and Kyouya still hadn't spoken more then five words to each other all week. By this time, even the twins had noticed the two not speaking. Hani was getting so worried that he would eat double amounts of cakes then normal. Normal for him at least.

"This can't keep going on." Haruhi declared glancing over to her two sempai. She didn't know what they were actually fighting about, but they didn't have to act like little kids. They were best friends, if not more. She hated to admit it, but she missed Tamaki being all loud and excited. Lately, he was quiet and all his smiles seemed to be faked, if not forced. She couldn't stand to see them so down.

"What was that Haru-chan?" Hani asked curiously, walking over to the cross dressing girl.

"We have to get Tamaki-sempai and Kyouya-sempai back together. They are acting absolutely ridiculous." Haruhi said with her arms crossed over her chest. The twins came over to the group.

"What's this I hear?" Hikaru asked a mischievous smile plastered on his face, as well as on his twin's.

"Planning something Haruhi?" Kaoru asked while placing an arm over Haruhi's shoulders.

"Yes. Lets all meet after club today." Haruhi whispered to them as she spotted Kyouya glancing over to them.


Haruhi sighed as she made the tea. When she suggested they meet after club, she was thinking of one of the spare music rooms. She was definitely not thinking the twins would volunteer her apartment. Now she had Hani, Mori and the twins sitting around her little table in her living room.

"Haru-chan! Do you have any cake?" Hani said from the other room. She swore the guy would die if he were ever diagnosed as diabetic.

"I'll look sempai!" Haruhi halfheartedly looked through her kitchen. The most she had were chocolate chip cookies she had gotten from her neighbor. They would have to do.


The twins, as expected, had formulated a perfect plan to get the two stubborn teens to confront each other. They had decided to go through with the plan before the host club.

Throughout the school day, the twins would cackle sinisterly at the thought of the events that would take place. It was simple, yet cunningly sly. Now all they had to do was get the two teens to fall for it. Walking to Tamaki and Kyouya's class, they waiting for them to appear.

"Eh? The twins? What are you doing here?" Tamaki asked as he exited his classroom. The twins smiled at the innocent host king.

"My lord! Haruhi wishes to talk to you and Kyouya-sempai." Hikaru said in a matter-of-fact manner. Kaoru smiled wickedly.

"I believe I heard her say something about her debt to the host club?" Kaoru said as he cackled inwardly at Tamaki's worried face.

"Is she going to try to quit?" Tamaki mumbled worriedly. Haruhi was a good friend. He saw her as his cute, little daughter. He would never get to see her if it was not for the host club.

"She still has a bit of money left to gain before she is able to retire her host club position." Kyouya said from behind the blond. "Where is she?"

The twins gestured for the two of them to follow. They walked for a while down the hall until you couldn't hear any of the other students. They pointed to a door.

"Shes in there." Kaoru and Hikaru said together, hiding their smiles. Tamaki nodded, opening the door. He looked confused.

"But this is just...." He mumbled before being pushed into the small supply closet. Kyouya followed after him, having been standing behind him.

"Make up quickly, ne?" The twins said once again together before closing and locking the door. The small closet was shrouded in darkness. Neither boy talked. They just moved away from each other, sitting on opposite ends of the closet.

"How long do you think we'll be stuck in here?" Tamaki asked timidly. After that incident at Kyouya's house, he was nervous around his friend. He had been feeling weird things for his best friend that he didn't understand.

"Knowing the twins, a long time." Kyouya said with a sigh. Pulling out his laptop, he started typing something, making the room light up with the artificial light.

"What are you doing?" Tamaki asked curiously. He moved closer until he was right next to the other boy.

"The two managed to swipe my cell phone, but not my laptop." Kyouya said, continuing to type. "I'm emailing for help." He was about to click 'send', when a strange chibi popped up on the screen. "What the..."

"Hello! Hello!" It said in English waving its little chibi hand. It had bright red hair and was wearing a cute fox outfit. Little fox ears were seen mixed in the hair and a tail flickered back and forth from behind. "You need to make up! So until you do, you are not allowed a laptop!" It said, this time in Japanese. "Bye-Bye!!" And with that, the screen turned black.

"Those little...." Kyouya grumbled angrily.

"They sent a virus to your computer? Wow. I wonder who they hired to do that..." Tamaki said thoughtfully, staring at the black screen, even though no one couldn't tell, as they were in the dark once again. They sat there again in dead silence. Kyouya decided to speak.

"Where have you met him before?"

Tamaki looked confused. What in the world was his friend taking about?

