Story Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or Digimon.

Chapter Disclaimer: I also do not own "Nobody's Listening." Linkin Park does. Not only am I a fan of Linkin Park, I think this song felt best for the situation Ash is in.

Summary: This is the sequel to the Land of No Color. Over a year and a half after the warriors protected the world of rainbows, Ash returns to Pallet Town, but his arm is tattooed in dark markings, and suffers from reoccurring nightmares. It isn't until, on his way to the Sinnoh region, Ash learns a horrifying truth, only met worse, by going to RainBellian...and seeing the rest of the group.

A/N: This chapter is among Ash's Point of View.

Heart of Lost Light

Chapter 1: Quit Less Nightmare

Yo, peep the style and the kids checking for it.
The number one question is, how could you ignore it?
We drop right back in the cut, over basement tracks;
With raps, that got you backing this up like,
Rewind that! We're just rolling with the rhythm,
Rise from the ashes of stylistic division,
With these non-stop lyrics of life living,
Not to be forgotten, but still unforgiven,
But, in the meantime, there are those, who wanna talk this and that,
So I suppose, that it gets to a point where feelings gotta get hurt,
And get dirty with the people spreading the dirt,
it goes...

(Tried to give you warning, but everyone ignores me!)
Told you everything, loud and clear,
(But nobody's listening!)

(Called to you, so clearly, but you don't want to hear me!)
Told you everything, loud and clear
(But nobody's listening!)

I got a heart full of pain, head full of stress,
handful of anger, held in my chest,
And everything left's a waste of time;
I hate my rhymes, but hate everyone else's more;
I'm riding on the back of this pressure;
Guessing that it's better, I can't keep myself together,
Because all of this stress gave me something to write on;
The pain gave me something, I could set my sights on,
Never forget the blood, sweat, and tears,
The uphill struggle, over years, the fear and,
Trash talking, and the people, it was too,
And the people, that started it, just like you!

(Tried to give you warning, but everyone ignores me!)
Told you everything, loud and clear,
(But nobody's listening!)

(Called to you, so clearly, but you don't want to hear me!)
Told you everything, loud and clear
(But nobody's listening!)

I got a heart full of pain, head full of stress,
hand full of anger, held in my chest,
Uphill struggle,
Blood, sweat, and tears,
Nothing to gain,
Everything to fear.

Heart full of pain, head full of stress,
hand full of anger, held in my chest,
Uphill struggle,
Blood, sweat, and tears,
Nothing to gain,
Everything to fear.

Heart full of pain...

(Tried to give you warning, but everyone ignores me!)
Told you everything, loud and clear,
(But nobody's listening!)

(Called to you, so clearly, but you don't want to hear me!)
Told you everything, loud and clear
(But nobody's listening!)

I got a heart full of pain, head full of stress;
(Nobody's listening...)
hand full of anger, held in my chest;
(Nobody's listening...)
Uphill struggle,
Blood, sweat, and tears;
(Nobody's listening...)
Nothing to gain,
Everything to fear,
(Nobody's listening...)

Coming at you from every side!

(Ash's POV)

I was running...
I was running with people at my side...
I was running down a straight path...
I was running in an unfamiliar world...
I was running.

"Ash, are you sure, this is where she is?" questioned a boy with a spiky brunette afro. He was wearing a light jacket, goggles, and shorts. I couldn't tell what colors, the clothes were, because my view was all black and white. Who was "she" that he was referring to, and how did he know my name? Somehow, I knew who they were, even "her." However, someone spoke up for me.

"This is where she said, she was," replied a tall teen with a wild spiky hairdo. He was wearing a standard t-shirt and shorts. So, "she" was here.

"Why, of all places, here?" complained another teen. He had a standard young man's hairstyle, and wore, what was, a matching shirt/pants pair. What did he have, against this land? We came upon the edge of a cliff. Everyone else stopped, but I jumped off. I don't know why, but I did. I landed on a soft beach, in front of something. I couldn't describe it, because it was covered in a heavy black aura.

"Be careful, Ash," shouted a female teen in glasses. She was wearing a skimpy blouse, and a long skirt. I knew her, since I was by her side, sometime ago. That's when, the thing launched, what appeared to be, a red spear, right at me. I was struck. Then, my sight turned red...blood red.


I sprung from my bed, with a yelp, and gasping for air. I yelped so loud, it woke my yellow mouse up. My mouse had red circled cheeks, two brown streaks on its back, and had a lightning-shaped tail. It turned to my direction, but I was too frightened by my nightmare to realize it.

("Ash, you okay?") it squeaked. I was too focused about the nightmare, I barely responded to its call.

"I had it, again, Pikachu," I replied. Yes, I had it, again. When I got out of bed, I saw what time it was: 6:12 A.M. I woke up early. Actually, I woke up a couple of times, overnight. That nightmare...I got to my desk, and opened a green notebook. I began to write my feelings, about the occurrence.

