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Flesh Puppet: He who uses others

Blearily dragged back into consciousness, I found myself in an unfamiliar room. I didn't even try moving, as I could feel the cords that bound me to a strange-looking bed. After glancing around more, I was able to identify were I was.

"Great. I'm going to have a really nice memory of hospitals after this." I sarcastically commented to myself, and waited for someone to come. Typically, when someone wakes up in a hospital, within a minute or two, somebody they know walks into the room, and explains what's going on to them. (Or so I've read.)

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"What the hell is wrong with you people! You're supposed to have come by now!" I shouted, and the door slowly opened. "…of course." I said, upon seeing the face(?) that entered. He had kept us waiting for several hours before the bell test, so why wouldn't he leave me waiting, tied up in a hospital for an hour and a half.

"You're late, Kakashi…" I growled, his eye-smiles only making me more irritated. "What the hell am I doing in a hospital, tied to a bed!"

"Well, you attempted to kill me, so we're having you stay here until they can complete mental evaluation, as you didn't seem to be very sane when doing so." There was a pause after his sentence, where my anger built up in the complete silence.

"K NO!"

"You have some very… colorful language for a twelve year old, Naruto."

Flesh Puppet: He who seeks power


'What was that power? He nearly beat a jounin without the use of his arms! I must have it… that red chakra…' I slammed my fist down on the arm of the chair.

"How did he get such power without me noticing!" I nearly screamed. He was the dead last, wasn't he? Thinking back, I saw where that had begun to change. About a year ago, he became able to pull of a transformation jutsu perfectly, along with correct bunshins. Something had changed in him back then…

But how could he get that in a year? They were entirely different things – competence, and raw power. How did he-?

I remembered how drained he was after using it, passing out shortly afterwards. "Maybe… he's had it all this time, just didn't know how to use it." I commented. It was much more likely, I now realized, almost laughing to myself.

Yeah right! As if he could have gained such a power on his own! It had to be some sort of Kekkei Genkai, like my Sharingan. That would explain it.

'Hmm… Eventually, I'll have to show him who's is better. Mere power won't help him against the Sharingan.' I thought, actually laughing this time, but one of satisfaction at the mental image of me beating the overpowered dobe into the ground.

I decided to find Kakashi. He, if anyone, should know the extent of Naruto's Kekkei Genkai, and, more importantly, its weaknesses.

"Sasuke, Sasuke!" Damn, it's Sakura. For once, I'd just like to say 'Shut the hell up, you stalker', but I can't do something like that. I'll need every last one of those annoying fangirls when it comes time to restore my clan.

"What is it now, Sakura?" I sighed, hoping that she'd finally get bored and go away.

No such luck.

"Did you hear? Naruto was sent to the hospital! Do you think there's something wrong with him?" I had waited several years for someone to ask me that question, and with a smug smile, I answered her.

"Sakura. There is so much wrong with him that I'm surprised they hadn't carted him away before now. You don't want to get me started." She stood there, as I kept walking, a little confused by my response.

Running to catch up, (Damn) she smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. But what happens to our team without him? Kakashi-sensei even said that we were only going to be instated because we worked well together because of him."

I frowned. There was no way it was because of that… freak, that we were a good team. "I'm sure you can manage to be useful without him telling you what to do, Sakura." I 'assured' her.

Looking crestfallen, she hesitantly agreed with me, because that's all she seems to be able to do. Seriously, if I say something, my army of fangirls can't argue it, for some unknown reason.

…I wonder what would happen if I told them the sky was green.

"Kakashi-sensei's probably still over there, keeping an eye on Naruto. Do you think we should ask him what happened?" She said, and I was the one who stopped walking.

"Thank you, Sakura. You've finally managed to be useful." I said, and used the shunshin to accelerate. As I sped off, I could hear her say a faint and hesitant "You're… welcome?"

Arriving at the hospital, I wasted no time locating Naruto's room, only to be told that e wasn't allowed visitors by the person who gave me directions. Seeing that I couldn't get in that way (For some reason, there were two jounin guarding the door) I memorized its position on the outside of the hospital, and tried to climb up to it.

Failing miserably, I remembered something that we had discussed in the academy, using chakra to stick to the walls or ceiling. Focusing chakra into my hands, I placed on the on the wall… making a small explosion.

Crap. That clearly wouldn't work. Maybe if I put in a bit less chakra…

One minute later, I slipped down the wall, as I had been doing without chakra. Clearly, this wasn't as easy as I had first thought. Hn, If chakra control was a skill, then this could be considered training. Yeah, that was it. Just put all my concentration into it like I did with training.

One hour later, I was below the window of Naruto's room. "Ha. Let's see you do this, dobe."I commented to myself, sure that he wouldn't be able to pull off such a feat. (Even if his chakra control had improved, it wasn't as good as mine)

Looking into the room, I could see the loser squirming on a bed, while Kakashi read some book. Listening carefully, I could hear what Naruto was shouting, despite the fact that it was clearly a room made to keep sound in.

