Lost Memories

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"Thanks for helping me Alphonse," Ed mumbled as he had a flesh arm around Al's human neck. Al was also holding him around the waist; both his Automail limbs had lost function and he couldn't walk because of that.

"Don't mention it, Brother," the younger Elric said cheerfully with a happy smile.

"Brother…" Ed repeated silently and looked ahead with a lost look in his eyes.

"Still don't recognize me, huh?" Al asked, his voice was filled with sadness. His brother looked back to him.

"I'm sorry…but nothing's come to me yet…" he said apologetically. Al managed to smile at him.

"It's OK," he told him. "I'm sure you'll remember soon." Ed simply looked ahead once more. He could see the large plains of lush, green grass everywhere around him. The smell in the air was crisp, clean, and natural. He remembered none of it. This was supposed to be his hometown but nothing really stuck out.

What's this place called again? He asked himself, anxious about asking Alphonse. Resem…Resembol…yeah, that's it, he figured and continued looking around. He looked down to his metal arm which was dangling uselessly at his side. Auto…Automat…no…Automail…there we go, he reminded himself of the name of his metallic limbs. They were a mystery to him but, according to Alphonse, he had used them many a time to help him get out of sticky situations.

Nothing made sense at this point. He couldn't remember anything. Supposedly, the boy who was helping him was his younger brother. He himself was once a State Alchemist to the military, whatever a State Alchemist is anyway. He was rather well-known, too; he and his brother both.

Oh well, he thought.

"Hey Alphonse?" he questioned as he looked back to the younger.

"I told you," the young Elric said kindly. "You can call me Al for short," he stated. Ed shrugged.

"Sorry," he said. "I'm just not really used to that, I guess…I'm not even used to calling you 'Alphonse'," he told him, trying to sound humorous. It didn't really work. "Anyway," he continued. "Where are we going again?" he asked curiously.

"To Winry's house," Al explained plainly, hoping his brother remembered who Winry was.

"Winry? Who's that?" the 17-year-old voiced his thoughts. Alphonse sighed.

"You'll see."


Soon, the two Elric's reached the two-story, light-yellow home. They stood before it as Ed gazed at it, slightly surprised. Before they could continue walking, the front door opened and a shining, metal object flew straight out it and towards Edward's head. The teens golden eyes widened before he was hit and forced onto his back, with a rather large red mark on his forehead.

"What the hell was that!?" he demanded heatedly.

"That would be Winry," Al said nervously. Ed gave him a curious look as he tried to sit up and eventually did. He looked up and could see a steaming angry blonde girl in purple overalls that tied around her hips with a black tube top. As stated, she had long blonde hair that reached halfway down her back and ocean-blue eyes that were currently filled with anger. Had her eyes been water, said water would probably be boiling by now. Yet, once Ed laid his eyes on her…

She's beautiful, he thought blissfully and then smiled dumbly with half-lidded eyes.

"Edward!" the girl demanded as she walked up to him. "What have you done to my Automail this time!?" she ordered in a harsh voice. Ed's eyes widened and he shook his head.

"Uh...Your Automail?" he asked curiously. "It's connected to my body…isn't it technically mine?" he continued, which only caused the blonde girl to become more furious. Al, who was behind her, was swiping his hand through his neck, signifying he shut up before the girl kills him.

"Don't you play dumb, Ed!" she seethed through gritted teeth. The teen on the ground shrugged heatedly.

"I'm not playing dumb! I don't even know who you are!" he stated angrily. Winry's eyes widened and Al slapped himself in the forehead.

"What do you mean?" Winry asked him.

"Ask him!" Edward demanded as he pointed to Alphonse. The blonde turned around to face Al; her eyes demanded that he tell her what was wrong.

"Um…you see, Winry…Ed kind of…sacrificed most of his memories in order to get my body, after sacrificing his real limbs and getting his Automail again…" the younger Elric explained nervously. Winry's eyes widened again, sadly.

"So…he doesn't remember me?" she asked miserably. Al nodded grimly.

"He barely knows who I am," he explained. Winry sighed.

