"Sanada-fukubuchou, how do you use a digital camera?" Kirihara asked.

"Why do you ask, Akaya?" Sanada inquired.

"I got a digital camera for my birthday, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. What's the different between a digital camera and a camera?"

"…" Sanada twitched and dragged Kirihara. "Niou!"

Said boy turned around. "Yeah?"

Sanada threw Kirihara towards him. "You're excused from tennis practice today. Teach Akaya how to use a digital camera, and teach him properly."

"Why do I have to teach that bratling how to use a camera? He can do it on his own! I mean, he's not that stupid, right?"

"I don't even know what a digital camera's supposed to do in the first place!" Kirihara protested.

"…Oh God…"

"Make sure you teach him properly, Niou," Sanada warned as he walked off. "If you teach him anything bad you'll have 100 laps waiting for you when I get back."

"Fine, fine, jeez," Niou grumbled under his breath. "Okay, bratling, so a digital camera is something that you take pictures with."

Kirihara looked confused. "Wait, isn't that just a camera?"

"Yes, but this is digital."

"Wait…what does digital mean?"

"…Let's not get into that. Anyways, this button controls the flash."

"What flash?"

"The flash. You know, whenever you get your school pictures taken you always see a flash right after the person clicks the button."

"…I don't remember."

"…You're as stupid as that Mukahi kid from Hyoutei."

"Am not! Fine, I'll take a picture of you then!" And so Kirihara attempted to take a picture of him. "Wait…it's not working!"

"…What's not working?"

"The flash button! It won't make that cool clicking sound!"

"You idiot, if you want to take pictures you click this button." Niou showed him.

"Cool! Okay!"

"You totally aren't getting this, are you, bratling?"

"No, not really, but it's fun!"

"Gah…sometimes I wonder if you even have the potential of being a human being."

"You sound like Yagyuu-senpai now."

Niou shook his head. "That guy's been getting on my nerves a lot recently. Anyways, now what?"

"…I dunno."

"I just showed you how to take pictures using a digital camera. My work here is done."


Niou twitched. "What?"

"What does this button do?" Kirihara was pointing at the lens.

"…That's not a button, that's the lens."

"Really? Then what's this button?

"That's to turn the camera on and off…"

"Really? And what if I decided to drop this camera on the floor like, right now?"

"Sanada-fukubuchou would kill you."

Kirihara pouted. "But it's my camera, not Sanada-fukubuchou's!!"

"Sanada-fukubuchou would still kill you for making a racket."

"And what if I dropped this camera on the ground and said that you dropped it?"

"…I'd kill you for making Sanada-fukubuchou kill me."

Kirihara pouted again. "Why? Don't you love me?"

"…No. I think you're stupid."


"…It's true."









Kirihara looked shocked. "…You just stole Sanada's trademark phrase."

Niou smirked. "And what if I did? It made you stop shouting."


"By the way, how'd you get that camera?"

Kirihara beamed. "It was for my birthday!!"

"Really? And when was that?"

"Two days ago!"


"What do you mean wow?!"

"I can't believe I forgot about your birthday…"


"I mean, someone as stupid as you attracts way too much attention. I just can't believe I forgot about that…really…"


"I won't."


The next day, Kirihara found a cute peach plushie in his PE locker. With a note.

Happy Birthday Bratling.

I won't be late next time.

It turned like...fluffy in the end.

NiouKiri is now the Trick Pair, courtesy of Demon Brat 2000. XD