"Choosing a Destiny"
By Ludra-Jenova(S.L.E)


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L.M.N aka S.L.E

Millions of years ago, when the earth was still uninhabited, three gods arrived to it at seeing it empty. Interested in that planet which seemed to be able to grow life, they decided to create some beings to inhabit it. They were the reptiles that nowadays are known as dinosaurs, nevertheless, these creatures didn't mean a lot for the gods, they didn't have likeness to them and their intelligence was very basic, because of that, when the earth was in danger by the meteorite, they didn't do anything.

Without knowing well what to do, the gods agreed again of giving life to the planet, although now, they would be with beings that had likeness with them. It was this way as the first human beings were created.

Not wanting to make the same error as with the dinosaurs, the gods granted them intelligence and the capacity to evolve to adapt to their environment. When seeing them go improving little by little, the gods

felt more attracted by these beings and soon they gave them more dons, those that they wanted for themselves.

They gave them a soul, one which was made up of two parts known nowadays as the wickedness and the kindness. When having this don, the human beings began liking one side or the other; the fights, the tricks, the fight for the food began to demonstrate as their soul was turning grizzly, never a pure white or a black one. Everything was gray tones.

Nevertheless there was a problem, the humans that died disappeared together with their soul, the one which not having where to go, it was simply destroyed with the body.

The gods when seeing this, decided that they needed to create a place for their souls, this way the god Eika, the oldest of the three, create the sky, a place where the good souls could go and enjoy natural beauties, food and have happiness for all the eternity while Beigon; the youngest god, decided to create the hell, a place where the bad souls would pay their sins in horrible tortures and misfortunes for all the eternity.

It was this way as the first two laws were created. The life and the death.

However, the god Heros didn't accept that his two siblings chose who go to the sky and who to the hell; that they traced the being's life to end in the darkness or as on the contrary. It was then when Heros decided also create a world where he'll govern, although this was to help the human to live, since none would go to where he was.

And there when the third law was created. The destiny.

Wanting the human being to have the freedom of choosing which side to go, Heros created "the destiny's lines" and this way, instead of governing the beings, rather he dedicated his immortality to serve them; letting them to choose his lines with their actions and so soon they took a direction, the god would create more lines to choose. This way until their end arrives.

At this action, The other gods didn't like it at all, because this way, they couldn't know who would be those that will go to their Kingdoms, however, having an uncertain destination for them, the human world became more interesting.

With the time, the humans began to evolve quicker thanks to Heros. This caused great zeal to the other gods, which in spite of obtaining the souls of the beings, Heros was who «cohabited» more with them; from the moment of their birth until their death, the most interesting parts to their view.

Full with jealousies, Eika as Beigon began to fight for the human souls, obtaining the victory the oldest of the three. Nevertheless, having dark souls in the Kingdom of the skies, it began to create havoc to the tranquility and the happiness in that world. Even this way, Eika wouldn't send them to the hell. It was when archangels, angels, among more were created to appease the bad souls.

The hell become more and more solitary and the few souls were mistreated even more.

It lasted this way a long time until a strange event happened. A soul; which have same wickedness as kindness.

The two gods didn't know what to do with this being, none could take him to their Kingdoms since he was in half in both sides, and there wasn't a light difference that they could use to take him to the sky or the hell.

This way without knowing what to do, they created a new world now well-known as «the Limbo» a lonely place and desert, governed by the darkness and the emptiness. There they positioned that strange soul, until knowing where he belonged, leaving him as his only distraction an immense ball, which showed the human world.

Several years passed as the disputes for the souls increased again, then this soul called to the gods saying them which soul owed to go to such Kingdom and which not. When listening to him, Eika and Beigon surprised, the stranger could see the difference between wickedness as kindness of every human being comparing it to his. This way, if the dark one passed of the half, that soul should go to the hell and on the contrary.

Soon the disputes ceased. The being couldn't go to any place, the gods asked him if he wanted to be the one on charge of judging the souls and taking them to the belonging world. When agreeing, to that soul was granted more powers, his human memories was erased as the feelings, so he could judge more efficiently. So this way, a human soul became into another being, almost like them. A semi god.

