After much consideration, and after reading over the reviews from "Step-Sisters" I decided to write another one like that. A lot of the reviews for that story stated that it seemed a little rushed. Hopefully this new version won't be as bad. I think I've gotten better with making my chapters around 1,000 words instead of the 500-700 that Step-Sisters was. I hope this story does just as good as the last one did.

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If you don't like the idea of step-siblings being together romantically, then I STRONGLY recommend you go off and read a different story (Hopefully mine :D ). But that's the subject matter you're going to be reading about in this.

My Family
Chapter 1

My father has been married to her mother now for over 10 years. I'm 18 years old now, a Senior in high school, she's 16 and a Sophomore in the same school. I like having a sister, even if she's not blood, she's my best friend. We sit together each day during our lunch break and share our math class. It's cute watching her struggle with basic problems. I find myself helping her with everything she does for that class.

Most of the school thinks I'm male, well, all of the school does, except for Michiru. To everybody, I'm her brother. She doesn't mind covering for me, she finds it funny sometimes when a girl will ask her why she was talking to me, and that if I was her boyfriend. When she tells them no, that I'm related, the questions quickly turn to whether or not I'm dating anybody and if I was interested in someone younger then myself. I laugh about it as well whenever she tells me.

Kamin, my father, basically raised me as a boy. My birth mother left us when I was just an infant, and he had no idea how to raise a little girl. He took me out to play sports and bought me boys clothing my entire life. When I was 7 he met Ayame, my step-mother. I practically consider her my mother because I never knew my own. She was very frustrated with how dad had raised me to that point. She tried so hard to get me to change. But I loved the jeans and t-shirts dad always put me in. I hated the dresses and skirts that Ayame put me in. She eventually gave up and came to the realization that she didn't have a step-daughter, but a step-son. She was OK with that. When they met, I soon got to meet 5 year old Michiru. She was, if you will, the perfect little girl. She never played in the mud or wore anything other then skirts and dresses. I tried many times to get her to play baseball with me, but she'd always cringe and run back inside to her mother.

As we grew up we became closer, more like sisters. It never bothered her that I was always a 'little boy.' We were the perfect family. A husband, a wife, and two children. Nobody looked at us oddly when they saw us out together. They could always tell I was the older child, I was always taller and bigger then Michiru was. I still am, at nearly 4 inches taller, and 40 pounds heavier. But we're both finished growing now, we've reached that age where nobody could tell who was older.

Now, that I drive, we spend a lot of our time going out together, to the mall, to see a new release, and to eat. We both laugh everytime we're mistaken for a young couple. Michiru's quick to correct them, to tell them that we're siblings.

I remember when I told dad that I liked girls, he didn't seem surprised, nor did he seem to care about it either. It was the biggest relief of my life when he said "It's OK kiddo, as long as you're happy." Ayame on the other hand, she didn't like it. She believes that love is only between a man and a woman and that it's not emotionally possible to love another of the same gender romantically. Oh how wrong could she be. I can't help but find other women attractive, but my problem is that all the women I meet, think I'm a man. When they find out otherwise, I never hear from them again. I know that will change once I get out of high school, but until then, I must suffer.

Michiru is very straight, she's had more 'boyfriends' then I can count. I think I've scared a lot of them off though with my protectiveness over her. I don't want anybody to hurt her, I don't think I could bare it if anybody hurt her, physically, or mentally. The one thing I've noticed with a lot of her boyfriends, she doesn't look happy. It's almost like she's with them to please somebody else. That's the worst reason to be with somebody. You should only be with somebody if you feel the same way that they feel.

The strangest thing is though, each time I catch her on it, she quickly changes the subject, or avoids me all together until I drop it. I hate it when she doesn't talk to me. Growing up she's never hid anything from me, why now, why when it comes to love. I might not be straight, but I can still offer some advice to her.

I know it's not a very bright thing to do, to help somebody with love problems when you have love problems of your own. My heart aches each time I'm around her, but I know it could never work out. Not with our current situation. As the time has passed, I've noticed more and more how I'd fallen in love with Michiru.

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