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"I can't believe that jerk!" Screamed Serena angrily as she slammed the door to the front of her house closed. "The nerve of that man, I swear to goodness!!! Like he would even *know* some one like Tuxedo Mask let alone have the guy like him owe him a favor! That little twit! Does he REALLY think I'm -that- stupid!? Or that gullible!?!" Serena gave a short greeting to her mother before stomping up the stairs. "Oooooooo he makes me sooooo mad!!!" Serena screamed as she slammed the door to her bedroom, flung herself on the bed and began twiddling with her hair. "But God wouldn't it be so cool if he were telling the truth though…" She thought wonderingly.
"Who makes you mad and if who were telling what truth?" Asked a muffled voice as a furry head popped up from behind Serena's pillow.
"Huh? Oh! Luna! I didn't know you were in here, it's just that Darien guy again so don't worry about it." Serena turned her head to look at the ceiling. ' And my obsession for Tuxedo Mask…' thought Serena bitterly.
"Oh that guy again huh? What did you do to him this time?"
"To HIM!?" Serena screamed indignantly, "Must you ALWAYS assume everything is my fault? For your information I didn't do a thing to him!" Serena crossed her arms over her chest and continued glaring at the ceiling as if it had just scorned her. '…Except kiss the daylights out of him....' Her mind continued
"Well maybe if you were more of a responsible person I wouldn't have to assume these things."
Serena ignored Luna while she said this and continued among her own thoughts…
'…Like a hippo.' She recalled. Serena's anger doubled and poor Luna was about to take it from her full force.
"Well you know what Luna? You're absolutely right! Stupid little kiss like a hippo Serena is such a little dweeb! You wanna know what I did to poor Darien?! I kissed him! I kissed him and dang it I liked it! I don't even regret doing it! I LIKED it for God's sake! Then he insulted me and told me these things that I don't even know if I wish to the goodness were true and now I'm so confused and I hate him even more and I didn't mean to hurt anyone and then I was seeing stars and…."
"YOU DID WHAT!?" Luna flew from behind her pillow and landed on Serena's stomach, grabbing Serena's shirt between her paws, she pressed her nose into Serena's nose. "YOU DID WHAT!?" she screeched again. After getting over the initial shock Serena laid her hands behind her head and stared towards the heavens. "I kissed him…and for a while there I'm positive he kissed me back." Serena sighed.
Luna shook with fury. "YOU DID WHAAAAT!?" Serena looked annoyed at her cat. "Visualize with me Luna, -----my lips, his lips and a smooch. It's not that difficult to imagine."

"THE HECK IT'S NOT!" screamed Luna as her kitty paws shook Serena's shirt this way and that. "HAVE YOU GONE MAD? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! YOU'RE TO YOUNG FOR THAT SORT OF THING!"
"Calm down!…LUNA!" Serena screamed as she wretched the cat off of her chest and held the fighting fur ball above her. "Look Luna it was an accident OK? I even apologized to that lame brain twerp for your information, and he's not mad at me any more!"