At this creation, the gods never had to intervene more, he'd take charge. Would judge the human from their birth until the hour of their death, then he'll go to take the human's soul to where it belonged, nevertheless, the law of the destiny wasn't to his favor, at not knowing the deaths with complete certainty, he decided to go to the Kingdom of Heros to see the time's lines and this way when the death hour of the human were close, the semi god could know how and when it'll die.

With this, the semi god couldn't be far from Heros and he even preferred several times to stay with the god that in those arid lands. Same fact wasn't unnoticed for the other gods, causing the jealous toward his brother once again.

Nevertheless, the earth began to change flagrantly and soon the human being fell in a dark stage where the feelings were not longer important; the power, the corruption, the slavery, among more were the only thing that made sense for them. It was an age where the wickedness reigned.

Not a long time passed when again a human soul couldn't go to the heaven neither the hell. Now not wanting that his siblings manipulated the being, he decided to ask him if he wanted to be again the judge of the souls. When he agree, his powers returned, nevertheless only his memoirs were erased, and his feelings were hidden at putting him a "cloth" on his face which could only be removed by the destiny god and this way when being created by Heros, the semi-god couldn't be touched by the god's siblings neither influence him.

Even this way, Heros didn't want to manipulate him, so he left the use of his reason and the human ability to decide his actions. with it, the new semi-god, «the judge» was proclaimed, not a god neither a semi-god, only a being who was created to judge the souls and nothing else. Nevertheless, he still needed the help of Heros to be able to know the deaths.

This way without being able to do something, the other gods kept silent while their jealous toward his brother increased.

Little time passed when there were problems with the souls. The judge couldn't take them to his corresponding places when these stayed firm on the mortal world, others were retained by their dear people's memories as other simply they didn't understand they already died and they stayed strolling without direction. It was when the ghosts began to enter in the life of the living ones.

Without being able to do a lot, he took the souls to his «Kingdom» none of those souls could go to the heaven neither the hell when they weren't aware or they were retained in the human world; there he'd watch over them and when some breakaway or it was aware of his death, he'd take them to the other Kingdom. But with the time, the souls increased and soon the limbo stopped to be empty to fill with souls.

With this situation of the souls, Eika and Beigon went to speak with the judge, implying that he should do something at respect, since those souls couldn't be there when they should go to their worlds. The two gods continued pressing him; however, their true intentions were to demonstrate how useless the judge was and Heros should reincarnate him once again, to go to some of their Kingdom and not where his brother was.

It wasn't so long when Heros began to think of reincarnating him and before he did it, the judge was able to give a solution. To transform the souls to another being. It was there when the shinigamis was created for the first time.

His kingdom would be as a second world, where these beings would live and not having memories of its last life neither feelings and when died its soul would return to its original form and it'd be taken to the place where it belong. Without being able to do anything, the two gods accepted this way, nevertheless, Beigon wouldn't give up so easily.

The time passed and the judge's world soon went being left without so many of these beings, one by one the place was empty again as in the beginning. Was then, when Beigon return.

The god arrived to the arid Kingdom angered by the slow of this process and demand that if the beings were to live there, at least they must do something. With it, he gave them a notebook with an new ability, their eyes could see the names of the humans and their life's time. Then he explained to them how to use the notebook and the possibility of lengthening their life, with that, the shinigamis began to use them.

Mad the judge didn't approve the use of those notebooks, none of them has the right of killing the humans as taking possession of their life's time. If the notebooks were used, the death's laws would be altered as the destiny's. Nevertheless, the god make clear his superiority at the other being, which wasn't nobody to refuse him and if he wanted this way, then he was declaring war to the god. Without being able to do anything, the judge accepted the notebooks, nevertheless, he would mark certain rules; without caring about that, the youngest god accepted.

Heros when finding out his brother's audacity, couldn't avoid to fix certain destiny's lines to make few humans fall in the wickedness. And get angry with the judge to accept them, he sentenced that the problems for those notebooks would assume him alone, without the god help. At this, the judge was abandoned by the god.

Several years passed and the judge now well-known as their king, created several rules at seeing how the beings used the notebooks irresponsibly, killing humans for heap, until the day that a shinigami killed pregnant women only. Violating the law of the life in the mortal world.

It was then, when the king proclaimed the "Sacred rule"

No shinigami should kill pregnant human by any reason, who dare to intervene with the life's law, will be punished with the most severe one and its soul would be destroyed. Only the death's law of the mortal world would be the one that could take the life of that little being. And in the case of a shinigami took the life of that person, the human would revive together with the baby, even more their life's time will increase by taking the life of the shinigami and their names could never be written in any «Death Note» who dare to do it, will be punished in the same way and once again, both beings would be revived.