"His Automail was returned busted," the younger Elric told her. "Plus, even if it was returned with function, he doesn't know how they work or even how to use them," he said. The Automail mechanic looked back to the Alchemist on the floor; she suddenly felt sympathy for him. He sacrificed so much to get Al's body; every childhood memory, every pleasing moment he ever had in his life…they were gone. She sighed.

"C'mon," she said. "Let's get him inside so I can at least see what's wrong with his Automail," she told him and then went to Ed's right side. Al obliged to what she said and went to his opposite side. Both grabbed his arms and put them around their necks, putting their arms around his waist as well. They helped him into the house and onto a light-yellow couch.

Winry looked over at Al and smiled suddenly.

"By the way, Al," she said playfully as the Elric looked to her. "Glad you got your body back." Alphonse smiled at her happily.

"Me too," he said contently.

"Make yourself cozy; you could use some rest, I'm sure," Winry offered kindly. Al nodded and thanked her before walking off upstairs. The blonde Rockbell then turned to the teen on the couch.

"You OK?" she asked curiously. Ed looked up to her and smiled a bit.

"Aside from the headache you gave me, I'm pretty good," he told her, trying to pull some humor out of the situation. Winry smiled at him nervously.

"Sorry about that…it's…something you and me had…I'd usually throw my wrench at your head every time you got me angry," she told him anxiously. The Elric raised a brow at her.

"I'll…be right back," she said and then walked back outside to pick up her precious wrench. She held it in her hands and sighed. She suddenly missed the old Edward; he was the one who had bought her that wrench when they were younger. Nevertheless, she walked back into her house, entering and closing her door behind her. She walked to the backroom and grabbed her toolbox before going back to Ed and sitting on his right side.

"Let me see your arm," she told him. The Elric glared at her slightly.

"It's there, I'm sure you can see it," he said. "Besides," he explained. "I can't move it, remember?" he asked, as if it was the most obvious thing. Winry gave him another edgy smile.

"Oh, yeah…" she said and began to inspect the metallic limb. Opening the plate, she shuffled through the wirings and soon found the problem.

"The nerves aren't connected," she explained. "And a bunch of the major wires have snapped." Ed gave her an odd look.

"So…what?" he asked, curious as to what she had to do now. Winry sighed and stood up, his protective plate in her arm and the bolts that held it in her other hand.

"I have to remove all the wires and replace them. I'm gonna go into the backroom to prepare; we might have to pull an all-nighter for this one. I'll be back in a minute to help you back there," she told him and then walked off with her toolbox. Once she disappeared, Ed sighed.

All-nighter, huh? Damn…he thought, disappointed. He was pretty tired already; today had been too much of a confusing day for him and he wanted to rest to get his head straight. Nevertheless, he supposed he needed to walk sometime. He heard steps behind him and looked over his shoulder to see the blonde mechanic walking towards him. Looking ahead once more, he waited for her to come.

She stood next to him soon and then sat down at his side.

"Ready?" she asked with a smile. Ed looked to her and shrugged.

"I'm really tired…" he mumbled as he bowed his head sadly. Winry gave him a worried look.

"You want to rest for a bit before we start? It's not good to do Automail tune-ups when you're tired," she advised for his sake. Ed looked over at her.

"Um…can I?" he asked nervously. Winry smiled at him caringly.

"Of course," she told him kindly. "I would never operate with Automail if the customer is too tired to do so," she explained. "I'll go get you a pillow and blanket so you can rest here on the couch, OK?" she offered sweetly. Ed rubbed his eyes.

"Thanks," he mumbled. Winry smiled one last time before walking off upstairs. After a while, she came back holding a pillow and blanket she had gotten from the room the Elric usually resided in. Walking up to him, she placed the pillow on the far left side of the couch and placed the blanket on the table in front of said sofa.

"Let me help you lie down," she insisted. Ed blushed and looked away but took her offered help, nonetheless. Soon, the amnesic teen was lying down. Winry unfolded the blanket and placed it over him.

"Get your rest," she told him. "I'll start as soon as you're ready; fair enough?" she asked teasingly.

"Yeah," the Alchemist replied as he closed his eyes and quickly slipped into unconsciousness. Winry smiled but felt worried.

Poor thing…


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