Luna shook with all her might, "Serena Tsukino you put me down this instant! You have a lot of explaining to do young lady!" Serena sighed. "Well I guess I might as well, what could it hurt?" Serena sat up and then laid on her tummy while she put an infuriated Luna beside her. Serena sighed again and began from the beginning. She told about the false priest, her genius (now not-so-genius) plan of revenge for her honor and even about deciding against joining the contest despite all she went through to get into it. ("Depend on you to do something like that" muttered Luna) Serena went on as though uninterrupted. And eventually began to draw her story to a close (the only thing she left out was the image of the prince…that wasn't really important-----was it?) …. "And that was when he said I kissed like a hippo and I…"
Luna plunged her face into the bed. "Luna?!---Luna what is it? Are you hurt?!" Serena cried in surprise. Luna looked up with tears streaming down her face. "Luna what is it!? What's wrong!?" Luna's face turned red as a tomato before she burst out……laughing like a hyena. AHHHHHHHH HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!!! A hippo! AHHHHAAHHAHHAAA!!!" Serena sweat dropped and through a pillow at the exuberant fur ball. "OH MY GOODNESS!!! OH SERENITY!! OH MY AHHHH HAA HAA HAA! A HIPPO! He said you kissed like A ..A…A..A…HIPPO? Serena the hippo! Ah ha! Now you not only look and eat like one…but you…you KISS like one too! Oh that's rich! Wait till Rei hears about this! "Uhhg!" cried Serena as her face dropped into the stuffed bunny she was using for a pillow. "Fine then, yuk it up! But I'm not telling you anything more…" Luna immediately sobered. After she quit laughing she majestically turned back onto her paws and took her usual at ease stance. "Ahem. You -will- tell me everything. I just got a little carried away is all. Please continue." "Only if you promise not to tell Rei or the girls!" Serena shot back.
"I'll do no such thing!" cried Luna indignantly.
"You will or I won't tell you anything more!"
"Why you little.."
"I'm warning you Luna!"
"Oh…Alright." Luna grumbled. Serena smiled "good. You realize this means scouts honor now don't you? You can't tell them or anyone--- ever."
"Wha!??---"Luna sighed "Serena you take all the fun away from being your guardian..,"
"You'll get used to it." Serena shrugged it off. "Now do you promise or not."
"I said yes didn't I?"
"Now you did."
"Well fine get on with it then."
"Well…" (Serena had explained up to the tuxedo mask part) " That's when I asked him, who do you have in mind? And I could tell he was thinking fast cause that's when he said…."
"Who'd he say?! Who'd he say!?" Luna's eyes screamed.
"Jeez Luna don't look so eager." Serena interrupted her story sarcastically. Luna made no reply; she just kept staring at Serena with that gossip hungry expression that she got only when she was alone with the young blonde. Really! Luna was just as bad as the girls when it came to these things; the only difference was that she only showed it around Serena. That way she could be a little air headed sometimes and the other girls wouldn't know and they wouldn't believe Serena if she told them anyway. Serena sighed and continued as she laid her head on her bunny again.
"And that's when he said….Tuxedo mask."
Luna's eyes bulged. "Whaaaaaaat!?"
"Jeez Luna be quiet! My mom will hear you!"
"Serena!" Luna whispered "Tuxedo mask! He might be the enemy!"
"I know Luna, you've told me a million times already! But how can tuxedo mask be evil if all he does is save m…"
"Serena you dolt! I was talking about Darien!'
"Darien!?" Serena cried shocked.
"Look I now it sounds far fetched to you but Serena try and use what ever brain cells you may possibly have and think about it! If tuxedo mask IS an enemy and Darien is serious…Serena this could be a trap!"
"NO WAY! Luna are you serious! I KISSED a YOMA?!"
Luna sweat dropped. "Serena…I think you lost what ever last brain cells you may have had…" Luna shook her head. "Serena this could be a trap to steal your energy! Think about it! If this Darien guy bumps into you nearly everyday as you've said before and since tuxedo mask knows you as Sailor Moon…if they're working together they may have figured out who you ARE! They both have certainly been around you enough to figure it out! HELLO! Can you understand this yet!?"
"Luna you don't really think that's true do you?" Serena asked hopefully "I mean, tuxedo mask has always been so kind to me, he's always rescuing me and Darien..well…he's had plenty of time to kill me or drain my energy…if he was evil why didn't he do it before?"
"Serena just use your imagination OK!? There could be an enormous number of reasons why they act that way! The plain fact is that this may be the negavers' latest trap and the scouts need to know about it!" Luna jumped off the bed to the communicator on the floor. She reached out her paw to key mercury first; she jumped back in surprise when the communicator shocked her. "What's this!?" Luna cried as she jumped back. Serena made an exasperated sigh as she leaned over to look down at her friend and guardian, "You made a promise on scouts honor remember? You can't tell anything about it to anyone…ever."