With this rule, it never happen again and inclusive, the shinigamis began to adore the pregnant humans and to love the marvelous of the birth of those beings. Several of them adopted some human's babies and threatening if somebody dared to kill that baby when it grow up they would make that being pay. Such reason took to the death of many shinigamis, at protecting them from other humans.

With the clear rules, the king of the shinigamis disappeared and very few times he was seen by them. Little by little, the world of the shinigamis began to worsen, when having too much life, many stopped to write in the Death Note and the Kingdom was filled with slack beings.

The Kingdom began to decay. They began to not liking the place anymore, so several shinigamis went to the Kingdom of the humans to pass the time; to lose its notebook for negligence or at purpose. However, losing their Death Notes had never caused so many problems, like now.

For the first time in the life of the mortal world, the three laws were being broken at the same time and it wasn't a shinigami, it was a human. A Chaos was about to be formed, since the rules weren't applicable to the humans. And after many years without seeing him, the king appeared to take charge of this strange phenomenon as the god Heros show to him again.

It was time to fix the human world...


When concluding the history, the king walked to the brown boy's desk to lean there, waiting for the human to understand.

Light was sat down in the floor, his back leaning to the bed's foot, his head leaning in the mattress. A silence was formed during several minutes until the man spoke.

"And according to this I did break that rule?" He said without changing position, his voice was soft.

"That is right" neutral voice.

"Well I think I'm in favor of the demon" he said centering his head to the front and observing the king intensely. "You're not good for you job, because I haven't killed any pregnant woman, I've only killed criminals, the scum of the world" puffed with contempt. "I would never kill an innocent, much less pregnant woman!... don't see that I'm the good one, I do your job here in the earth!"

"My Job?" inquired subtly.

"Yes! And thousand times better, because it seems that you have forgotten to judge the bad guys since that such god Heros left you" reprehended poisonously.

"So better, huh?" He asked, some perspicacity in his voice.

"YES!" he gets up quickly as he comes closer to the king grabbing him for the neck and bringing near to his mad face. "Because while I worked to liberate people of the human scum and doing a better world, you were lost somewhere complaining the loss of your frie...arck!"

He didn't finished when his neck was grabbed by the king's hand and lifted from the floor, the being's force was surprising.

"Then you believe yourself better than me that you really know how to judge people and inclusive you feel as important as to believe you a god" his voice rose nevertheless stayed calm.

Light felt as the air began to miss his body, when suddenly was thrown to his bed with such force that broke the wooden paws and an intense pain arrived to his back. The brown boy complained, cursing the king audibly.

"Look at you!" he replied. "You say you are a god and do you feel pain like any human and inclusive you let your anger governs you, you say you are better to judge people, really?, can you see their souls, do you know all the wickedness exists in them, their kindness, do you know what they did when they were child, when they were ten years old, twelve, thirteen, do you know their names, do you know the face of all them, do you know their reasons to be this way, their dreams, their ideas, inclusive to the person that they love...tell me human, do you know?!"

Light kept silent, although he didn't stop to curse him mentally.

"Of course you can, the only thing that you can do is to trust the system of the humans to say who is guilty and who not" the king came closer to the man, now «face to face» "tell me, Yagami Light... do you really believe you're the good guy in the story?"

At that said by the king, Light infuriated, he won't let nobody intimidate him; mad, he get closer to the other face.

"Yes" he affirmed creaking his teeth like the voice was listened more as a grunt. "I've only killed people that deserved it, wicked criminals that have taken the life to innocent people, with my actions I've brought peace, people now fear Kira's trial and soon people will stop to be evil" an insolent smile was shown in his lips. "Soon this world will know me as its savior, the god who brought peace to this corrupt world full with wickedness and only good people will inhabit this world" he puffed as his smile shown wider.

A light giggle was listened on the part of the being.

"What are you laughing idiot?"

Without responding, the king moved away from the youth to go to sit down on the seat of the desk. Crossed arms.

Light still observed the other being's behavior with fury, even more when seeing the other make himself comfortable in the seat.

