The scene that greeted many could only be described by one word. Armageddon. The entire planet had been covered in a blanket of complete and utter chaos. After the final Bijuu had been captured and extracted, the true leader of Akatsuki, Uchiha Madara, had created a technique so powerful, that it literally brought the world to an end. The technique, powerful as it was, had one major fault and weakness, though. In order to use the technique, all ten of those wearing the focus rings had to be near the statue in order to have absolute control over the technique. The first villages to fall under the power of this technique were Konoha and Suna. Shortly thereafter the other villages, and then eventually the entire world fell.

They were to use the technique one final time for their dream of a red dawn to come into fruition. Everything was going fine and well, until one of the members were killed and the ring was stolen and replaced with a fake. The result of using the technique with only nine of the controller rings led to the technique being wild and out of control. Unable to stop the technique the akatsuki could only watch in horror as the Bijuu trapped in the sealing statue had a small enough of a window to escape. They escaped and destroyed the rest of the world, leaving few survivors.

The backlash of demonic chakra near the statue had caused some of the Akatsuki members, that couldn't escape, to mutate into demonic representations of themselves. The wave of demonic chakra has spread far across the world, corrupting those that didn't know how to fight off foreign chakras, causing a great number of civilians worldwide to mutate. Those Akatsuki that managed to escape the backlash were unaffected and began their search for the one that had stolen the tenth controller ring, because with it, they could regain control over the Bijuu and reseal them.

The one that had escaped them time and time again was a genius in his own right. Shortly after another war had broken out between all of the great shinobi nations he had fled Konoha knowing Akatsuki was too powerful, and travelled the world in search of powerful techniques to stand a chance in the conflict . After discovering his twin sibling, whom the 'Kyuubi no Kitsune' was sealed in, had been turned into a weapon for Konoha, he simply left.

He was the most dangerous nin on the remainder of what was once the world and now only a horrible post-collapse world. Having evaded hunter-nin and beginning the slow systematic killing of the Leaders of the countries, causing great disarray. Ten years had passed after he left his village. Ten years of war. Ten years when Akatsuki captured the final Bijuu and created their technique. A short week after the creation of said technique before the rise of the Akatsuki began. Ten more years for the Akatsuki to attempt to rebuild. Five final years before the akatsuki found out of a hidden village where survivors had fled to. One day for the technique to go wrong and ending the world for good.

Amongst all the destruction and chaos on the world, one figure in particular was standing on a great plateau facing it all with a passive expression on his face. Seemingly not noticing the figure sneaking up on him.


A mutant-like creature wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it, snuck up on his would be prey. Inspecting its prey it saw that he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings, seemingly remembering a past event. Slowly, without sound, the creature flexed its legs preparing to jump and attack its prey. It jumped towards its target, an inch from making contact.


Uzumaki Naruto, most feared and powerful ninja slash warrior in all the world, was at a loss of what to do with the rest of his life. Everything had gone wrong. When he had chosen to become a nuke-nin for the sake of becoming strong enough to take down Akatsuki, he wasn't expecting a war to break out, or Akatsuki to destroy everything. The sights he had seen, both in his travels and fights, had caused the once cheery prankster to become a hollow shell of his former self

Here he was, pondering what went wrong and what he could have done to fix it.

'I probably shouldn't have killed all the daimyo's and most of the kages... Then again, things were bad enough with them anyway. Orochimaru started all of this with his petty dream of gaining the sharingan; I should have gone after him instead! Pity I can't really do anything about it now...'

His cold cerulean eyes stared at the the destruction around him, taking in the atrocities. Demonic creatures -mutants – everywhere. A few of the Bijuu in the distance destroying some of the remaining cities. His eyes settled on the worn out piece of cloth tied to his arm, marking him as a seal-master, and let out a bitter chuckle.

'Doesn't help shit to have studied all that now that everything has gone to hell. I could go back, but I don't have the amount of chakra necessary to power that jump back into time. I'd probably need as much as...'