"Serena what you told me about today and this new deduction between that boy and tuxedo mask are two different things! Obviously central control didn't make this stupid communicator thing correctly…"
"Luna come on! you know that's not true. If you tell them about the connection between Darien and tuxedo mask the girls are gonna asked where the information came from and that would lead up to telling about what I said, so…you can't say anything. That's how scouts honor works. I'm sorry but what ever you're figuring you'll have to figure something else." Luna scowled. "This is all your fault Serena! What are we supposed to do now?"
"I don't know Luna I lost my last brain cells remember?"
"Ohhh! This is terrible! What am I supposed to do now? I can't tell the scouts, Serena can't do a thing right! And now everyone's in danger…oh what to do!"
"Luna aren't you being just a -little- over dramatic? I mean come on..This is personality zero Darien we're talking about…he most likely made the whole thing up so come on…just let it go already it's -not- that big of a deal. Stop being so suspicious all the time." Serena grumbled
"Serena." Luna sighed as she jumped back up on the bed and settled down by her charge " I know it's hard for you to imagine evil in people, especially people you think you know, but sometimes we have to face the facts. Some people aren't what they seem. That's just how life is. And as a sailor scout you've got to always be on your guard when it comes to that." Luna nuzzled Serena's cheek "I'm sorry but that's how things have to be…for you…for the girls…all of us. And I can assure you that none of us like it anymore than you do."
"I know Luna. I know. ----So what are we going to do now?"
"I don't know…it's seems that by some quirky twist of fate this all lies with us now. Me and the meatball head. Ugh. This is just great!"
"Come on Luna, give me some credit! Really now! I'm not all THAT bad a scout am I?"
"Hmmmmmm….I choose to reserve my judgment on that."
"You're so mean to me."
"Look I'll say you're a good scout, even in front of the other girls, if you promise to do your hardest in investigating this new turn of events."
"REALLY!?" Serena jumped up jovially before sobering. "Well how am I supposed to do that?"
"Well I know for a fact that you are NOT going to that café tonight. And at 12:00! Is he crazy!? A 14-year-old girl out that late?! That almost makes me certain that he's on the side of the evil one!"
"Lunaaaa!' Serena whined " please don't pass judgment on others before you know the whole truth. It's just not right. You could be wrong! Tuxedo mask could be on our side just as much as on theirs and Darien might just have gotten caught up in this by accident. Just don't jump to conclusions so quickly ok?"
"Serena…" Luna began before stopping at the sad look in Serena's eyes. "…Ok…I won't say they're evil…but I'm not saying they're good…just don't get to close to them any more ok?"
Serena smiled. "Well it's not exactly like I can help it, one is always running into me or me into him and the other one saves me right in the nick of time. It's their faults I see them so often, not mine."
"Yeah right." Replied Luna.
"Anyways!" Serena shook her head. "So what are we going to do then? If I don't go tonight and Darien's telling the truth about tuxedo mask waiting there, then one of two things could happen. A.) They are on the side of good …thus I'll be missing what could be the luckiest night of my life. B.) He could be on the side of evil and I end up saving my own life and energy for once. Then again, if Darien's making it all up the worst that could happen is that I get totally humiliated by him if I go. So Luna what's the plan? No matter what Darien and Tuxedo mask are I can't just -not- go."
"Why not?" asked Luna surprised
"Because it's only logical Luna! More good possibilities come out of this for me if I go than if I don't! So what should I do!?"
"You're not going to go Serena! It's too risky! I'm sorry but as your guardian I forbid it!"
Serena glared at the cat who eased up a bit.
"I say that also as your friend. I just worry about what might happen to you if you do go, that's all. Promise me you won't go Serena?"
Serena looked at the cat, "But if I can't go and investigate tonight…how will I prove I'm a good scout?"
