If Only...

(A Little Mermaid fanfic)

This fanfic is inspired by the song 'If Only' and is a What if sequence for the movie...

It is the evening of the second day he'd spent with the mystery girl, known only as Ariel. Eric contemplated what Grimsby told him about how it would be better to pursue a girl of flesh and blood than his singing rescuer, who was a mystery as well. Eric also contemplated his situation, he was nearly 21 years old, (his birthday was actually the next day), and his parents had passed away only a few months earlier. According to a royal statute, anyone of the royal family who didn't marry within five years of succeeding the throne would have to abdicate it. Eric thought that it was a rather crazy rule, but he didn't feel like contesting it. That and the fact that Ariel, in her own quiet way had made him happier than he'd been for awhile, made him realize that it was high time he did something about it and grow up a bit in the process.

With that in mind, he tossed his sailor's flute into the ocean and walked across the courtyard, through the castle, and up to Ariel's bedroom. With a little nervous courage, he cleared his throat and proceeded to knock on her door. After a moment, Ariel came to the door and opened it. Up until that moment, she'd been sitting by the dressing table mirror, combing her hair and thinking about how she'd only had one more day to get her prince, or well...she didn't want to contemplate what else could happen.

Ariel answered her door and was pleasantly surprised that it actually was Prince Eric. Since she was still momentarily mute, all she could do was give him a coquettish smile when she opened the door. Prince Eric proceeded to walk in the door, paced around the room somewhat nervously, and went on to say

"Oh hello Ariel...yes we need to talk...or at least I need to talk to you...I hope you've been comfortable here, and I see you have been...This is a nice room, though I guess my room is a bit bigger and you should see the view, though you will soon...Oh, uh sorry I'm getting ahead of myself a little...I meant to ask you, well I'm in a bit of a situation and well...I know we haven't known each other very long, but I do think you're pretty and quite tolerable...and based on how you acted today in the rowboat, I think the feeling is mutual...So if I should be so bold to ask, I was wondering...Ariel will you agree to be my wife...Um marry me?...I know this is sudden but..."

Suddenly Ariel jumped up, ran over, gave him a hug, and nodded rather enthusiastically. Eric wasn't sure what to say, other than to chuckle and give her a hug back. Then he said "Well I guess that's a yes then...Ha ha...Yeah okay we'll get married then. My birthday's actually tomorrow, so if you think that's fine we'll get married then...tomorrow. Oh I know you're no doubt pretty young, and probably and orphan...like I am...but I don't think you're too young, by the look and feel of you. Okay little girl, Ariel, we'll get married tomorrow then."

Eric then picked her up, carried her over to her bed, gently placed her there and said "But now it's probably your bedtime, so let's get you to bed...I guess I better get used to this now hmmm...Ah ha ha you're not too heavy, that's good...and I guess I better leave now...so goodnight sweet Ariel I'll see you tomorrow." as he pushed back a tendril of her hair to kiss her temple, then turned around and left, closing the door behind him.

Ariel was on cloud nine after everything Eric had said and did. She tried out her voice, but unfortunately it had not been enough to break Ursula's spell, because she was still mute. Still though Eric was willing to marry her, the next day even, so she was definitely pleasantly surprised. Happily she fell asleep, dreaming of her prince.

Eric headed back to his bedroom, contemplating everything he had said and did. Was it foolish to marry a mute girl who he had only just met? He was not sure, still there was something about Ariel that he couldn't place. He then hoped that their children wouldn't turn out to be mute as well, but he doubted they would. Marriage, children, was he ready for the responsibility? Well he was a prince, so duty was always supposed to be over all else, but still it would mean changes everywhere indeed. It certainly would be an interesting day the next day, that was for sure.

The next day the sun rose to a sky that was a perfect shade of blue. As Eric consulted his staff to make arrangements for the wedding that evening, Ariel got up and dressed. Charlotta the maid arrived and told told her they were creating her a wedding gown as quickly as they could so that it would be ready for the evening wedding. She then chided Ariel for being such a young bride, but said it was only proper that Eric married her soon since gossip had already filtered through the castle about how he'd found her on the beach wrapped only in a sail cloth. When Charlotta came to her to help, Ariel didn't know what she was talking about when she said to "Lay back and think of your homeland, and it shouldn't take long", and wasn't sure why she told her to ask her anytime about birthing babies, when the time came.

