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Chapter 1: What Desperate Times Require

So there she was, InuYasha's pet human, to him all that she was good for was finding jewel shards and purifying lesser Demons into non-existence. The clothes she wore bothered him more than anything else about her, couldn't somebody just come out and tell her that whores had more modesty? Nevertheless he needed her, the jewel shards were his primary goal, and only the Shikon Jewel could save Rin from the sickness that was claiming her young body.

Kagome was busy bathing and did not at once recognize the Demon Lord's presence. But when she did see him she let out a horrible shriek sure to have broken the ear drums of any Demon in the area. A well aimed rock would have caught Sesshomaru, in the head were he mortal, and indeed it stung his palm.

"Be quiet girl," he said flatly as he tore her from the spring with his lone arm. His tail slid off of his shoulder and wrapped her in warmth, hiding her naked body from the world. Still struggling Kagome shrieked again and again for her InuYasha. The Half-demon would not make it in time and Sesshomaru would be impossible to track in the air.

"Oh, please, please let me go Sesshomaru," Kagome whimpered, still trying though she knew her efforts were in vain. She was far from her camp by now and her reserve was wearing thin, she didn't have the strength to keep fighting and then to walk all that way back. Obviously if he hadn't killed her by then, there was something that she was useful for.

"Listen to me Kagome. I know that you are no ally of mine, and I wouldn't readily admit it if you were, but I need the Sacred Jewel. You are the only one wh—"

"I'll never give you the jewel," she replied solidly, her dignity intact as long as she could remain covered. A frown graced Sesshomaru's normally blank face and Kagome became curious.

"Then you will doom young Rin to the grave,' he said, true sadness sickly sweet in his voice as they flew. Shock crossed Kagome's face, of course, the adopted daughter, the one he cared for selflessly and faithfully.

"She needs a Healer, not the jewel," Kagome replied, knowing it wouldn't work; obviously he would have tried every type of Healer imaginable.

"Even the best Demon Healers fail to stop the disease. She is going to die if the jewel isn't found soon. I can smell the disease eating her inside, I can smell her dying," he said tonelessly, doing his best to hold back the tears that always seemed to threaten these days. Poor Rin, dear child, his only child, and the one person who ruled his heart.

"In my time we call it cancer. We have no cure for it either. Perhaps the jewel will save her. For Ran's sake, I will help you Lord Sesshomaru," she said darkly. He stifled the tears as he entered the castle grounds, Kagome was one thing Demons were another.

"You will do one more thing for me. You will dress appropriately for your station while in my company. Is this understood?" he asked in a calm voice as he continued on carrying her, tail still firmly wrapped about her.

"It is only InuYasha that keeps me in clothing from my time. He fears me reminding him of Kikyo," she said, uncomfortable with the truth. Stupid fool, why did she tolerate it? Why had she fought to stay with him? No wait; those were not her thoughts, were they?

"So I see, well my tailors will see to it that he never has any say again," he told her, bringing her into his private chambers to avoid the threats that walked the halls in the guise of servants. Here Rin slept, her little body ravaged by the disease, skin sallow and waning. Over the weeks that she must have declined she became skin and bone, clearly it was too painful for her to eat very much of anything at all.

"Oh Rin," Kagome said softly, letting her hands check the girl's pulse and respiration. The poor child. "She really isn't going to live much longer at all, and she is in such horrible pain. If we had my pack, I have very strong pain killers from my time, it would help her," she added as she stroked the fur surrounding her.

"You have things from the future that could stop the pain?" the Demon Lord asked, and Kagome simply nodded, glad that the Lord had believed her when she told him of falling through the bone eater's well.

"But the ones that I brought are in my yellow pack. We can't go back to the camp, InuYasha will try to take me back, and you being there will only make that worse. I can't help Rin if he interferes. Take me to the Bone Eater's well, I will go through and bring back some supplies," she said, relishing the warmth of his tail as he twitched it around her. A very slight nod of confirmation gave her a small bit of satisfaction. The Lord Sesshomaru had approved of her and it felt like the greatest thing ever.