"Don't worry Serena…give me time to make a plan for this…it'll all work out…don't worry about it K? You'll get your chance."
Serena smiled, "Yes Luna. OK I'll wait"
"Good girl." Luna purred as she curled into a ball. "Now if you don't mind, you interrupted a bit of a cat nap I was taking," Serena laughed, "You know sometimes I forget you are a cat!" Luna "And sometimes I forget you're human…you resemble more of a…" -Luna yawned- "…Hippo…" she sighed as she chuckled her way into a catnap. Serena shook her head and kissed the crescent moon on the fur ball's head. "Sweet dreams Luna." Serena whispered as she walked out of the room. As she silently closed the door behind her Serena leaned against the door in thought. 'Darien? Evil? Cold and heartless maybe, but evil?' Serena touched her fingers to her lips. 'A yoma can't be that warm can it?' Serena blushed as she hugged her chest. 'That was so strange.' She continued thinking 'I practically kissed a total stranger but I don't feel at all like I think I should. And as a matter of fact…kissing him, it just felt so…perfect. He can't be evil!' Serena shook her head. "Hello!" she said out loud "This -is- Darien we are talking about. Please remember what a JERK he is! Annoying he is, but evil and a great kisser he is NOT!"
"Serena! What are you talking about up there?" Called Serena's mother Ilene from the bottom of the stairs. Serena nearly hit the floor. "Uh…nothing mom!"
"Oh…OK?" Ilene sounded unsure as her footsteps faded away and Serena pushed herself away from the door. Serena sighed and looked at her watch. "10:30" Serena whispered. "In one and a half hours I'll have either saved my life, preserved my pride, or made the biggest mistake of my life…"
"Serena!" Ilene's voice called. Serena whipped around, "What!?" she called.
"Come down here please and see what I bought you!"
"Coming!" Serena replied quickly, 'never was a slow one when it came to presents was I?' Serena thought with a smile on her face. As she came to the end of the staircase she jumped the last three steps and rocketed into the kitchen. "You bought me something!? Where is it!?" Serena spat out as soon as she came barreling through the door. Ilene turned around and smiled. "Oh there you are my lovely little daughter!" Ilene cooed as Serena made a funny face. "But you're not so little anymore are you now?" asked Ilene as she draped her arm around her daughter and lead her over to the table. "But of course not my dearest mummy! Of course not!" Serena joked with a little confusion.
"Yes well since you are becoming a young lady now, your father and I decided it was time to get you one of these…"
"Huh?" Serena deadpanned. "One of what?"
Ilene giggled, "Close your eyes!"
"Okay!" Serena chirped
The sound of rustling could be heard before Ilene spoke again.
"Alright sweetie Open!" Serena's eyes fluttered open to reveal a beautiful pearl white spaghetti strap dress with silver lining.
"Oh mother what a beautiful dress!" Serena exclaimed, "But it's so sheer." She finished puzzled.
Ilene laughed. "That's because it's a nightgown sweetie." Serena's jaw dropped.
"THAT'S a -nightgown-!? Ilene's smile got wider. "Yep. This is the stuff REAL dreams are made of dear. Literally." Ilene winked as she handed the pearl dress over to the blonde young woman shaking with anticipation. Ilene watched as her daughter touched the dress as softly as she would have the breast of a bird. With her motherly smile still in place she continued, "You're father and I kind of guessed that you might want to take a break from the pink cotton and bunnies bit. We thought you might like something to feel special in on those nights when you want to feel like a princess. Every girl should once in a while." Ilene clasped her hands and looked at her daughter with a loving smile. Serena looked up and met her gaze. "Oh mom! It's beautiful! Don't get my wrong though, pink cotton and bunnies are just fine with me but this…this…it's gorgeous!" Ilene chuckled. "Well you know what they say dear, clothes are only as beautiful as the person that wears them. Why don't you go try it on?"