His thoughts were cut off when he sensed a shift in the wind.

"Die!" yelled one particular demon, as it attacked the blonde haired nin.

With speed unlike anyone has ever seen before, the blonde simply disappeared out of the attackers range, causing it to fail and fall off the cliff he was standing on. "Noooo! The precious...!"

The blonde stared oddly at the creature, now falling to its death.

'Odd little thing. Looked like one of the Akatsuki.'

Looking back into the horizon he saw all the Bijuu, they appeared to be walking, or running depending on how you look at it, in his direction. His eyes widened when a thought came to him.

'Need as much chakra as all nine of the Bijuu! Of course!'

Pondering and scheming for a minute, a small sadistic smile slowly appeared on his scarred face.

'Yes... that should work perfectly, Kukukuku!'

Turning around he ran towards a very large open clearing where the Akatsuki had used their doomsday technique.

Chanelling his chakra in unique sequence, he created four shadow clones and sent them off, each in a different direction. When the clones each reached their destination, each started off a long chain of signs eventually ending on hebi(snake). As soon as they finished a large square barrier formed around the entire area, transparent in color.

'I should thank that snake-pedophile for this technique I stole. Mines better though, gotta love variations!'

Creating five-hundred more clones, he set them all off, working on filling the entire area with the largest possible array of seals any human had ever seen. When it was complete he made a few last minute changes to it, and smirked. Then letting out a huge chakra pulse, consuming half of his reserves in the process, he focussed on making sure all the Bijuu sensed it.

Ten minutes later earthquakes could be heard, mountains crumbling in the distance and water raining down on the barrier. Smirking, he filled the large seal array with some chakra, standing in the center of it all. Looking up, he saw the Bijuu had all arrived, even the Kyuubi no Kitsune itself. Creating a few clones he sent them all to go anger the Bijuu while activating the seal.

"Time rift matrix! - Seal!" After the seal activated, chakra slowly started being drained from his body, causing him some concern.

'This had better work' he thought letting out a weary sigh.


At the clones, the powerful demons were quickly becoming angered. The strategy the clones used to anger said demons involved rude gestures as well as mocking the intelligence of the nine ancients.

These insults and rude gestures, crude as the were, eventually caused the bijuu even greater anger than they already had, and they attacked the clones, or tried to at least. As soon as they hit the barrier, they were stuck, and their chakra was being drained at an alarming rate. The ichibi was first to run out of chakra, causing its once great body of sand to fall into nothing.

One by one the great Bijuu, destroyers of all, were reduced to dust. All the chakra drained from the barrier was redirected to the sealing array. Soon the seal array was glowing a bright neon purple color, emitting power far greater than the Bijuu ever could. When the Kyuubi no Kitsune finally lost the last of its chakra, everything went silent. Much like the silence before the storm. The sealing array glowed even brighter, emitting much more power than thought possible. When the blonde standing in the middle of it all finally sent every last bit of chakra he had left into the array, it changed in color from a dark violet to a dark navy blue.

With a last bit of his strength, the blonde haired man raised his hand and flipped a dark haired figure with crimson eyes, Akatsuki's leader, the bird, whom was busy looking into the barrier from outside. After that the blonde let out what sounded like an insane laughter.

A huge explosion could be seen outside of the barrier, destroying everything for hundreds of miles. On the inside of the barrier, one blonde could be seen screaming his lungs raw because of the excruciating pain. When he finally stopped screaming, his body slumped over, as if dead. After that, a neon blue shroud of... etheral substance, was ripped out of the now dead body.

During all of this a small rift could be seen, tearing away into the fabric of reality. The navy blue shroud slowly floated towards the rift. Upon being several feet close to the rift, the navy blue shroud was sucked into the vortex. The vortex closed immediately, and all of the chakra used during the sealing process, was released, creating a explosion so gigantic, the entire planet was blown into nothing but a barren waste land, truely resembling an armageddon.