JULY 16-


I competed in the Battle Frontier, and beat all seven of the Brains. Afterwords, we all had split up, in different directions. Brock, my friend and Pokémon breeder-in-training, had gone home to Pewter City, to check up on his family. May had gone out to the Johto region, since she heard about a Pokémon contest, held there. Max, May's brother, and Sarin, who we met in a place called RainBellian, had gone back to Petalburg City, where Max would try to become a trainer, himself. I came home to Pallet Town, where those nightmares began. On my left arm, were black markings. There were numerous symbols on my arm, and I couldn't figure out what they were. I grabbed a white, skin-hugging sleeve, and wrapped it around my arm. I, then, exited my room, since I smelt the cooking of scrambled eggs. I walked downstairs to where I saw a grown brunette woman in a pink shirt and green skirt. That would be my mother. She turned to my direction, in a sense that she knew I was coming to the kitchen.

"Good morning, Ash," she greeted. "Still having nightmares?" Mothers have a parental sense, with children, that tell them if their kids are troubled. It's probably why I didn't resist her.

"Thatsame one," I groaned. Mom became worried. Ever since my first night, back from my Battle Frontier journey, I've been having that same dream. It was apparent. When I got a chore done, I tried to get some extra sleep. However, that nightmare flared up, every time. It was that nightmare, that got Mom curious.

"Same one?" I wasn't sure about why I was getting this bad dream...until, something clicked in my head, like I was having this repeating nightmare for a reason.

"Well, now that I think about it, maybe, it's more than a reoccurring nightmare. It's more like, some kind of message." A message, like something that I should take care of...but, it was still so foggy, like on the Kiri Kiri Mountains. Mom was ready to chew her fingernails, when I bonded "nightmare" with "message" in the same issue.

"That makes me, even more, worried." Could you blame her? "What sort of message is it?" I had to think back to when I had the nightmare, again. Let's see...

"Something about a dark world...being in a group...looking for 'her'..." Her? Who was I trying to remember? Mom wanted to know.

"Who's 'her'?" Was it someone I knew? Someone I was going to meet? Someone I had to save or face?

"I don't know. It doesn't help much, since she doesn't appear in my dream. Then, fighting a dark figure, and-"

"If it involves you dying, don't mention it." She was afraid to see me dead.

"OK, OK, I'll be quiet!" She didn't like the word, dead. She's been a very caring mother to me. However, she freaked a little for her outburst.

"I-I'm sorry. You're my world, and I hate to see you, lose your life over someone you might or might not know." Like I said...very caring. In a sense, she wanted me to become a normal trainer: capture wild Pokémon, train them to be strong, battle other trainers, win badges, that much. Not risking my life, day by day, protecting Pikachu and my friends. However...

"Even if it's you?"

"Even if it's me. Ash, I've known that you tend to throw caution away, trying to save everyone. Why I raised you, to be so reckless, is something that I, now, regret. Next thing, I'll learn, is that your child behaves like you." Gulp! Can't breathe! Choking on milk! Ironic, right? Choking on liquid? Mom tried to get me to breathe, by patting me in the back. It worked. It had taken me a few minutes to get my air back...before I wanted to yell at Mom.

"Mom!" She realized that it was bad timing. I knew it, when she started scratching the back of her head.

"Sorry, Ash!" I got back to her, mentioning children. Why would she bring that up?

"By the way, why did you mention about me, having kids? It's like, you knew, I have a girlfriend." Did I have a girlfriend? Wait...that's right! There was a girl that I loved. Her name was Hikari Kamiya, but I called her Kari. She was from a different world, where she's a Digidestined. Digidestined are human protectors of a digital world, inhabited by creatures, known as Digimon. Digimon are different than Pokémon. For starters, all the Digimon can talk like us humans, even though, they claim that it's their own language. I knew of a handful of Pokémon that could speak human, like Team Rocket's Meowth. Of course, Kari's Digimon was, to say lightly, Meowth's counterpart, named Gatomon. Gatomon had an ability to turn into an angel, or a winged sphinx, or even a dragon. But, how did Mom know about me, having a girlfriend?

"Well, when you came home from Hoenn, I saw that whistle, around your neck. I only know that physical education teachers keep their whistles, before handing them off to their next teacher in line, and that whistles in sporting events, were returned to those organizers, after each event. So, I started to get suspicious, about the one, you had." Don't you hate it, when mothers get into your personal lives? I mean, if you were making out with your boy/girlfriend, and your parent(s) entered the room, doesn't it really spoil the moment? Anyway...

"Well, I do have a special someone, but I don't know if we'll see each other again." When she heard that, it was like she felt a little relieved, like she had some extra support. That's when she thought back to my nightmare.

