Ok so this is the prologue I hope you guys like it. This is the first time I've tried a threesome so go easy on me ok. Oh and just some background info Chase and Wilson have been friends for a while just wanted to clear that up before you started reading just in case you guys get confused.

Chase ran down through the hospital as fast as he could dodging nurses, patients, and doctors as he went. It was 8 o' clock at night and he was about to head home when he had gotten a page from Wilson which simply said 'Help me.' Chase was scared out of his mind that something had happened to his friend and his chest tightened when he came in sight of Wilson's office.

Chase flung the door open before shutting it behind him quickly. He looked around Wilson's office and his heart caught in his throat with worry. The office was dark and there was no noise except for a small noise Chase thought sounded like someone crying.

"Jimmy?" Chase called as he moved further into the office. He was surprised to see the Oncologist sitting in the corner his legs pulled up to his chest, his head resting on his knees.

"Jimmy what is it are you ok?" Chase asked as he knelt in front of his friend.

"I can't do this anymore Robbie, nothing I do is ever good enough they always die in the end," Wilson said as he looked up at Chase, his face red and streaked with tears that wouldn't stop coming.

"Oh God James," Chase said, his heart breaking as he saw the defeated look on Wilson's face. Chase moved to sit next to Wilson and wrapped an arm around the older man's shoulders and pulled him close. "It isn't your fault, you do everything you can for your patients you haven't done anything wrong."

Wilson laughed bitterly "I haven't done anything right either, all I do is give them medicine for the pain and tell them how long they have left I can't save them like House can for his patients."

"How long have you been sitting here in the dark?" Chase asked softly.

Wilson shrugged "I don't know maybe an hour."

"Why didn't you page me sooner?" Chase asked horrified that Wilson had been sitting in a corner crying for an hour and he hadn't asked him for help sooner.

"You were treating a patient, I could wait but she couldn't," Wilson explained as he rested his head on Chase's shoulder.

Chase hugged him closer and stroked his hair hoping to calm Wilson down. "Did you page House?" Chase whispered.

Wilson wiped a few of his tears away "No I don't want him knowing I had a breakdown."

"Too late."

Chase and Wilson looked to see House leaning against the door a frown on his face, his eyes downcast so the two wouldn't see the sadness in his eyes.

"Greg," Wilson tried to find the words to say but nothing came. He knew that House would be upset that he had called Chase instead of him.

"It's ok, I wouldn't want me to comfort me either," House said as he looked at the two.

Wilson looked away guiltily and House sighed "Chase is right; you do everything you can for your patients but the horrible truth is that they have cancer Jimmy, they're going to die no matter how hard you try to save them it isn't your fault."

Wilson nodded his head and Chase hugged him closer wanting nothing more than to take his friend's pain away.

House moved over to the two. "Come on, you're coming home with me, I'll even let you sleep in my bed and I'll take the couch."

Wilson smiled sadly and nodded his head before looking over at Chase. "Thanks," Wilson whispered. "No problem," Chase said with a smile before kissing Wilson's forehead.

Wilson and Chase stood and the Aussie was surprised when House mouthed a thanks to him when Wilson had turned his back to collect his things and scrub his face clean. Chase nodded his head and followed House and Wilson out of the dark and miserable office.

Chase watched House and Wilson make their way out of the hospital. He sighed as he saw Wilson's slumped shoulders and tired walk. It was like the older man had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He could only hope House could cheer him up or piss him off for long enough that he forgot his real troubles.

Chase stopped walking suddenly and his face broke out into a triumphant smile. That was what Wilson needed, to forget his troubles. Wilson needed to take a vacation, immediately and Chase was going to make sure he got one.

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