Hey My Loverly Readers. This Is Restraint.

By: Crimson Droplets

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Restraint: Chapter One.

He ran his cool tongue against my lower lip, and I reacted, knotting my fingers tightly in his hair and parting my lips. And then it was over, and I was on the floor, while Edward was across the room, breathing heavily.

"Bella." Edward said firmly. "You know not to do that. We've had this talk time and time again. You don't seem to understand how incredibly breakable you are!"

I rolled my eyes. Normally, I wouldn't act like this. But truth be told, I was almost nineteen years old. And I was a very sexually frustrated girl. "Yes I know the rules Edward." I mocked. Breakable my ass. Excuse my language, but I was horny.

After a moment, he walked back over to me and pulled me onto his cold lap. "Isabella Swan, are you still angry?"

"By George, I think he's got it!" I responded sarcastically, my posture stiff in his arms. I refused to become comfortable. I had a decision to make. It was something that I had been pondering all week long, something I had thought about every time Edward pushed me away, and I felt unwanted.

I stood up, avoiding his arms, which tried to pull me back. "I want to go to your house." I pursed my lips.

"Okay." He paused. "Why?"

"I have something important to discuss with them." 'Them' referring to his family.

"Alright then." He raised an eyebrow, but nevertheless, gently picked me up, and hopped out the window into the cool January air.

Alice was at the front door before Edward and I had even walked up the porch steps. "Bella!" She squealed happily, her pixie-like face filled with excitement.

I remained grim, however, giving her a mere smile. "I have something to tell everyone. Well, actually, mostly just you. I thought maybe Emmett would get a kick out of it. But I guess everyone can sort of tag along. Except Carlisle and Esme. It's something of the sexual sort…"

Alice gave a small giggle. "Oh, I know Bella!" She tapped her head. "Go wait in the living room. We'll be back there in a minute."

Edward kept his hand on the small of my back as we walked to the living room. I was no longer shunning him, I was just ignoring him. I couldn't tell if he was offended, was taking it in stride, or maybe he didn't even notice.

By the time I had seated myself, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice were patiently waiting for me to begin. Edward was gone, which I was thankful for. He probably realized he wasn't welcome. However, he would be listening. I didn't care. He needed to hear this. It was his business.

I cleared my throat. "Well. This is uncomfortable." I took a deep breath, staring at the people around me.

"Constantly being rejected by Edward is terrible. So I've decided that I'm basically going to teach him a lesson. And part of that lesson is to take away something he loves most. He says the only reason he stops… doing what he does is because he must restrain himself. Well, we'll be married soon, and-." I blushed, "He's going to give me what I want. I figured he ought to practice restraint now. So, for the next week, Edward is no longer allowed to touch me."

"WHAT? NO!" I heard a loud bellow from the next room. Emmett chuckled. In a split second, Edward came bursting through the door. "What? I can't touch you?" He made a reach for me, but I backed away.

"Nope." I giggled.

Then he immediately calmed down and smirked. I wondered why he was so calm until he spoke. "Bella, Bella, Bella, Love. You can't resist me." He dazzled me momentarily. I looked away, clearing my throat.

"Ah, nope. Right you are. But, I never said I couldn't touch you. I said you couldn't touch me." I smiled. I thought it was a pretty good plan. Seven days of pure pure pure pure PURE… fun.

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