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As I pulled on the stings, I could feel the boy moving at my will. My chakra, flowing through the wires that bound us together, directed him, manipulated him.

I smiled in satisfaction. Perfect.

Flesh Puppet: He who uses others

"Wha… what? I can't control my body!" The boy nearly screamed. I smiled - I couldn't have planned this better had I known what I was doing when the thought occurred to me. Chakra wires could be used to control another, that much was common knowledge among puppeteers. Or, well, I assumed it was. I had found it in a scroll on basic puppetry, after all. It was being able to use enough chakra to control a person against their actions that made a feat like this impossible for most. Puppeteers, by nature, were usually skilled at chakra control, instead of having a large amount of chakra.

I smiled wickedly as I drew closer to the boy, keeping the strings tight, so that he could not move. I was the reverse, meaning I was not suited to control a puppet's many hidden weapons. However, this came almost naturally to me, like the human body was a familiar toy.

Heh, I had been used by so many people, maybe I just figured out how to reverse it. They all glared at me… they used me to take their hatred. I don't know what could possible fill an entire town with that much hate… maybe they all had really crappy lives, or something. But it didn't matter why. They took out their own problems on me.

I can fight back now. Konoha - watch out. I will use you all on my way past you. I will become the Hokage, and then, all of you will be my puppets to control.

"You had to be my first test subject. To see just how much chakra shutting down movement requires. You insulted me in class today, made me look like a fool. Only proper that I should use you in return." The boy looked at me, horror struck across his features.

"Y-you're insane! What the hell did you do to me!" with a surge of chakra, I immobilized his face, so the annoying kid couldn't yap at me anymore. It took too much out of me, required a bit too much Chakra to sustain in a practical situation. For a moment, I tried to change his expression, but it was far too intricate. I couldn't even attempt something like that until I had practiced my chakra control… a lot. It was bad enough trying to keep all those features still, let alone move them how I wanted.

I noticed how tired I was becoming. I must be running out of chakra because of my little stunt. Quickly bludgeoning the boy into unconsciousness, I retracted the wires, rolling them up and placing them back in my pouch. It had taken me forever to steal the correct type of wires to channel chakra through, so I made sure to take good care of them.

With a quick burst of speed, I was gone, needing to get away before a body lying in the middle of the street gathered unwanted attention. It didn't matter that it was nighttime, if anyone happened to associate me with this, no doubt the villagers would come after me again. That was something I wanted to avoid - at least until I could do something like subdue a mob with my wires.


One year, four months later, Gennin Exam

I decided it was time to reveal my new appearance(Not that it's really that different.). By simply covering up the usual orange jumpsuit with a brown cloak, I could blend in more - even disappearing entirely from the view of several of my classmates, who seemed only to know me by the bright clothes I wore underneath. Humph. They must be extremely stupid, or pathetically inattentive.

"Oh, hey Naruto… I didn't realize that was you at first." I nearly sweat dropped. Shikamaru really is the most unaware ninja I know. I'm sure that's just because he doesn't want to, as he's caught on to a few of my manipulations before - a feat no one else has pulled off.

"Yeah, I decided I stood out a bit too much. This way I can wear the outfit I like, but won't attract a lot of attention when I don't want it… pretty smart thinking, huh?" I resumed the act that I constantly put on. It was how I would have actually thought, two years ago, and I had decided not to let anyone know how much I've changed since then.

The best way to manipulate someone is not by controlling their bodies, but their minds. Thankfully, I can, and usually do both… I merely find controlling bodies more fun. Who wouldn't, after all?

"Everyone, take your seats!" Iruka shouted. I moved a bit faster than my usual stroll to get to my place, and became perfectly attentive. Today was the Gennin exam - I had to make sure that I didn't miss anything.

"As you all know, today is the Gennin exam. You'll be tested on your knowledge of the basic academy jutsu and skills. If you pass, you'll become a full fledged ninja." That was obvious. I realized he was just going over the things everyone already knew, and because about as alert as Shikamaru.

"Uzumaki Naruto." I vaguely heard my name called, and didn't think about why, as I had already dozed off at least once. "Naruto! Get up!"

I raised my head quickly, looking around. "It's your turn Naruto. Try not to act like Shikamaru next time, though." He said, while the rest the class laughed. A few seats to my right, said ninja slept peacefully.

How dare they laugh! Using me and Shikamaru for their own entertainment… I can't stand them. Growling, I walked into the back room, Iruka following me in.


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