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"Hey Jamie what day is it?" Chase asked as he put two bags of junk food, two cases of beer, and a case of Pepsi into the back of the car.

"July the 5th I think," Wilson said.

"You mean we missed July 4th?" Chase asked with a pout.

"Why do you care you're British?" House said as he got out of the car and went over to the driver's side.

"I'm Australian," Chase said on reflex "And I care because it's an excuse to blow stuff up, House get back on the other side."

"Nope it's my turn to drive," House said with a grin as he slammed the door shut and stuck his tongue out at the blonde.

Chase sighed before handing House the keys through the open car window. "You wreck her and I'll beat you to death with your cane," Chase said.

"Oh I'm so scared Jimmy save me from the big bad Aussie," House said sarcastically and Chase rolled his eyes.

"I call shotgun," Wilson said as he pulled out a Pepsi and a bag of Doritos from the back seat.

"Traitor," Chase said with a pout as he got in the back.

House turned the ignition and the car started with a roar. "Jimmy put in something good," the older man said.

Chase didn't bother buckling up as he stretched out in the back seat and let the air conditioner and the wind cool him off.

"House why are we stopping here?" Chase heard Wilson ask through his shallow sleep.

"Gonna get the wombat stuff to blow up," he heard House say and he opened his eyes and sat up to see that they were sitting outside a fireworks warehouse.

"Thank God," Chase said as he got out of the car.

"Hey! God didn't bring you here I did, don't I get any credit for the good things I do?" House asked as he and Wilson got out of the car.

Chase and Wilson ignored their friends whining as they made their way from the heat of the day into the air-conditioned warehouse.

Chase's eyes widened as he saw the amount of explosives before him. "Try and contain yourself, wouldn't want you to have an orgasm right here," House said with a grin.

"You think you got enough?" Wilson asked with an amused grin as he saw the amount of fireworks in the young man's arms.

"You can never have enough," Chase said matter-of-factly. "Besides I have to get as much as I can now because after you guys won't let me near a fucking match without freaking out."

"Why's that?" House asked as he made his way over to the two, an assortment of fireworks in his arms as well.

Chase shrugged and looked away "I'm… a bit of a pyromaniac,"

"Oh God," Wilson said imagining the destruction the young man could wreak.

"Oh this is gonna be fun," House said excitedly. "Come on Robbie; let's leave Jimmy to worry his head off."

"I'll be careful I promise," Chase said before going after House.

Chase had managed to wrest the control of the car away from House and was now back in his rightful place in front of the steering wheel. The only problem was, it was 8 o'clock and there hadn't been an inn, motel, or hotel in sight.

"Where the fuck are we?" House said in aggravation before popping a few vicodin.

"We're on the road, surrounded by fields," Wilson said tiredly.

"Thank you for your keen observation skills Wilson," House said sarcastically.

Chase shook his head, this wasn't going as planned, the three of them were supposed to be having fun not just driving to wherever. "Oh fuck it," he said softly before pulling the car over.

"What are we doing?" Wilson asked as Chase got out of the car and opened the trunk.

"Come on, we got fireworks, no one's around for miles except for some cows lets have some fun," Chase said with a grin.

House and Wilson looked at each other before shrugging and getting out of the car. "Robbie are you sure we should be doing this, we could get into trouble," Wilson said.

"Stop worrying you gotta loosen up Jimmy that's why we're here in the first place," Chase said as he picked up two bags full of fireworks and made his way onto the field.

"You mean you're whole plan was to take us to Pennsylvania to blow up fireworks, doesn't sound as deep when you put it that way Chase," House said with a grin as he followed the young blonde.

"You know what I mean," Chase said as he got out his lighter and took out a few long strands of firecrackers. "Jamie can you do me a favor and tie the ends of a couple of these together so we have a big line," Chase instructed as he handed Wilson the firecrackers.

Chase grabbed a box of 50 shot aerial repeaters and made his way out further into the field.

"House where are you going?" Chase heard Wilson call to the older man.

"We can't shoot off fireworks without beer," House shouted back as he got to the car and retrieved a 12 pack of beer.

Chase laughed and set the small box of explosives on the ground and brought out the lighter from his pocket. He looked over his shoulder and grinned at the two older men who stood leaning against the car, beers in their hands.

"What are you waiting for an invitation?" House called and Chase just laughed before lighting the fuse.

House and Wilson watched as the blonde jogged back wards a few paces as he waited for the explosion

Wilson jumped slightly at the loud bang that emitted from the small box and he followed the missile with his eyes and watched it burst high in the sky. The three watched as one missile after the other shot into the air and exploded in colours of blue, red, and green.

"Woo, yea," Chase yelled happily.

Wilson grinned as he saw Chase jog over to them, an excited grin on his face as he grabbed a Roman Candle from one of the bags and started to make his way back into the field before he stopped and turned around.

"Here Jamie," Chase said as he held out the candle and lighter.

"No Robbie, they're your fireworks you have fun," Wilson declined with a smile. It made him happy to see that at least one person in the world could get so much joy from such a simple thing as fireworks.

"Actually I bought the Roman Candles," House piped in before taking a swig from his beer.

"Oh I'm so sorry your highness would you like to shoot it off then?" Chase asked as he held the firework out to the older man and mock bowed.

"Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?" House asked with a grin.

Chase winked at him and answered "Only a hint."

House chuckled and shook his head, this more confident and hyper Chase was certainly more interesting then the slightly pompous submissive Chase at work.

"Come on Jamie just one Roman Candle please?" Chase said pouting and using his puppy dog eyes and without knowing it he wormed his way even farther into Wilson's heart.

Wilson sighed as he looked at the beautiful young man. "Alright."

Chase hugged Wilson and handed him the candle and the lighter. Chase took Wilson's place leaning against the car next to House.

"Manipulative bastard," House said as he watched Wilson making his way further into the field.

Chase laughed "You know you like it."

"More than you know," House mumbled to himself.

"Hold it up higher Jimmy," Chase yelled as Wilson lit the fuse on the Candle and held it out in front of him.

Wilson flinched as the first ball shot out of the end and sparks of green flew into the air. He smiled as the last ball of sparks shot out of the end and he dropped the spent firework to the ground.

"See that wasn't so bad was it?" Chase asked as Wilson walked back over to them.

"What else have you got?" Wilson asked and Chase and House laughed.