"We will go in the morning. Perhaps they will have gone farther out in their search by then and we will be able to get in and out quickly enough that there will not be time for trouble," he said softly, pulling the blankets back up to Rin's chin as she had been shivering.

Warmth grew in Kagome's heart as she watched Sesshomaru be a father to the young girl, it was an almost human aspect to him and it made her respect for him grow. So beautiful was his face when he was at peace, she felt wounded that several times she had disturbed that serene look.

"But clothes my Lord?" she said, her eyes quickly scanning her own body under the tail. It was hard to forget that she was still naked, she feared Sesshomaru still, and his tail being the only thing keeping his eyes off of her, well that was just unnerving.

"Yes Kagome, they will be ready in the morning. In the mean time you can sleep in something of mine. You will be staying with me tonight, just as a mode of safety. Soon you will have your own trusted guards just as Rin does," he said, though the look on his face forced her to assume that he'd rather she not be around for long.

"Alright. But Lord Sesshomaru, I'm nowhere near your—"

"This was my mother's. She gave it to me to use as a blanket when she left my father. You would be about the same size," he cut her off, his voice delicate, almost sad. He handed her the silk sleeping gown, softly printed in silvers in blues, covered in a delicate moonflower pattern. It did show obvious wear, like a child Sesshomaru had indeed used it as any child uses a security blanket.

"Kagome silently accepted the garment, her eyes almost hazed by the tears and se stroked the fabric lovingly. In her heart Kagome knew that all of the compassion was due to his love for the dying Rin. Before she could say anything he turned away and removed his tail from her, letting her feel how cold it really was in the castle. Then she pulled on the gown and immediately felt ashamed of being in something that she could never be pretty enough for.

"Oh Sesshomaru, your mother must have been beautiful in this. She looks so amazing in the paintings," she whispered, her eyes still hazed with tears as she realized that InuYasha could never do the same for her. Could the half-demon even care for her?

"She was the prettiest mom a kid could ask for. The children of the other Lords were always getting jealous of me. But I admit, even her sleeping attire compliments your beauty just as well as it did hers," he said gently, his hand tracing her face in a soft motion. As the tears began to crawl down her face he slowly wiped them away, she was too beautiful to shed so many tears. He would enjoy having her sleeping against him this night; they both needed the comfort, and who better to be her guard?

"My Lord," she whispered, entranced by him, allowing him to lead her off into a side chamber where he had taken up sleeping in the months of Rin's sickness, he refused to have her in any but the most comfortable bed in the castle, his.

"We will leave early in the morning. I pray you have good medicine on your side. Rin only has a few more months and she has been suffering so long," Sesshomaru whispered and pulled her against him to keep her warm. A spell worker had saved him some trouble by casting a warmth charm on the blankets in the bed.

He watched Kagome snuggle closer to his chest, wondering why she was so comfortable with him if she truly belonged to his brother as he had previously believed. A powerful Miko like Kagome could be useful, but she needed to be cared for above all else.

"You're so warm my Lord," she whispered gently.

"Demon blood tends to keep the body well heated, even in the coldest. Tell me why he has not marked you," Sesshomaru said, though he feared the response to the question with some strength that hadn't been there before.

"He has already marked the corpse," she whispered and a stifled sob was all the more that he got out of her as he drew her closer. Why was he being so good to her? Rin or not Sesshomaru was still Sesshomaru.

"I see, poor little Miko. Even when my brother was a child he lacked tact. His mother filled him with all of these screwball notions that he could always have life just how he wanted it because he was a Lord," he said and Kagome smiled softly at him. They were going to get along just fine until little Rin died. If they were going to get along just fine until little Rin died. If they couldn't save her, well Kagome was probably shorter on time for the Earth than she had planned.

"Good night Lord Sesshomaru," she said lightly, putting an arm around him to stay closer for warmth. He simply shifted to allow her proximity.

"Good night Kagome. And please call me Sesshomaru," he whispered before closing his eyes and leaning closer to her.

Soon they were sleeping soundly; enemies from first meeting had become friends out of compassion for a child in peril. Bu how long a friendship could survive depended on the outcome of the horrid situation.