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My Family

Chapter 9

Her voice was so sweet as it echoed through my ears. "I couldn't get him to stop hitting her." Why are you crying my love? "If you guys hadn't shown up when you did…" Please don't cry anymore.

"What exactly happened? I need to know as much as you can remember Michiru. And when Haruka wakes up I'll ask her the same thing."

I heard a rustle of papers. "Kamin had walked into Haruka's room right when she kissed me." I could hear her hesitate before continuing…

Michiru ran into the kitchen to grab the telephone and dial the police.

"Oh no you don't!" Ayame grabbed the phone from her daughter's hands.

"Help!" I relaxed when I heard her yell, hopefully the operator heard it before Ayame disconnected the line.

"Come here and watch your little girlfriend writhe in pain." She grabbed Michiru by the hair and pulled her back into the living room.

Everything from my chest up was becoming numb from the pain. I could feel this warm sensation flowing from my left eyelid. I couldn't see anymore, from either side. I only had my hearing left to rely on.

I forced my eyes open, frowning when I could only see through my right side. "Thankfully there was an officer nearby…" My voice crackled softly.

The officer smiled at me. "I was the next block down, that's why I got there so fast."

I raised my hand to touch my face, wincing as more pain shot across my chest. "Ruka, please be careful. Kami left you with a broken rib." I rested my head against her shoulder as she sat next to me.

"How bad is it?"

Michiru sighed softly "The doctor said you might not be able to see again from your left eye. Other than that and the broken rib, everything else is cosmetic."

I relaxed as she began running her fingers through my hair. She always did know just how to calm me down. "What's going to happen to us?" I looked over at the officer.

"Well, Haruka, since you're 18, you're free to go off on your own. But since Michiru is only 16…she's going to be placed in protective custody until she also turns 18."

"How will she survive without any money?" Michiru frowned.

I turned my attention back to her. "Now that I'm 18, my inheritance from my grandmother passing away is available to me…" I spoke to the officer again. "What if I took Michiru in with me?"

"I have no control over that, you would have to speak with the attorney that's handling your case. Personally though, as long as you can provide for her, the court will take into consideration that you two know one another and have known one another for a very long time. And, the law does consider you related, so as long as you don't lead on about your relationship, you should be able to live together."

"Could we possibly have some time alone?" The officer nodded, stood up and left. "So you have an inheritance from your grandmother?"

I nodded. "I never mentioned it because I was saving it to get an apartment after graduation." I sighed softly. "It looks like I'll be tapping into it a little sooner than I thought huh?" I took her hand in mine and focused my good eye on her. "You know something, even with all of your bruises and scrapes; you're still the most beautiful person I've ever laid eyes on."

She giggled nervously. "Well…technically eye." I smiled. "And are you sure you haven't lost sight in your right eye too?"

I swatted her playfully before cupping her cheek and giving her a loving kiss. When I opened my eye, I looked around. "OK, nothing bad happened this time."

"Thank god…we don't have to worry about being attacked whenever we decide to kiss from now on." She tilted her head and kissed me again, this time was different then the first two times. This time was full of love and passion. I found myself eagerly returning the kiss, yearning for more.

"Sorry to interrupt the both of you…" An older woman stood at the doorway, a stack of papers in her hands. "Haruka, as long as you're feeling fine, you're free to go. I would just need you to fill out and sign a few papers for me." She handed the pile to me as well as a pen. "Michiru, your social worker is waiting for you out in the lobby."

"But I wanted her to come with me while I hunted for an apartment." I frowned.

The doctor shook her head. "From now on, all things have to be cleared with her social worker. If you'd like I can call him in here so you can speak with him." I nodded and she left the room.

"Where are you going to go from here Ruka?" She stood next to me, helping me flip through the pages.

"I was going to get a cab to take me to the bank so I can release the funds into a checking account, and then home so I can get some clothes and take a bath at least." I sighed. "Then maybe start calling some numbers for apartments in the paper."

She nodded. "I hope they let me go with you. I want to stay with someone I know, not someone that just wants me so they can get a paycheck."

"You wanted to ask me a question?" a young man, barely older then myself came into the room.

"Yes…what do I have to do in order to take Michi with me for the day?"

He smiled. "All I need is contact information. And since you two are sisters, there's no problems under the law." He dug through his bag to pull a form out. "I just need you to fill this entire form out. Mainly about your address, phone number and vehicle if one is owned."

I nodded and sat on the edge of the bed to get a better look at the form. "I wanted to take her with me to try and find a new apartment for me…any maybe her…but we're not going to worry about that just yet." He nodded and watched over my shoulder to make sure everything was filled in properly. "Here you go."

He handed me a card in exchange for the papers. "Just drop her off at that address by 9pm tonight."

I looked at the card. "Alright, I know where this is, thank you so much." He smiled and left. "Let's get out of here…I'm starting to get a little sick and tired of hospitals."

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