I leaned against the doorframe, breathing heavily. Not from exhaustion, or anything, just from plain fear. I was simply terrified. That seriously took guts. Seducing was hard shit. Haha. Like cocaine.

I heard heavy footsteps, and I had no time to hide. I didn't want to duck back into Edward's room. I prayed it wasn't Carlisle, or Emmett. Emmett would torture me, and Carlisle would just stare at me in an odd way, but be very nice about it.

It was Jasper. I didn't have time to be relieved because he started laughing.

"That is their plan? Honestly? That isn't even close to what Alice wears." Jasper laughed loudly.

I smacked his arm hard. "Shut up. You didn't have to make me feel bad. We'll win." I tried to stalk off proudly, but I stumbled, which only made Jasper laugh harder. I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him.

"You were great! I saw Edward's face." Alice said.

"You mean she was good for her first time." Rosalie said.

Alice glared at her. "We're supposed to encourage her, not make her feel bad about herself Rose."

"Well excuse me." She held up her hands in defeat.

"Its okay." I said.

"Just keep that up I guess." Rose said.

"Yeah, you'll be good." Alice added. "Now, c'mon girls. Let's plan tomorrow's idea."

"Well…" Rosalie said. "Have you got anything?"

"Nope." Alice and I chimed in.

We thought about it for awhile. At first it wasn't annoying, but then it started to become increasingly difficult. Like, isn't there a million and one sexy things I could do??

The only problem was, we didn't exactly know what we were doing tomorrow, and we didn't want to ask so it seemed like we were planning our thing around it. So, we decided to play it by ear. Go with the flow.

"Morning beautiful." I opened my eyes, and I immediately screamed. Edward must have been inches away from my face. I mean… inches.

"Morning." I croaked. I'm sure my breath smelled lovely, and my hair was darling. Great. I inhaled the scent of Edward around me, and I reached up and gave him a hug. "What are we doing today?"

"Well, it's rather chilly outside, so I'm guessing nothing that concern's bringing you in harms way with the cold. So inside stuff. Esme and Carlisle are at a function of some sort, Emmett and Rosalie are at a car show, and Jasper and Alice went shopping. So the house is ours." He smirked. "What do you want to do?"

"Well. I want a human minute first. Then I'll tell you." I smiled, stood up, and walked to the adjoining bathroom. I showered, put on deodorant, toweled off my hair, brushed my teeth, got dressed, wait… I got dressed in what Alice laid out for me. And that was this. Teeny tiny khaki skirt, a tight fitting navy blue collared shirt, and these... evil boots. Despised boots. They were slouchy and leather and brown, and probably really expensive, since the tag said they were from Italy. However, the worse part was that they were heels. And everyone knows I can't walk on heels. And I look skanky. I've never ever called anybody that, well except maybe Lauren, but she doesn't count.

I walked out of the bathroom, looking at Edward for approval.

He gave me a once over.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Not going to say anything?" I asked.

"There's nothing to say." He grinned.

I huffed. Nothing goes my way.

I don't really remember much… but a bag of popcorn, and 3 movies later, I was zonked out, my head on Edward's lap. I think it was his phone, or his movement that woke me up, but either or, I was awake.

"Hey beautiful." He mouthed.

I smiled. I blinked away the tiredness. I tried to listen to see who it was, and then I realized it was Carlisle. His voice was low, but not low enough that I couldn't hear him.

Wait. Hmm. Didn't I need an opportunity to throw myself at Edward?

Wasn't this absolutely perfect.?


And when and opportunity like this presents itself, who am I to say no?

I smiled at Edward, running my hand across his face gently. He smiled back. I repeated the gesture, running my fingertips along his jawline, under his neck, to his chest, and I stopped.

He bit his lip slightly, and I was surprised. Was that really that nice to him? He motioned for me to stop, and I shook my head no.

I slowly started to unbutton his shirt, one little button at a time. I ran my hands down his chest, my fingernails skimming his pecs. He groaned, his eyes closed. I could hear a muffled Carlisle ask if anything was wrong.

I shook my head no. Edward grabbed the phone. "Everything's fine Carlisle." He looked at me. "Stop Bella." He mouthed.

I shook my head again and giggled silently. I leaned towards him, and started kissing his neck gently. I really had no idea what I was doing. I felt rather sloppy and messy. The kisses were wet and gross, but Edward seemed to enjoy it, he was squirming and digging his fist into the couch cushion.

I moved towards his chest, planted a trail of kisses, but when I got to his abdominal muscles, that's when he'd had enough. I was too close to the prize. He let out a roar, hung up the phone, and started yelling.


"Oh, is that really what you want? I'm sure I know what you want. I can't keep waiting Edward." I stood up, planted one kiss on his lips, then turned and walked out.

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