"Him who?"


Tamaki froze in shock. His body started to shake in fear at just the thought of the horrible man. He hated him with ever fiber of his being. How was he suppose to tell his friend that though? It was a possibility that Kyouya would hate him and tell the entire school. Tamaki shook his head. No, Kyouya wasn't like that. He could never do that to him.

"France. He was a friend of my mother." Tamaki said quietly. He hoped Kyouya would just leave it at that.

"Has he tried that before?" Kyouya's voice sounded a bit scary.

"T-t-tried....what....exactly?" Tamaki stuttered nervously.

"You know what Tamaki!" Kyouya sounded like he was getting tired of Tamaki's innocence act. "Has he tried to rape you before??"

"Well...umm....I-I-I....uhh..." Tamaki was shaking more then before. He gasped when he was pulled into Kyouya's lap. Kyouya started rubbing gentle circles on his back.

"Don't worry Tamaki. No matter what, I'll always love you." Kyouya whispered in his ear, gently kissing the side of his neck. Tamaki blushed. Love? He loved him?

"You love me Kyouya?" Tamaki said with a smile. Kyouya started to say something, but Tamaki cut him off. "I love you too Kyouya." Tamaki cupped Kyouya's face in his hands and brought their faces together in a chaste kiss. Pulling back, they smiled at each other.

"You know what this means right?" Kyouya asked, placing kisses all over Tamaki's blushing face.


"You're mine. I won't ever allow anyone to touch you, or hurt you." Kyouya said before placing a demanding kiss on Tamaki's plump lips. Tamaki hummed in pleasure. When Noire declared a similar phrase, he was been disgusted and scared. With Kyouya, he felt loved, and prized. He felt like he had the world in his hands. And with that, Tamaki confessed everything to Kyouya.


About three hours later, the twins deemed it enough time to let the two teens out. They opened the door quietly, and slowly, just in case an attack was on its way. Their eyes widened at the sight in front of them. Tamaki was sitting on Kyouya's lap with his eyes closed, letting out little moans as Kyouya kissed his neck. Kaoru and Hikaru snickered when the two didn't notice the door open, even though light now flooded the closet.

"Maybe we should leave them there a bit longer, ne, Hikaru?" This gained their attention. Both jumped up and ran out of the closet.

"Ahh!! Freedom!!" Tamaki yelled, stretching. Both had long limbs, so staying in that closet for so long gave them both major cramps.

"So, my lord, it seems the two of you are getting along very well." Hikaru said, a perverted grin on his face. His twin giggled, an identical expression on his face.

"Yes, very very well." Kaoru repeated. Tamaki blushed while Kyouya just smirked, putting an arm around Tamaki's slim waist.

"We will be skipping the rest of club today." Kyouya said, and with that, pulled Tamaki away to the entrance of the school.


The following week was very eventful. During one of Noire-sensei's classes, the cops busted in the room. He was handcuffed and charged with rape, attempted rape, harassment, child abuse and countless other crimes that had been uncovered thanks to Kyouya's detectives.

The host club was more popular then ever before. More and more girls came to see the 'golden couple' as Tamaki and Kyouya was now named. Now when Tamaki was entertaining the girls, Kyouya sat beside him working on his laptop, or socializing with him. The girls seemed to love it, especially if Kyouya had to go somewhere and kissed Tamaki passionately on the lips. In the last two day, four girls had to be sent to the infirmary for nose bleeds.

All the other host were very supportive of the new relationship between the two boys. Haruhi even admitted to having a crush on Mori-sempai. Mori just let out a 'hm' and kissed her on the cheek. Hani couldn't have been happier, as were the twins.

The teachers and students of Ouran treated the couple the same as always, so Tamaki and Kyouya took it as a sign of acceptance. Kyouya was still the top rank in his grade, with Tamaki right behind him.

Tamaki's grandmother, hearing of the atrocities done to her grandson, decided to allow Tamaki to call his mother once a week. He was still not allowed to go to France to visit her, but talking to her was a big step up from no contact at all. His grandmother was even a bit more tolerant of him.

Kyouya's father found out about his son's relationship and was furious. He threatened to disown him until Kyouya revealed he now owned the Ootori company, through the money he had saved through investments, and the host club. His father shut up quickly, and has never said a word about it since.

"Kyouya?" Tamaki whispered, gently playing with Kyouya's hair as he typed on his laptop.


"I love you." He placed a kiss on his lips, smiling. Kyouya turned, kissing him back.

"I love you too Tamaki"



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