Vidia Beyond the Dragon's Breath
by KC

Disclaimer: Disney Fairies belong to Disney. Disturb not the Mouse!
Summary: When the dragon Kyto escapes his prison, Queen Clarion knows the fairy to help save Neverland. But will Vidia help when to do so means risking her life?
Other info: It was bound to happen. Last night I couldn't write more HP or TMNT, so this came out of me instead. The style will be a little different, since I'm mimicking the children's books more. I'm also gonna keep it fairly clean.


Second star to the right, and on 'till morning. Fly until your wings grow tired and your eyes sting from the wind, and you'll arrive at Neverland, home to mermaids, fairies, pirates and dragons. And in the center of it all, or at least as near to the center as the island likes on that particular day, stands Pixie Hollow.

Every fairy and sparrow man has a talent. Some are pots-and-pans talents like Tinkerbell, and some are cooking talent fairies like Dulcie. Some are light talent fairies like Fira. Some are fast fliers. And one very special fairy, Prilla, is the only mainland visiting clapping talent fairy on the whole island.

In a neighboring tree, Mother Dove keeps careful watch over her many fairies and sparrow men, always tending the egg in her nest. If it were to crack, the magic would leave Neverland, time would return, and the belief of childhood would fade away.

Mother Dove's egg did shatter, once. But this is not that story. This is the story of the dragon Kyto, Queen Clarion, and the fairy who once flew faster than thought, and was determined to earn that speed again...

Chapter One

Every morning as the sun came up, the dust talent fairies measured out the daily rations of fairy dust for the use of all Pixie Hollow while the cooking talent fairies prepared breakfast. Scout talent fairies took up positions to watch the sky for hawks. And in the royal chambers, Queen Clarion rose to begin her day, helped by a handful of attendant fairies.

In one tree over, Mother Dove woke up and checked on her egg. Once assured that it was safe, she ruffled her feathers and noticed a bit of down drift onto her nest. Like any feather that fell from her, one of the fairies with her scooped it up to be put with the others. Mother Dove's feathers provided the fairy dust that allowed everyone in Pixie Hollow to fly. Her own fairy companions were always busy tending to her needs, and one of those was safeguarding those feathers from thieves. Or one thief, rather.

Away from Pixie Hollow, away from Mother Dove, a solitary fairy resided deep within a sour plum tree. The hum of wings from the other fairies didn't carry to comfortable niche she had found for herself. Vidia preferred her own company.

Fastest of the fast flying talent fairies, Vidia never walked if she could fly. As she did every morning, first she flew down to the river to wash up, then whirled around the forest to loosen up her wings. Her purple clothing with soft brown leaf accents let her blend with the shadows and underside of the forest, but more importantly it clung to her body. Her leggings didn't catch on the breeze like the skirts of the other fairies.

After her trip around the forest, which never took long, she landed on a thorny blackberry bush, careful that her wings didn't catch on the sharp edges. A single blackberry was a good sized breakfast for a fairy, but she had to be careful never to eat more than she needed. Too much would leave her too heavy to fly faster than the breeze. She left it half-finished.

Her flight to Pixie Hollow took her by Mother Dove's tree, but she didn't stop. She wasn't allowed in Mother Dove's presence. She had once plucked ten feathers from her, and nearly connived her way to ten more before she'd been discovered. Feathers stolen rather than patiently harvested at the yearly molt provided the best dust for flying. Vidia called it fresh dust and jealously guarded her own supply of it. Its power gave her wings greater lift, her body less drag.

No one else had come closer than Vidia to being banished from Pixie Hollow. No one else had her impatient and aggressive disposition. Although she'd been falsely accused of stealing the Queen's crown, she knew it was more because of her previous thefts and her ill nature that she had nearly lost her place entirely amongst the fairies.

Because of this, her presence in the royal chambers always surprised Queen Clarion's attendants. When she landed upon the balcony of the queen's chambers, the attendants all fluttered out, flustered and complaining. Vidia was always amused. It was their own fault. She did this every year, the day before autumn. As usual, she waited on the balcony and watched the fairies fly through the air below.

"Hello, Vidia."

Ah, there was that maddening familiar voice. Vidia put on her most sugary smile but did not give her the courtesy of turning around. Unthinkable for any other fairy. Only Vidia could be so disrespectful to the queen, though no one knew why but Vidia and Clarion.

"Your majesty," Vidia said, her voice dripping with insincere honey. "How are you this morning?"

"Well enough. And you?" Clarion closed the door behind herself and walked to the table in the center of the room. The flower talent fairies had made a gift of nectar to her, and she uncorked the bottle and poured herself a glass. It was early in the day, but to deal with Vidia before autumn, she needed that nectar.

"Good enough to race." Now Vidia turned around but came no closer, instead sitting on the balcony railing. Her smile turned cold in her eyes. "A shame there's no one in this whole forest who might give me a challenge."

Clarion closed her eyes and downed her glass. As much as she dreaded this day, Clarion would not dismiss Vidia today for all the gold in the world and they both knew it. "Yes. It's a shame. But at least you know you're the fastest."

Vidia's smile faded. "Yes. Uncontested."

An awkward silence followed. Clarion followed it as part of the script. As uncomfortable as she was, she would not have thought of ordering Vidia out. Who knew what the temperamental fairy might do then?

"So!" Vidia started a few minutes later, as cheerful as if her ill humor had never settled on her. "Does her majesty require any service from her fastest flying fairy? Messages to deliver? Gifts to distant kings?"

"A few messages," Clarion answered. "Probably more as the day goes on."

She picked up a few slips of paper and went over to the balcony, standing at arm's reach. When she offered the slips of paper, Vidia took them gently, letting her hand brush Clarion's for a moment. Their eyes met for an instant, and for that instant Clarion lost her anxiety, Vidia lost her irritation.

But only for a moment. A few seconds after that, Vidia had memorized the messages and let the paper cascade from her fingertips to the floor in a little pile. Without a word, she turned and flew off, turning the corner so as to disappear faster.

Clarion sighed and leaned on the balcony railing, staring at the sky. Her attendants, sensing that the other fairy was gone, came in with a rush of chatter and hands that put away her nectar glass, cleaned up the paper, and straightened the folds of her dress where the breeze from Vidia's flight had disturbed them.

Hands and noise. Her world had both shrunk and expanded when she accepted the crown. She stared at the sky and the cool breeze that ruffled the leaves. How long had it been since she'd flown as fast as she could on the wind? Years and years and years, this autumn.