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Staring death between the eyes

Chapter 1- A gun against your head

Drip, drip, drip. That was what woke Brennan. The soft gentle drip of what she thought was a tap. But she was wrong. She opened her eyes to complete darkness. For a minute she thought she was dreaming, or that her eyes were still shut. But she wasn't, and they weren't. She had no idea where she was, but all she knew was she was not at home. The cold gripped her, and the smell clogged her nose. The drip continued, but now it echoed in the room.

Every muscle in her ached, but she could not move. She realised she was on a chair. Her legs were tied to the chair legs and her arms tied to something behind her. She rolled her neck and stopped as she heard a crack. The sound echoed into the darkness and for a second drowned out the dripping. She closed her eyes and sighed, but stopped once again as the sound echoed twice as loud in the room.

She tried to remember something. Anything. Where was she last night? Or day? She came up blank. All Brennan could remember was celebrating the end of a case. But she couldn't remember when or where. Her head ached and she felt like she'd woken up after a hard night of drinking. But Brennan was sure that something else had caused it.

Her hands were numb like someone had cut off the blood supply. She wiggled her fingers trying to get feeling back. But as she did her fingers brushed against skin. Skin that was not her own. She was tied to someone else's hands. She could not tell who it was, but she suspected it was a man's from the size of it. You know what they say about big hands Brennan thought. She shook her head, she couldn't think about things like that at a time like this.

She pulled her hands toward herself and pulled the others with her. The person did not stir. Oh God, I hope they're not dead she thought. She took a deep breath and shoved her hands back ramming the other hands against their chair.

"Shit!" A voice cried out it echoed throughout the room. Brennan froze. She couldn't move, couldn't breath. Oh no was her only thoughts. She heard a groan as the other person began to wake up properly.

What could she do now? Brennan racked her brain. But then she felt the other person's fingers on her skin.

"Who's that?" They asked. Brennan made no reply.

"Who's there?"

Brennan mouth was firmly shut.

"Hello?" The voice questioned. Brennan sighed in her head. She couldn't keep silent forever.

"It's me, Booth." There was a sharp intake of breath. This wasn't right Brennan thought. He was… what did Angela say? Her knights in shining FBI issue body armour or something like that. He wasn't meant to be here. She hated to be the damsel in distress. But when she was kidnapped she always had that hope that he would be out there looking for her, he would find her. Now who would save her, save them?

Both of them sat in silence. Booth went to talk.

"Bo-" Then he stopped as a bang was heard. Both of them held their breath. A door opened and light flooded the room. Brennan eyes strained against the light flooding into them. She could just make out a figure stood near the doorway. Booth behind Brennan could see the light, but not the figure. But he had heard the intake of breath from Brennan. He knew something was wrong. This wasn't right. Why did they take both of them? If they wanted to harm one of them they would take one of them?

"Bones, what is it?" Booth asked. He got no reply; sweat began to trickle down his neck. He needed to know what was going on. He twisted his neck, trying to get a better view. But he could not.

"Bones, who is it?" He was so close to yelling. He had no idea who was scaring Brennan so much she could not speak. Then he heard the click of shoes as the person walked towards them.

"Bones?" Booth asked quietly. The feet stopped.

"Who are you?" Booth asked them. They didn't reply. He heard a click.

"This time, Agent Booth, you will not do the questioning. I have a gun to your partner's head. How do you feel about that?" Booth heart sank to his toes. He couldn't believe it, it had been 5 years. And now Jessica was back.