"I have a feeling, that you might be right about that dream, you keep having." Then, she had an idea. "Tell you what, after you eat breakfast, see if Prof. Oak can let you use that dream machine, he recently invented for the Pokémon." A dream machine? How is a dream machine suppose to help my nightmare?

"I don't know. It sounds like it's a device for mental therapy." Then again, I never stay in town for long. I had recently heard of a Pokémon league in the Sinnoh region, north of Kanto. I was wanting to go, but the next ferry for Sinnoh wouldn't be on the Ceruliean Port for a couple of weeks. What better to spend a couple of weeks, than to rest up. Still, Mom thought that the machine would help me.

"What his machine does, is that it records the dreams from the sub-conscious mind, and uploads them on a video disk. Prof. Oak studies the dreams, which conducts the Pokémon's behavior. I think, it'll record your nightmare, so that we could see, what that 'message' is about." Take a dream from your head, and upload it to a disk? Sounds interesting. If I could see my nightmare, I could see who those people were, and who was 'she,' that was mentioned. Could it be, her? After I ate breakfast, Pikachu and I strolled to Prof. Oak's lab. His house was built like a mini-castle, with windmills to the side. Inside a room, it was a computer geek's heaven. All sorts of computers and other technical stuff. Inside, there was a semi-spiky brunette hair, in a white scientist coat. I knew him, because, one time, he was my rival. He was Gary, grandson of Prof. Oak. The other one had black hair, like I did. He wore a red headband, and wore a green t-shirt, and orange shorts. That would be Tracy, a Pokémon watcher.

"We heard from Mrs. Ketchum, that you've been going through some tough dreams, Ash," Tracy motioned. So, Mom informed them of my situation. Although, I didn't like the fact that Mom told them about my sleeping troubles, I do believe that they could help excavate that nightmare and store it on a device.

"Fortunately, we did test the Sub-Pokévision, grandpa made, on him," Gary added with confidence. He held a circular disk in the air. So that's the video disk, Mom mentioned. "His dream was being surrounded in his own poetry. I believe, you would be bored, so I won't show you that." Okay, well, that was a little extra, but I understood that if Prof. Oak was okay from a human test, then I shouldn't be so worried about it.

"How long, will it take for the Sub-Pokévision to warm up?" I asked. Hearing that, Tracy and Gary knew that I wanted to get this done. If what I saw was, in fact, that I knew who some of those people were, then I could try to understand what was going on.

"Give us a couple of minutes." They wanted to prepare the invention. "The only thing, I want you to do, is get your sweat shirt and sleeve off." Wait...they wanted me to remove my sleeve? "That way, the machine will get a clear image, as it scans mind/body relationship." I guess I have no choice. As they turned the machine on, I removed my blue sweat shirt and my sleeve, covering that mark. When I put my sweat shirt down, I felt a little bump. What was it? I dug into a pocket, and pull out a pill. The pill had a 'Z' imprint on it. Wait a second...was this?

"It's the insomnia-proof pill." I remember. I was in RainBellian when I had that one restless night. The innkeeper gave the pill to me, so that I could sleep easier. I think, I'll have that nightmare, again, but I won't be able to wake up like before. After the machine was ready to be used, I was called back. Tracy saw the mark, wondering what it was.

"Dude, where'd you get that cool tattoo?" he questioned. I wanted to say that it appeared out of thin air, but they wouldn't believe me.

"Never mind that, Tracy." As I got onto the bed of the device, I took the pill and swallowed it. I waited for the pill to take effect. That's when Gary gave me a helmet, which was covered in all sorts of wires and switches, and put it over my head. I laid down, in which my eyes were getting heavy. The pill must be working. Tracy wrapped me in a blanket, as Pikachu watched. Then, I blacked out...

When I woke back up, I saw Tracy and Gary, again. But, they were watching a monitor, probably, watching my dream. I sat up, which drew Tracy's attention. He looked surprised to see me up. Why? "This nightmare is amazing," he roared. He and Gary must've been reviewing the nightmare. "I may be a Pokémon watcher, but I would pay thousands for this." Thousands of dollars, for a small nightmare? Gary made printouts, but of what? I saw him doing that, with Tracy, providing backup. "He's getting some printouts of the dream, including some creatures, that I've never seen. I don't believe, they're even Pokémon." Wait...creatures, not Pokémon? I only know of another type of creatures, but if it was, what I think it was, I could help the boys.

"Are the pictures ready?" I asked Gary. The last paper came out of the printer, so all the photos had to be done, by now. After getting them lined up, Gary presented them to me.