"What the hell are you doing?!" He screamed at the same time he tries to get up to go after the being, however the pain in his back stops him.

"Would you excuse my audacity, however be standing is tiring" he ionized.


"Anyway, if I continue this way this won't have an end, so instead of making you to reason and to see your mistake, I will be more direct and go to the point, after all, I am being very busy"

Sharp looks were imposed by the brown.

"First thing, you are not a god, you are a human and the Death Note that you have it is an object which corrupts the soul" He began. "I should say you that you are not the only human who wish to «clean» the world, however, the humans are influenced for their emotions, because of that, even a noble action at the end finishes corrupt, such it is your case Yagami Light" He paused at seeing the man's surprise. "I do not doubt that you want to do good, and in certain form your good part still dominates over your bad one, but the difference among them it is of one percent"

"One percent?"

"With so little difference, the good actions easily lose their direction in the face of the darkness, corrupting to be shown as good when in fact they are not"

"That's not true!" He puffed. "My actions are good and it doesn't matter which difference are there, they continue being the same!"

"Do you think so? Tell me then, do you really believe that all the criminals that you have killed go to the hell, huh?" Light stunned. "Of all of them, only the seventy percent has gone to the hell, twenty-nine percent to the sky and one percent to the shinigami's world"


"Indeed most was bad people, their lives were stormy and many of them already killed from very young age, even this way, you believed that all they were bad" he recharged completely in the back of the seat. "Those that went to the sky, many of them were imprisoned unjustifiably, they paid the price to help their families, to their friends, to their lovers, for crimes they did not made and others, had never murdered until now" he kept silent for an instant. "Even this way, they regret what they did and their actions made during their whole life, worth more"

"Do you mean that although some have killed they went to the sky, because they made more good actions, how is that possible?!" Hereplied, a surprise tone was heard. "They deprived a person from the life, they violated that law!"

"The three laws go together, however, the humans will die one way or another, although it is true, the murder it is one of the worst crimes in this world, even this way, I don't judge the last action, the whole life is judged"

"Then you don't know how to judge!" he grunted. "How can you call yourself "the judge" when you take murder too slight"

He sighed, some exasperation could be notice.

"Well, at least you put attention to my story" he mock. "However, you are not in the position to tell me if I know how to judge or not, less when you say that you have NEVER killed innocent people"

Light looked at him astonished.

"Tell me... were the agents of the FBI, Raye Penber and his fiance Naomí Misora criminals?" Light shocked. "They only fulfill their duty, the only form of protecting innocent people, didn't they do what YOU want to do?...mainly...L"

Again his chest hurt at hearing the last name, now with more intensity.

"L, called Ryuuzaki by all of you, he sought the same thing that you Light...then...are not they good also?"

"They were in my way!" he screamed as his chest burned. "Those who intervene to the true justice should be eliminated" it hurted more and more.

"Oh, I see... they are bad only because they are obstacles for you, although they did not anything wrong" he sighed heavily. "What would you think Yagami Light if I told you that Ryuuzaki... thought in abandoning the investigation"

The brown boy was perplexed, his eyes opened up in complete surprise.

"Abandon it?" his voice was lost. "That's impossible! L continued with the investigation until the last moment, him more than nobody wanted my capture, he could never abandon it, is not the way of Ryuuzaki"

"Really?...and how do you know he was not faking?" intrigued.

Light kept silent without understanding.

"You know, Ryuuzaki had other priorities besides the investigation, two big dreams" he takes out a ring of gold, going it agilely by his fingers like if is about a currency. "Have you never hear the saying that for the dear person, one is able to do everything....even kill" he stopped his game. "Ryuuzaki was willing to risk everything for that person, to leave the investigation, his reputation, his principles and inclusive his own justice" He throw the ring to Light, who reacted to catch it with some difficulty. "However, he did not count with that person would kill him before deciding completely"

Light froze to the last statement, his fearful look relapsed in the ring. He observed it attentively while a great fear and also a great agony traveled his body, suddenly, he felt that the air was gone at seeing two names engravings in the tiny object.

«Y. Light & L »

'My name and Ryuuzaki's...what the...?'

Without telling anything his look in total confusion was put now in the king who placed his hand in Light's front before realizing.

"Now it is time that you remember Yagami Light"

With it several images returned to his memory, as a great scream for him was imposed at see them all...now everything made sense.


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