The rest of the day went by in a blur of commotion, preparing for the wedding and and so forth until finally it was time for the wedding. The other maids escorted Ariel onto the ship and helped her get ready by helping her dress, fixing her hair and so forth. Finally, all too soon, it was time for the ceremony, and so she walked down the aisle to the tune of a wedding march, all the while she wished that her sisters and father could be there, but of course that couldn't be. Ariel then met Eric who was standing by a little man in a white robe and funny pointy hat, who someone had told her was the priest.

The ceremony went fairly quickly and before they knew it, the priest pronounced them man and wife, and that Eric could kiss his bride. At that kiss, Ariel was finally able to speak, and she giggled said

"Why hello Eric...he he!"

Surprised, Prince Eric looked down at her, smirked, and said, "Ah now you decide to talk? Hmm, were you the one who rescued me?"

"Oh yes Eric, I wanted so much to be able to talk...but I couldn't...then you kissed me and now I can! You broke the spell!"

"Spell? Did I cast a spell on you last night?" Eric said huskily.

"Not exactly...but it doesn't matter anymore because I can talk now" Ariel excited exclaimed.

"And yeah now you'll probably talk my ear off like most other wives do..." he said sarcastically.

"ERIC!" she said exasperatedly,

"Sorry I was just kidding..." he laughed.

Grimsby and a few others came over to coax them to the wedding reception, which they attended. The reception was a happy affair and quite busy for everyone since the couple had to greet all of their guests personally.

After their reception, Ariel suddenly realized that she was getting tired, and then suddenly Eric began acting like he was tired too, although Ariel wondered if he really was or not. Either way she kept chattering on in her excitement for the day. When they got to their bedroom door, Eric suddenly playfully picked her up and carried her through the door, depositing her on the bed. When she hit the bed though she bounced a little, which caused her to start to laugh.

"Oh Eric that was so fun, lets try that again! These beds are so bouncy! Ha ha ha!"

"Yeah I suppose they are..." he chuckled as he began to remove his jacket and shirt.

Ariel tried to stand up on the bed, but then just collapsed into a fit of giggles...

"Oh Eric I don't know what got into me, maybe it was the champagne?...Ha ha ha...Oh it hurts to laugh...Oh you're taking off your coat and stuff, can you help me with this dress?"

"My pleasure my dear...Let's see how does this all go?..."

"Oh just undo those button things in the back...and then untie all of those string things..."

"Oh do you mean your corset and stays?"

"Yeah whatever they're called, just get them undone..."

"Hmm, you're anxious...Let's see, uh oh I think I have a knot..."

"No Eric! You've got to be kidding me!"

"Sorry Ariel, I was. Let's see...Ah here we go..."

Eric finally got her corset strings undone and was about to lean down to kiss her shoulder, when Ariel stepped away from him, walked across the room, and gave a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank you, I can finally breathe again! I don't think I'll get used to wearing those things."

Eric looked at her out of the corner of his eye and asked "Oh that's women's fashions for you, I guess. So you must've just started wearing corsets then huh?"

"Oh yes just since I've been here to visit you!" Ariel replied as she pulled the rest of her gown off, combed her hair in front of her breasts, and was left standing in her petticoat underskirts.

"So you don't have corsets where you come from?" Eric asked, as he continued to remove his shirt.

"Yeah things are pretty different where I'm from...Uh where's a dingle hopper? ...And my nightgown?" Ariel asked, a bit distracted, as she looked around the room.

"A dingle hopper?" Eric chuckled.

"Yeah a dingle hopper...Long handle with pointed teeth...You used one for dinner once! Or at least I need something to comb my hair..." Ariel answered, exasperatedly, as she demonstrated how she'd used one to comb her hair.

"What do you mean a fork? Ha ha, you use a fork to comb your hair?" Eric laughed as he looked down at her.

Ariel just glared up at him and almost pouted, but then Eric reassured her "Oh don't get angry, I was just joking! I think there's a comb and brush on the stand over there." as he pointed to the stand beside their bed.

"Okay, I guess that'll have to do. Uh what about my night gown?" Ariel asked as she went over to the night stand and grabbed the hairbrush.

"Oh you're fine as you are...actually you won't be needing it..." he said as he turned around.

"Really? This petticoat skirt's sort of weird too..."

"Well then take it off!" he said suddenly a bit bolder.