"Really!?" Serena cried. "I will! I will! Do you want to see it on me mom!? I'll bet it looks just gorgeous, oh I hope I'm pretty enough to wear it!" Serena ran about the kitchen as happy as a lark. Ilene's laughter filled the kitchen once more. "Of course your beautiful enough to wear it! I was worried you were too beautiful for it! But I knew it would suit you well though! It's from a new designer called Moonlight Silver, and her works are one of a kind so I expect you to take care of that dress you hear!"
Serena's eyes shone, "I'll treasure it." she whispered "here now let me go change so you can see it!" Serena began heading towards the bathroom. "No!" cried Ilene. "Huh?" replied Serena. "You…don't want to see it on me?"
"Of course not dear! The whole point of this is to have something that will be your own little secret, that will make you feel mysterious and attractive so that when you walk down the street and see boys you like hanging around you can know exactly what they're missing when they don't have you! That's what this is all about. Try it on and if you feel like you stepped right out of a fairy tale then the nightgown is yours, if you don't, I'll take it back and lecture that designer till her ears are sore for not doing her job of making my baby girl feel special!"
Serena laughed. "Jeez mom you're really into this aren't you?"
Ilene smiled "You bet I am. Now we can't have you sleeping just any old wheres with a nightgown like that now can we?" Ilene mused. "I guess this means you'll be sleeping on the third floor tonight."
Serena looked up in amazement. "The..thir..third floor? THE third floor. OUR third floor?" Serena stuttered.
"If you're referring to the room that takes up the third floor of this house and has a balcony among other luxuries that we usually only let special guests use…yes."
Serena whooped out loud "YEEEESSSSS!" she cried, and then she stopped and looked at her mom suspiciously. "Ok what's the trick?" Serena deadpanned.
"Huh?" Ilene asked completely oblivious to Serena's meaning.
"I mean what's all this for? What's happened?" Serena asked suspiciously.
Ilene shook her head. "Just call me a hopeless romantic, but I think every little girl has the right to feel like a princess every now and then."
Serena looked at her mother with clear eyes. "You mean you're actually serious?" Serena asked as she moved to hug her mother.
"Quite so my dear." Ilene whispered, "But you'd better hurry Cinderella, it's almost midnight."
"WHAT?" 'Does she know!?' Serena's mind whirled as she stepped back in surprise and looked at her mother with wide eyes. Ilene leaned forward and kissed her daughters forehead. "Sweetie the night only lasts so long, it's with the rise of the sun that the magic spell of the moon is broken. Go a head upstairs and enjoy yourself. I'll make sure dad and Sammy don't bother you for the rest of the night. Ilene kissed her daughter once more before sending her on her way up to the third floor.

Darien's POV~~

'11:40' Darien looked at his clock for the 100th time since his return home. "Is it just me or is that clock going slower?" he grumbled. He sat on the couch rose in hand ready to transform at any moment. He had showered, twice in fact, spent an hour changing outfits before realizing that Tuxedo Mask didn't need to change his clothes, and then he'd spent a quarter of an hour trying to fix his hair just right. Eventually he gave up on that though, he soon found it was a lost cause. Darien looked at the clock again, "11:45" he said. Then he looked to the rose in his hand and to the rejected outfits that lay strewn across the floor. "I don't know what that little meatball head did to me today, but I'm not sure that I like it." The Ebony haired man grumbled as he transformed. "Time to go" he heralded as he leapt from the balcony to the building rooftop next door. He continued on like this until finally he reached the Café. Where he decided the best thing to do would be to just sit and wait for her in the shadows to prevent from being seen to early. "I can't believe your actually here." Whined Tuxedo Mask's a.k.a Darien's conscious. "Haven't I taught you anything? You are Darien Shields, cold heart extraordinaire! The man that has the longest record of turned down girls with out a second thought in history and yet here you are waiting as anxiously as a schoolboy to give kissing lessons to a 14-year-old child! I soooo do not believe this!" "Yeah well you ain't the only one countered Darien, besides none of those other girls even compare to her anyway! Serena's so much more…Ok Darien that's enough! Serena is meatball head! And that's all she is! I'm just here to give the poor clueless girl a light in the dark about kissing! That's all!" Darien's conscience smirked it's consciously smirk. "Yeah right, from my point of view, I think she could teach you a thing or two about the subject herself. Mr. tuxedo." "Hey whose side are you on anyway!?" Darien asked himself. His conscious was silent until it muttered "The prettier one's."
