I Don't Naruto

Stupid Traditional Proposals

"So, I was thinking." Sasuke announced while sitting on the couch, putting his arm around his three year girlfriend. It was Christmas and they had both finished unwrapping presents. She wasn't living with him, but had come early that morning just like he had asked of her.

"What were you thinking about?" Sakura asked while gently rubbing her fingers on the knuckles of his hand that she was currently holding. She snuggled closer to him and laid her head on his chest while taking deep breaths. She still was exhausted from their make out session a few minutes ago. He had given her the most beautiful diamond heart necklace and she gave him a big bag of tomatoes and some engraved kunais. They both loved their presents and silently showed how much they did.

"I hate the name Sakura Haruno." Sasuke declared in a dull voice. Sakura's head shot up and she looked at Sasuke with wide eyes.

"What do you mean Sasuke? That is my name! How could you hate my name!" Sakura screamed while inching away from her boyfriend. Sasuke noticed the lack of the suffix on his name. This only happened once before when he had forgotten their one month anniversary. She didn't speak to him for weeks, until he had told her that he loved her.

"Well, the Sakura part is really pretty and all, because it belongs to you, but the Haruno part, it's kinda lame." Now she was giving him a deadly glare. What had Sasuke just gotten himself into?

"Haruno is a very well respected name! It has great medics in it and is an excellent name! I love my name! How could you say this to me Uchiha!" This is bad. She has never called him Uchiha. She started hitting his arm now, which hurt a bit.

"I'm just saying that Sakura doesn't sound nice with Haruno. It would sound better with some other name!" Now Sakura was steamed. She started punching him with her crazy strength. Sasuke quickly made a mental note to kill Tsunade later.

"Sakura Haruno is a beautiful name and is much better sounding than Sasuke Uchiha!" Now he was afraid to say the next statement, fearing the damage that could be done to every part of his body.

"I'm just saying that Sakura Uchiha would sound so much better!" Sasuke finally screamed. He had gotten the courage to do it. He proposed to her, in his weird, twisted way. He hoped that she knew it was a proposal.

"Uchiha, I'm gonna kill yo-! Wait, what did you just say?" Her voice calmed down on the last part.

"I, I said that Sakura Uchiha sounded better." With this, Sasuke got off the couch and kneeled down on one knee. "Sakura, will you marry me?" He took her hand while saying this.

"Of course I will Sasuke-kun!" Sasuke was glad to hear the kun fixated onto his name yet again.

He put the pink dazzling diamond on her ring finger and stood up so he could be face to face with her. As soon as he stood up, Sakura jumped on him and knocked him back down. She started planting kisses all over his soft face.

"Merry Christmas, Sakura Uchiha."