"I have a feeling that you have an idea of who these people and creatures are," he hypothesized as he handed the photos to me. The first photo was the spiky afro teen. Never met him before, so I put that to the side. Photo two was a small boy, who looked like he was mad at the world. His hair was so short, it looked like a perfectly mowed lawn. No clue on who he was either, so I put him with the first. The third photo was a lighter haired teen with a...T.K.? That fisherman's hat was dead giveaway. That was Takeru Ishida, or T.K. for short. I remember him, because he was with me and Misty, when we traveled to RainBellian.

"This one, no doubt." Gary believed that I knew some of these people, and I proved it. I placed it away from the first pile. The next photo, was a taller teen, looking like a groomed schoolboy. This one didn't ring any bells. Onto the next photo. This one was a girl with long hair, and wearing a gown-like skirt, and glasses. Oh, yeah, it's Yolei Inoue. She was a support member, who joined me in the bath house at an abandoned inn. Don't worry, all that was exchanged were advices, not bodily fluids. I placed that over T.K.'s mugshot. The next pic was another female, with shorter hair, but was taller. She wore a grayish blouse and jeans. Like I said, the nightmare was without color. However, something in my mind was saying that I knew her, but how? That's when I remembered T.K.'s photo. She looked like it was a girl named Sora. If this was Sora, and the message was true, I had a thought that I might see her. I placed that in a new pile. The last photo was the tall teen with a wild spiky hairdo. If I remembered that photo, T.K. recognized him as Tai, Kari's older brother. Again, I placed that on suspected Sora photo. Three piles were visible: Those I knew, those I heard about, and those that were new to me. Tracy picked up the "heard about" pile, while Gary grabbed the "known" pile. Guess what that left me with? That "new" pile. There was a reason, Tracy and Gary were suspicious of me, and the photos.

"I take it, you've known these two?" Gary asked with a snarl.

"I do, because I've met them, sometime ago." There was no way, I could lie to an ex-rival, who's holding the photos of T.K. and Yolei. Gary peered at Tracy, holding the mugshots of Tai and Sora. I had to tell them, the story from over a year and a half, ago. "When Misty visited me, over near the Mirage Kingdom, we were transported to a mysterious place called RainBellian. That's where we met the two, you're holding Gary, and two others. During the adventure, there, the boy told me of their friends, and called themselves, Digidestined." Now the two were wondering about that name.

"Who are 'Digidestined?'" Tracy questioned.

"Digidestined are protectors of a world, inside computers and other technical stuff, which create a world where digital monsters, or Digimon, reside. Digimon are like Pokémon in different ways, but there are some significant differences between them. For instance, Digimon talk, just like us." They seemed really interested. I decided to continue. "Let me continue with the adventure. As we journeyed together, not only did we act like a team, but we started to fall for each other, even Pikachu." My cheeks were beet red. I still remember her. Gary knew that I needed sometime to calm down.

"I think, I'll bypass on the rest of the story," he grinned. "I do want to focus on your condition for Sinnoh." I think, he doesn't want me to go. "With that arm of yours, anyone could end up, like grandpa." Oh, that. I can explain that. As soon as I made it home, I decided to see all my Pokémon, that were in the backyard ranch of Prof. Oak's lab. While visiting, a painful surge shot through my arm and head. I guess, that's when the nightmare started to appear. Clutching my head, Bayleef, a green dinosaur with a leaf on top of its head, with plants stemming from her neck, called help. Prof. Oak was the first to get to me. There was so much pain, going through my head and arm, I didn't know that he was right there. Usually, when you push someone away, they go back a few feet. When I pushed the professor away, he went sailing into a small lake. He was fine, but dumbfounded on what had happened. Even I was terrified about it, and worried that I may've angered Prof. Oak. He acted calm, much to my surprise. Even after that, he got out of the water, and looked at the markings of my arm. He put the sleeve, he gave me, on over my markings, and told me to push me again. I did, but he didn't move more than a couple of feet. When it was, without the sleeve, he equipped himself with padding. The padding didn't help. When I pushed, he went flying, into the side of his house. He suffered some bruised ribs, but smiled as he was carted off on a stretcher. He told me to keep the sleeve on. Seeing the damage I did, I didn't argue.

"I told the professor, that I'll keep the sleeve on." The markings had given me some outrageous power, when exposed to the air. Covered, it's useless. That's when Tracy handed me a ticket. The ticket read: "CERULIEAN PORT, KANTO TO SINNOH." They were going to let me go to Sinnoh, all along.

"We think, you need to get ready," Tracy motioned. "We all know you, not to be in the same place for long. Besides, if this works, your nightmares will be gone." Tracy had a point. It all started when I came home from the Battle Frontier. So, if I left, my nightmares will go, too...until Gary presented me, with the disk, that had my nightmare on it. I was in dismay. They wanted me to carry my nightmare?

"There is a doctor in Sinnoh, that could take the nightmares away," Gary offered. I had taken the disk and was ready to get home. I spent some more days, before I set out for Ceruliean City, and my nightmare coming true.