"Okay if you want me too. But I don't have much..."

"That's fine..."

Ariel then took off her crinolines, climbed into the bed, and covered herself with a sheet. She glanced down at herself, and just stared at her new female self under the bed sheet.

"Oh I don't know if I'm used to to this yet or not...he he...Eric do you know that I have red hair between my legs..."

"Oh I imagine you do..." he chuckled off to the side.

As Ariel suddenly glanced up at him, her eyes went wide in surprise when she realized he didn't have much on either. She started to hide her eyes, but then was too curious of the human male body, so she stared back at him and gasped.

"Oh my!...You look different from me!...You look like...You look like...David! Though not exactly..."

Eric just gave her a curious look and asked, "David? Who's David? I thought that you'd never..."

"I haven't I swear! At least on a real human...I saw a picture of someone in a book I found once...but I think he was made of stone, like that stone that looked like you which Grimsby gave you..." she replied.

"The statue? How did you know about that? I received that on a ship that sunk in a storm?" he asked curiously.

"Never mind...Anyway you look different from that David statue I saw in a book! David had this pointed thing between his legs that sort of looked like...a hand or a starfish...while what you have certainly doesn't look like that!" she exclaimed.

"David statue? Oh ha ha ha you must've seen a picture of Michelangelo's 'David'...which had a fig leaf on it!" Eric said as he cracked up laughing.

"Fig leaf? So which one's right, you or David?" Ariel asked curiously.

"Well Ariel rest assured it's 'David' who had issues with his manhood, not me." Eric replied.

"Oh that's good! I didn't want you to be deformed or anything." Ariel said as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Deformed? Ha ha didn't your mother teach you anything?" Eric said as he shook his head, and started to climb into bed with her.

"No, my mother has been deceased since I was young." Ariel replied.

"Oh that's too bad...I can understand because my parents are gone too, though it has not been as long..." Eric said sympathetically, then added "Well if you haven't had your mother in a while, did you at least talk to Charlotta?"

"Well a little. She just told me to lay back and think of where I'm from, and you'd take care of the rest." Ariel said, then proceeded to lay on her pillow and shut her eyes.

Eric chuckled, then said, "Oh it doesn't have to be that bad, it can be fun for both of us, or so I've heard. And anyway, with all of your red hair, Ariel, I wouldn't expect you to just lay there like a cold fish!" he joked, while he stared at her and played with a strand of her hair.

"A cold... fish?" Ariel said, then gave him a curious stare.

"Hey I'm sorry, for whatever I said wrong! I was joking! Anyway sex should be enjoyable for both people, at least after the first time at it." Eric said as he turned to her in the bed.

"Sex? Oh do you mean you want to mate? Uh don't we need a tide pool for that?" she curiously asked.

"A tide pool? Well that's and interesting idea, maybe we can go to this lagoon I know of someday...But right now this bed will work fine." he laughed coyly.

"Really, we don't need a tide pool? Then how are we going to mate? Oh is it going to be all arms and legs, like an octopus?" she asked slightly disgusted.

"Like an octopus? Ha ha ha, you're funny, how would you know how an octopus mates?" he laughed.

"Uh you wouldn't want to know!" she answered disgustedly, then added, "Well then how is it done, for most humans?"

"Oh you are an innocent! Ha ha...well you know that part you asked about on me...and your other bits with the red hair..."

"Oh yeah that bit between my legs!"

"Yeah that has something to do with it too." he answered with a chuckle.

"But how?" she naively asked.

"You seriously don't know?...Well...how do I explain? Uh sort of like this, okay let's say this is you...and this is me...and we sort of go like this..." Eric tried to explain using his hands and fingers.

"Oh so we do that with out parts? But wouldn't that hurt?" she asked a little concerned.

"Well for you it might, but only for a little bit, so I've been told...I'll try to be gentle." he replied with a note of concern in his voice.

"Okay...though I'm still a little nervous...How do we begin?" she asked with a touch of nervous energy to her voice.

"Well why don't you just lay back, and we can start with kissing...and see how it goes from there..." Eric said huskily as he leaned over her to kiss her.

"Okay I think I can manage that!" Ariel said with a slight chuckle.

And so Ariel and Eric spent the next while learning from each other what pleased the both of them as they experimented in their love making.