Darien's watch beeped and he glared at it angrily. "12:45" he spat "She's late." Tuxedo Mask's conscious scoffed, "Uh no Dare baby that means she's not coming." "I can't believe this!" Tuxedo Mask cursed. "How can she NOT be here!? She's obsessed with me!! I know it! I heard her say it!" Well obviously she isn't THAT obsessed now is she Darien? Said an evil little voice inside. Tuxedo Mask sighed. "I can't believe this, I really thought she'd be here…and I can't believe I'm actually disappointed. I should be happy I don't have to see that clumsy little angel again." "Angel?" Piped up the little voice. "Ooh. You got it bad."
"I haven't got anything!" Darien defended
"You can say that again." Muttered the voice
"ARG! Shut up! You know what!?"
"I'm not about to let that girl stand me up like a fool. If she won't come to me, then I'm going to her!"
"WHA???----Oh nnoooo…."
With that tuxedo mask jumped off in the Direction of Serena's house. A place he had unconsciously found himself passing, many a time on the streets so he knew exactly were it was and how to get there.
"I can't believe I'm doing this."
"I can't believe I'm doing this." Said both Tuxedo Mask and his conscience simultaneously.

Serena POV---

Serena cautiously unlocked and opened the door to the third floor, a room which almost everyone but the Tsukino family thought was the Attic, in fact it was just a larger bedroom than normal with a large closet and a large bathroom connected to it. The room was decorated in white, silver, and light touches of pastels for color. Serena walked in with a deep respect for the room. It wasn't a place where her and her brother were often allowed to enter. "To much breakable and stainable stuff" had been the reason for that. This was probabley the 5th time in all her life she had ever actually been inside the room for more than a period of a few minutes and she was going to enjoy this time while she could. Swiftly she walked over to the bed and laid down the nightgown with great care. After proceeding to take off her school uniform she took a bath in the gigantic tub and after she dried off slipped on the nightgown and brushed her already dry hair. The dress hugged her every curve but gave all freedom of motion to its wearer. Serena quickly ran to the mirror and looked into the depths and gasped at the vision she saw. Her long hair flowed to her calves like an angelic cape while the dress showed her figure perfectly. The spaghetti straps lead down into a 2 triangle top whose peaks were just large enough for modesty and had triangles within triangles sewn into the cloth with silver threads, the rest of the gown hung semi loosely of the rest of her because of the slit then ran up the leg, and to complete it intricate patterns of silver lining ran through the bottom of the skirt with waving patterns as though a wind had blown against a pile of ground silver and sent it melting into the dress. "Mother was right," Serena, gushed, "I do feel like a princess." Blushing with pleasure Serena stepped over to the window of the balcony and looked up to the moon and sighed, "the only problem is that I don't have a prince." The blonde fantasized for a moment before crawling into the comfort of the cool, pearl colored, satin sheets in which she soon she snuggled down and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Darien POV~~

Okay Tux here's the house, now what? That seemed to be Tuxedo Masks only problem, he'd found the house but now where's the girl at? Darien leaped up into a tree and began searching windows from the bottom up. "She's got to be somewhere!" he thought frustrated after having checked all of the first two floor's windows. He'd thought he'd found her room, it was just Serena all over. Pink and Bunnies; Pink and Bunnies and more pink and bunnies, but she hadn't been there. Almost ready to give up, he climbed the tree once more and almost fell out at what he saw. "Serena!" his heart more than his mouth cried. It was Serena, but…not Serena. Serena was pretty but this girl was…breath taking, stunning. His mouth hung open at the site of her and he could feel his palms getting sweaty in their gloves. "What is she -wearing-?!" Darien's mind cried. That girl looks like she's eight-teen, that CAN'T