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Dreams Shatter Not Break


It had now been 6 months since the events with the Werewolves. But it seemed much less. It seemed like only yesterday I was grabbing the hands of my family and running for our lives. It was all over almost as soon as it began. It's really amazing how quickly the Volturi will intervene when a huge pack of Werewolves is threatening to kill them and all other vampires. Within hours of us leaving the Volturi had hunted down ever Werewolf and destroyed them… including Jacob. It was hard to think of Jacob now. Before it would be his pained reaction in my head, now… now it was him as he prepared to kill me. I wasn't sure which was worse.

I stared out of the window looking at the snow. We'd relocated to Alaska. To think I'd hated the cold and the snow I loved it here. The snow seemed to calm me; it was as if the crisp clean of it was giving me a new start, a new start with my family. The Volturi were unaware of the Werewolves involvement with us and we were glad. Carlisle was unsure of the extent of my power and until he did he didn't want the Volturi to come. They would apparently wish me as part of their guard.

It had been much easier to let go of the pain this time. I didn't really know why, but now Jasper could be around me without being in pain. I was happy. The rest of the Cullen's had gone hunting. But I wanted to think, to get my thoughts in order.

"Bella." A voice called from behind me. They were back. I turned and wrapped my arms round Edward. He pressed his lips to my neck.

"Missed you." I murmured. He laughed.

"Missed you too." He said kissing me on the lips. As he traced my lips with his tongue I thought. I could get used to this.