Later that night, both awoke to discover that the motion on the ocean was more than their tenuous first bouts of making love. A great storm had suddenly brewed in their part of the ocean. Eric quickly jumped out of bed and began dressing.

"Oh sorry hon, it seems a big storm has popped up suddenly. I need to run up top a moment to check on things. You just stay in bed here where's safe, all right? I'll be back in a bit..."

"Uh oh, daddy!" Ariel thought to herself as Eric bounded out the door.

Ariel quickly jumped out of bed and began searching around, where she found her nightgown hanging in the closet. ("Ah so my nightgown was around here...Oh Eric..." she thought to herself with a chuckle.) She quickly slipped it on then ran out the door into the wind and rain. She even ran past Eric, and climbed to the side of the ship, hanging on the rigging ropes as the wind and rain whipped around her on all sides.

"Ariel, what are you doing? Get down before you fall!" Eric screamed while he rushed toward her.

"No Eric, stay back I can help! ...Oh DADDY!" Ariel shouted into the wind.

"What in the world are you doing? Ariel..." Eric yelled.

Suddenly the storm began to abate by a large measure, to everyone's surprise.

Eric just stared at his wife, then said astonished, "Who ARE you? Even the wind and rains obey your command! Oh...my...it's like Mark 4:41 'And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?' Oh my...are you a child of God?...Or did I just deflower the Virgin Mary?" "God have mercy on my soul..."

"We are all children of God, Eric, but I'm not biologically related to God, like Jesus. My daddy just thinks he's too much like God sometimes." Ariel tried to explain to Eric.

Suddenly, before anyone could say anything else, a wave crested over the horizon, and Mer-King Triton was riding the wave until it crested near the ship. He rode it up to the edge of the ship and stared face to face with Ariel.

"Young lady, I've been searching the seven seas for you and finally I found you! But what are you doing on a human ship with human LEGS?!" Triton growled.

"Daddy I can explain...I went to Ursula and got legs...because I'd fallen in love with Eric during that other storm a week ago..." Ariel tried to explain.

"What you fell in love with a HUMAN and went to URSULA for help?! Well you've been disobedient enough, I can change you back to a mermaid and you can be back home in no time, beached of course.." Triton said.

"Well...daddy you can't exactly...because this evening Eric & I got married..." Ariel shyly said.

"No! Certainly though you couldn't have..."

"Oops sorry daddy, too late...he he...I'm really a woman now!" Ariel shyly giggled.

"Oh well, if that's the case then it really is too late. You've made your bed Ariel now I guess you'll have to lay in it. You can never be a mermaid again, and thus you can't visit your family anymore." Triton said, with a tone of hurt in his voice.

"What? Oh daddy no!" Ariel sighed.

"It's the rules, although I must admit I'll miss you. I'll speak to your husband, but I'm sure he'll treat you well, I'll make sure of it. Well it's all a part of growing up, so sacrifices are all a part of that sometimes. So go you must, on to your husband and your new life...as a human..." Triton said.

"Oh daddy I'll miss you that's for sure." Ariel cried.

"Sh, you'll be fine..,be brave my girl, you're a woman now..." Triton softly said as he gave her one last hug, and stroked her head.

"Now Eric, I've got to talk to you..." Triton said to Eric.

"Hey I'm sorry sir, I had no idea she was even a mermaid..." Eric began.

"Ah I suspected as much...Well son we must talk...I must hear your story..." Triton said.

"Well sir I had this situation with my empire..." Eric began, then went on to explain everything that'd happened within the past few days and weeks.

And so after a while Triton left, leaving Ariel to tearfully watch him go, while Eric came up behind her, putting his arm around her and whispered in her ear "Oh love, what a life we have ahead of us. If we stick together, we'll be able to weather whatever storms life sends our way. It's getting late, so let's go back to bed. We can sleep, talk, or do whatever else...you'd like that wouldn't you."

"Yes I think so...but although making love is fun, it won't make me forget my past..." Ariel sorrowfully sighed as she cried against Eric's chest.

"Oh who said you have to forget your past? One's past is what makes a person who they are. Let's go on and we can discuss that if you want to sometime." Eric soothed.

"Oh yes that sounds good...Oh Eric, thank you...for understanding and being there for me...I'll be there for you too because I love you..." Ariel said.

"And I do too, I love you too, Ariel, my little mermaid." Eric said as they walked back to their wedding ship's bedroom to truly begin their future together.