be Serena! Still, his mind told him the obvious, "That IS her!" Tuxedo Mask tried his best to keep his breathing regular at the sight of her, he didn't want her to know his presence just yet. He grip the branches above and below him for support and until the angel on the balcony sighed and went back inside the window. Tuxedo Mask released the breath he had been holding and leapt onto the balcony. Quickly before anyone could see him he melted into the shadows around the glass frame and waited. Gulping at the stunt he was about to pull, but knowing he wouldn't turn back Tuxedo Mask opened the window and peered in at the sleeping form. For a moment all he could do was stare, stare at the beautiful face lying on the feather pillows and the delicate figure molded into the blankets. However it wasn't to long before he was brought back to reality by a shivering gasp from the girl. Tuxedo Mask quickly closed the window and moved stealthily towards the bed. The girl occupying it yawned and stretched before settling back down into her slumber, a surge of warmth flowed through Tuxedo Mask as he stared lovingly at the little creature that was sleeping. He moved to sit at the bed's edge and pondered what he would do now that he was here. He inched a bit closer to her and hesitantly put his right arm to her left side so that he now knelt over her and they were face to face, Tuxedo Mask blushed at his own audacity but made no move to rectify his situation. Suddenly Serena stirred and Tuxedo Mask ran scared into the darkest corner of the room.
"Darien?" a soft voice called to no answer.
"Darien." Serena whispered as she tossed in her sleep. Which is just what the man behind the mask noticed. "She's dreaming? About…me?!" "Oh! Serena." he sighed out loud. Tuxedo Mask crept closer with a smile on his lips at his new found secret and returned again to his position above the slumbering princess. Serena called his name again as Darien (Tuxedo mask) Chuckled. "I think it's time I took this situation back into my own hands." Tuxedo Mask said out loud as he leaned closer too the warmth of the young girl's body. Finally after what seemed like eternity Tuxedo mask brought barley any distance between the two of them and for a moment he paused. Could he really kiss her? In her sleep? Wouldn't that be wrong?
"Darien." Whispered Serena once more. Darien closed his eyes as the breath of his angel, used to speak his name, HIS name, played across his lips and over his face, the last of his second guesses fell and without a second thought he closed the space between them and kissed the sleeping princess with a borage of passion. It wasn't to long before the sleeping object of his affections awoke in groggy surprise to his fiery embrace. As soon as he realized that his sleeping beauty was no longer sleeping, but attempting to wake up, he pressed her back into the bed with his body and covered her mouth with one hand to prevent her from screaming. Soon her body went rigid and her eyes looked with fear to those of icy blue steel. Shocked not only by the blue in her eyes but the fear he saw there he immediately remembered to take control of the situation….
Tuxedo Mask gazed into the Lipid pools that stared at him with fear and disbelief before whispering. "Serena I will not hurt you, I promise and scouts honor. Please do not fear me!" Serena's eyes closed for a moment before relaxing and filling with trust, her body eased it's tension and relaxed beneath the mans weight. Ignoring how good this position felt, Tuxedo Mask let out his earlier aggravation along with his trademark grin.

"Moving his left hand up to stroke the blonde bangs from the girls eye's Darien continued. "Now Serena, I do believe you and I have had a misunderstanding. I was under the impression that you and I had a lesson planned for tonight…a lesson that I intend to fulfill weather you like it or not little princess."

Serena, her mouth still firmly held under the man's gloved hand, only closed her eyes shivered and with a sigh, quickly nodded her consent consent.

"Then" whispered Tuxedo Mask as he moved his his hand to the side of her face and stroked her trembling lips with his thumb. "Shall we get started?"


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