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Chapter 1 The Ritual

The warm air of a summer night was as still as a corpse. Not a leaf rustled in its branch, no animals roamed around. It was as if it had an acute understanding of the events that would soon come to pass and was doing all it could to let its importance be known.

An imposing manor stood magnificently atop a hill; the light of the full moon in which it was bathing in, gave it an all too sinister air. The garden, wherein by day held numerous flowers of all colours, currently looked like a sea of black masses. Light could be seen coming from a window in the upper floors of the manor.

Within this floor, a black hooded witch was slowly making her way down a dimly lit corridor. The portraits hanging on the wall were sleeping soundly in their frames. The witch reached a door at the end of the corridor, the flickering light of candles seeping out from the gaps underneath it. Knocking gently on the door, she heard a soft voice calling for her to enter.

Taking the cool metal handle, she pushed the door to a beautifully furnished bedroom. The soft coloured walls seemed to take a darker shade by the faint orange light emitted by the numerous candles that were placed in the room. Dark blue curtains with skilfully sewn gold trimmings hung over the windows. A large four poster bed with silver hangings stood in the middle of the room. To one side were a beautifully crafted desk with intricate carvings on its legs and a large wardrobe.

"My Lady, the hour is upon us," said the hooded witch in barely a whisper.

Someone shifted within a corner of the room that the candles' light could not reach. A woman with willowy grace slowly stepped out of the shadows and faced the young witch. She wore a simple dark robe that managed to look elegant on her and had a black veil covering her face, hiding her gentle features.

"Yes, Selene, my dear. The time approaches," the woman replied in a soft voice.

The witch called Selene took out a vial of potion from her robe and gave it to the veiled woman. The woman frowned at the sight of the potion but Selene pressed it onto her hand.

"I'll never get use to that taste," the woman said in disgust, returning the vial to Selene.

Selene gave her a knowing smile before walking towards the desk drawers and pulling out a jet black candle. As she did this, the woman watched her every action critically, making sure she didn't make a mistake. Ancient Rituals such as this were complicated and take long to prepare. She would make sure nothing was to go wrong.

Having placed the black candle in the centre of a triangle that was drawn on the floor, the young witch took out a small pouch from her pocket and muttered a few words before tossing a handful of white powder to the room. The moment the powder left her hand, all the other candles in the room flickered out leaving them in the glow of a single candlelight.

The girl, her job done for now, dutifully stepped away from the triangle as the woman in dark robes made to move towards one of the three points in the diagram on the floor.

In a deep, strong voice she spoke,

Tonight as the moon reaches its peak

On the hour light touches dark

Remove all that had been cast

With blood from the mother

The woman took a silver dagger from within her robes and cut her hand, allowing the blood to drip into the flames.

Give back all that she had lost

Movements from across the room caught her attention. Squinting in the darkness, she caught sight of a person dressed similarly in dark robes move closer to her. Her lips twitched slightly into a smile when she recognised the new person in the room.

The black clad wizard continued her line of chanting once he too was within the diagram, directly opposite her. Pulling out an identical silver dagger he spoke loudly and clearly.

Blood of the father

In his veins flow

Return all that had been taken!

More blood dripped into the now growing flames as the wizard added his blood to the mix. In one voice the two of them completed the ritual.

With blood of the mother

Protection he was given

With blood of the father

Identity he has

And now the hour has come

Bring back to us!

Give back to us!

Return to us!

Child of the Dark we call on you,

Your hour has come,


The last line was uttered with such a force that it reverberated through out the room. As soon as the last words were said, the sole candle burst into flames leaving the occupants of the room temporarily blinded.

Once the shock of the light's intensity faded, the two witches and the wizard opened their eyes to find the other candles in the room lit once more. However the large black candle they had used for the ritual was all in ashes, etching a dark mark on the floor. A black and silver hilted sword embedded on top of a milky white skull was formed within the triangle from the ashes of the candle, a blood red snake coiled around its blade with the head resting on the hilt and the tail just visible in the mouth of the skull.

The woman swayed on the spot, the ritual having robbed her of her energy. In a swish of his black cloak, the man caught the woman in his arms and set her down on one of the chairs.

"Selene, get a glass of water!" the man ordered.

Selene, who had been watching transfixed during the entire ceremony, went to the connecting bathroom and filled a glass with water.

The man took the glass of water from her and slowly handed it to the woman. Selene remained beside her, making sure the ritual had done nothing more than tire her.

"Did you take your potion?" the man asked.

"Yes." the woman replied once she had set the glass on the desk. She stared at the man longingly and smiled. "You came."

"Of course." the man replied rising to his feet to face her.

The woman took hold of the veil covering her face and flipped it over her head; long red hair fell down and framed her face. With the veil gone, her beautiful features could now be seen. From her soft, full lips to her sparkling green eyes.

She smiled fondly at the man before her. "My Dark Prince."

The man smiled at the familiar title and bend down to take her soft hand in his. "My love," he said, kissing her hand tenderly.

"Soon he shall know," he assured her.

"Let us hope so. Too long we have waited. Too long have we played the part of ignorant fools and blindly followed others. I want him back my prince," she said staring straight at the man's dark eyes.

"So do I, my love. So do I," he mumbled. "And now we wait."

"And now we wait," she repeated, nodding her head and looking at the distance.

Light could now be seen rising from the horizon. Soon all will be put back in its place and all those who had wronged them would pay.

The Dark Prince, the Dark Lady, the Dark Child, the Dark Maiden and the Dark Lord would soon be reunited.

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