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Author's note: Thanks to Alicia for beta-ing. This is the sequal to be careful what you wish for, you don't have to read that as there is a recap below.

Recap: Bella was changed in the meadow by Laurent, but he was killed by werewolves. The werewolves decide to kill all vampires, but Bella makes agreements with Jacob. When the Cullens come back the werewolves go back to the orginal plan. The Cullens manage to kill all the werwolves except for Jacob who Bella let's escape.

Dreams shatter not break


"Choose, choose, choose." Was the chant that filled the air around me. Each word spoken in time, each word spoken sharp and murderously. I couldn't do it. Stomps of feet and claps of hands accompanied the chant. It grew faster and faster like music, music to the dance of death. My choices, how could I pick? I turned and locked eyes with Edward. There was always a third choice. Edward shook his head as if he was reading my thoughts. It was too late; it was my only choice. If it didn't work then at least I tried. I turned my head away from Edward. Jacob brought his hand up and the chant stopped.

"So Bella, what do you choose?".