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Staring Death Between The Eyes

Chapter 8- Safe At Last?

The seconds went by like minutes. But sill Jessica did not come. They were both ready and poised for attack. Would she come? Or were they doomed to an eternity here?


She was coming. Nerves rose in Brennan's chest and she grabbed Booth's hand for comfort. They had to get out of there alive. They just had to.

The light came on and Jessica entered. They attacked. She was stronger than she looked. Booth grabbed her arms trying to disarm her gun, while Brennan clung onto her legs trying to bring her down to the floor. But their combined effort still wasn't enough.

It all happened so quickly that neither of them was sure what had happened. But soon enough Jessica had gained the upper hand. Booth had been thrown to the ground and Jessica now held Brennan, with the gun against her head.

"So what will you do know Booth? Hope that you can get to her faster than a bullet, or cooperate?"

"Booth, get out of here." Brennan cried. He shook his head, he couldn't leave her. He wished their places were reversed. But she wouldn't have gone either, she was stubborn that way.

"Good boy. Maybe I can save your soul yet. Now I want you to turn around, walk to the chains, pick them up and bring them here. And don't try anything because your partner might not survive." There was nothing he could do, but obey. He turned and picked up the chain. He stopped. And then as quick as a flash he whipped the chains round knocking Jessica to the floor. Booth ran to Brennan.

"Run!" He yelled grabbing her hand. It was a run for survival; bullets ricocheted off the walls around them. Jessica was following and was not giving up without a fight. But she had the advantage of knowing where to go. The corridors were dark and Booth pulled Brennan round corners she didn't even know were there. She would never admit it, but she was terrified. They seemed to run forever down endless corridors with death chasing. Suddenly from the gloom appeared a light. It lay at the end of a flight of stairs leading down from them. Booth stopped considering. The light represented a chance of escape, but with the stairs it could offer Jessica a better chance of hitting them. He took a quick glance behind them. He could Jessica's face peering out from the darkness, crazed and coming closer and closer. She was still firing, but she would have to reload soon. This was their chance. He looked at Brennan and kissed her quickly on the lips. He took the stairs dragging Brennan with him. The bullets stopped at they ran. Booth heard the cry of frustration as Jessica stopped to reload.

'Just let there be a way out.' Booth thought desperately. They reached the bottom and Booth gave no second thoughts as he crashed through the window at the end pulling Brennan with him. And in those last few seconds he heard a gasp from Brennan as Jessica hired her last shot. But they could not stop running. Jessica could follow. Booth looked over at Brennan. She was pale, but she gritted her teeth and nodded. They carried on running, in no particular direction, as long as it was away. They had no idea where they were. But there was nothing to do but keep going.

They never knew how they managed to keep going, and how they made it to the Jeffersonian. The place was surrounded by FBI and Brennan was soon being hugged by a much relieved Angela.

"We thought we'd lost you" were her only words. Much to Brennan and Booth's luck it was discovered that Jessica's bullet had simply grazed Brennan and she would be fine. Agents were dispatched to find Jessica, but she was never found. Brennan and Booth lived with a constant fear that she would come back, but she did not return.

As Brennan and Booth sat outside the Jeffersonian, feeling relief from their latest terror, Booth grabbed Brennan's hand and squeezed it. As she turned her head to smile at him, he kissed her.

"What does this mean?"

"Something new and beautiful, Bones. New and beautiful."