"Kakashi you ---- ! You son of a ----ing ----! When I get my hands on you I'm going to tear off your ---- and shove them right up your ---- and then ---- on your ---- with ---- in the ---- and ---- your ---- so then you'll have to ---- sideways! …----!"

Forcefully opening the window, I stepped inside. "What the hell was that about, Kakashi?" I asked. I didn't really expect Naruto to use that kind of language.

"Well, I told him that the doctors had decided he was insane and that he could never be a ninja, yet him wallow in self pity for over two hours, then said that I was kidding and he could begin missions tomorrow."

"Nice." I said, using an expression that I had heard, but never decided to use before now. I thought it fit this situation perfectly.

"It was pretty good, wasn't it?" Kakahshi replied, and Naruto managed to knock the bed over because he was moving so much.

Flesh Puppet: He who uses others

That bastard Kakashi fled a few minutes after they got my bed back to normal, leaving me with Sasuke. Usually, I'd welcome a chance to be alone with Sasuke, but I was too mad to be able to think of ways to crush his ego for now.

"Dobe." Sasuke siad, and I turned my head to look at him. "So, how'd you get that power? …You know, when you fought Kakashi?" I gave him a confused look.

"What power? You mean when I went berserk? I wouldn't really call that power, as I can't think well enough to use it properly when I get it." Sasuke seemed to be more confused than usual.

"I had assumed that it was a Kekkei Genkai. After all, you were releasing red chakra from your body at a rate that should have killed you." It was my turn to be confused, and I decided to get as much information from him as I could.

"Was I? I couldn't tell – it's really hard to see when I'm like that. Was there anything else that changed?" He nodded, pointing at my face. "My face changed? That doesn't make sense."

"Not your face, you moron. The whisker-marks on them. They became a lot more defined, and your teeth became fangs." He said, trying to sound demeaning. Like an insult from him is a bad thing.

"Hmm… I don't think I've heard of a blood limit like that. I'll have to check it out more later." I said, and then reverted to my usual act, the persona I had once had.

"Hey, Sasuke? What do you think our mission will be? Escort duty, recovering secret documents, invading another hidden village?" I was to be sorely disappointed, even though I hadn't actually expected the last two.

"Gardening?! What kind of lame mission is that!"

A few days later, after threatening to kill Kakashi several times, we were on our way out of the village, on our first important mission. Guard an important bridge builder on his way to wave country. Sure, he was a drunk old man, but I chose to ignore it. This would be my big chance to use my new techniques – I hadn't been able to test out many, only the one I had used against Kakashi-sensei.

I'm still not sure why I call him that, as he hasn't taught me anything.

…except how to be late, and how to be a pervert, but I don't expect to be using either of those extremely worthless skills (If you can even call them that) anytime soon.

"Kakashi? Did you notice the - " I was cut off my him nodding his head. "Aren't you going to…" This time, he shook his head.

"This one's up to you gennin, Naruto." He said, and I felt a small bit of pride. He actually trusted me… though that may not be the wisest decision, as I was still planning on killing him for that joke.

And a split second after I had backed away from him, the two ninja appeared form the puddle of water, and ripped him to shreds. "Kakashi!" Sasuke shouted. Apparently the thought of having a jounin killed within a spilt second unnerved him.

It would have disturbed me, too, if I had not been close enough to see the log fall to the ground. "Sasuke, that's not our sensei, it's a log… again." I taunted.

Angry, he pulled off an impressive attack where he used a kunai and shuriken to pin the two ninja's chain to a tree, before kicking them both in an almost cool way.

Too bad they both turned into logs. Seriously… the substitution jutsu is about the most basic of them all. You can't just hit someone head-on, and expect them not to use it.

Sasuke cursed. "You really have no luck with that jutsu, do you, Sasuke?" I asked, pulling wires out of my sleeve. "Allow me to show you how to really incapitate someone." With a flick of my wrist, the wires moved towards the one ninja near me, and I performed a few more specific hand movements to bind the man's limbs.

"Now… where is your friend?" I asked, sensing the second one rushing up behind me.

I nearly laughed at the man's look once he realized he had just impaled his own teammate. My puppet then counterattacked, killing him instantly, the poison in their claws reaching the heart that he had almost pierced.

"It won't be too long until this one dies of the other's poison." I commented, tying him to a tree with normal ninja wire. "And as expected, Sakura did nothing." Getting in another small jab at her ego, I felt I could leave here satisfied.

I must admit, though. Killing that man… what a strange feeling it produced. I couldn't say whether it was good or bad, but when Kakashi-sensei reappeared and our squad continued on, I can say that I felt truly… alive.

And there it is!