"Choosing a Destiny"
By Ludra-Jenova(S.L.E)


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Hiya!!!!o Well here you have a DN + MPREG fic!!!! w actually I had this long time ago…but I never translate it to English…so now I did it:3

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Actually don't feel like saying a lot…so let's go to the simbology!!!


"…words in bold…"
These ones mean that the character is speaking.

'…words in italic…'
These ones mean that the character is thinking.

These ones substitute the quotation marks and mean that something is no really true or make emphasis in a special word or sentence.

These one mean that a character emphasis in a word or they scream really loud.

These mean that the voice is airy or one doesn't have clear where it comes neither of who is, also gives a tone of mysticism to the sentence.


The characters of Death Notice are property of their original owners, this fic and the idea among some original characters it's the only thing that belongs me, it's also made without lucre and more rather for fanaticism and personal pleasure.


This fic is Y-A-O-I, relationships among man-man, homosexuality, slash, boys' love, gay, BL, among more meanings. So if you dislike it, please don't read and go to find fics to your pleasure (anycomplain will be ignored and hid, that's why I did this warning). Also contained MPREG (Male pregnancy), if you like yaoi but dislike mpreg, please also don't read and go to look for another fics with your yaoi likes (complaints about that won't be accepted too).

Meanings +:::+:::+

Actually this fic will have a new male race I did. The Men-B (who can give birth). I did a summary of how are they, their different among normal men and so on…but I only have it in Spanish…by the time you don't need to know…but soon when the fic has more chapters, it would be cool if you read it to get familiarized with them. Soon I'll translate it to English. So wait for it.

L.M.N aka S.L.E


In the mortal world exist three laws. The life, death and the destiny. All the human beings choose their destiny, they go deciding throughout their period of existence and every chose can lead them to a beautiful end or a tragic one.

Only a principle exists which cannot be altered by them, their soul. When a human being is born its soul is divided; to end up being one in harmony should find its other half, the other one or in other words...its couple.

However, no matter which decisions you made, there're destiny's lines that doesn't matter which direction you take, you'll end up finding your other half, nevertheless, the laws of the life or death will be there also and depending on each one, they'll be able to end up being one in the life or die and continue...incomplete.

The life is full with decisions and the most wished for the human being, it's to find its other part, nevertheless, the times have changed; every day more incomplete human live in the earth, believing that they're happy with ideals and mundane goals made by themselves and time by time their true essence is getting lost. They live their sadness among lies of happiness while inside their being cries for the hole by their side.

Few are those that end up finding their half and they are really happy, so much as well as to be able counting them with the fingers.

Sad it's the reality of the human beings. They have chosen this way without knowing and nobody can change it, only themselves.

Each one chooses their destiny, like that intelligent boy who decided to maintain his look away from the classroom instead of paying attention to his class; then it was when a destiny's line began... one like no other.

'A notebook?'


Light observed the screen of the computer not really paying attention to it; his mind actually was digressed in how brilliant his plan went. A victorious smile was shown in his face.
'Just a little more Ryuuzaki' he said mentally while he observed the detective speak with Watari. Several discussions were given when hearing L say on using the notebook and even him was included on them, as always showing false concern.

A noise was listened through the screen, something happened to Watari.

'Done! Rem is doing her job better than I expected, ha stupid Shinigami'he mocked.


L's voice was soft, different as he always spoke, a light tint of concern and fear could be noticed.

Suddenly all the screens showed «Erased Data»

The uncertainty appropriated all the people when they saw it on the screens, L as always explained the situation to calm them, at the moment his voice as usual and suddenly he notices something.

"Where is the Shinigami?"

All turned around without finding her in any place, L began to make his conjectures, tying knots and soon he has a hypothesis.

'Ha! Too late Ryuuzaki'

Light died to see his nemesis's body fall and enjoy his victory over him.

"Listen everybody…" His hand began to sustaining its spoon finely. "The Shinigami is the one…"

All kept silent waiting for him to finish, however soon the concern flooded them at seeing the spoon sustained by L fell as his body.


In it with great speed Light caught L's body before falling to the floor. His face dismayed while he was saying his name.

The wide detective's eyes observed him, as the boy showed a malicious and mocking smile, his eyes filled with a reddish sudden shine substituting those tender, soft eyes and of honey.

'I won L!'

The other man in his arms couldn't say the name of Light more than in his mind, several images passed through his eyes, as two tears were shown in his eyes and at closing his lids slowly they fell for his cheeks until touch the younger boy's clothes.


The lids finally closed and for a moment seeing this way the detective's face, Light felt as something inside him broke by half, however he decided to ignore it.


It was the tremendous scream from the chestnut boy at seeing that the detective didn't respond.


While he showed his face of sadness to have lost a friend, inside his true being screamed in happiness, the detective's death make him victorious, now his world didn't have any problem to be carried out, there was no longer any obstacle and he could be carried out as the new God of this world.

If everything was perfect, then…why it hurt so much?


-…I wasn't…-

The voice was listened lost among the reining darkness.

-…wrong after all …-

It continues as the silence reigned.

-…that I lost Ligth-kun…-


+:::+:::+Final Notes+:::+:::+

Yes I know…it was very short, sorry!!!!! I always do the first chap like that :3 but the next ones will be longer than this :3

Hope to finish the translations soon so I can update the English version XDDD…by the way, any mistakes, sorry!!!! My English is bad XDDDD so forgive my grammar errors!!! In the other hand, if somebody would like to help me and fix the fic, I'll be very happy!!!! Please let me know if you wan to help!!! X3 thanks.

Also this fic will be VERY LONG!!!! XD hehehehehe

To be continued…oka' n-n?

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