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Author's Note

This... just came to me. For those of you who know what Dialga, Palikia and Arceus are, you'll know they can do a lot of damage. Throw Dan Phantom in the mix, and you have yourself a chatastrophe for the real world, the Pokemon world and the Ghost Zone. I feel like being evil. Hehe... Will probably contain character death. Although that's iffy, it depends if I'm still feeling evil when I get to that part. And yeah, I KNOW I HAVE A LOT ON MY PLATE, BUT I will finish everything... eventually. Once the first part of Forever a Phantom is done, I will focus more on other things. But as for now, these plot bunnies don't go away until I write them, so here you go. Sparodic updates for all except FaP!

Extended Summary

Imagination is not just a thing in your mind. There are things one can do to stretch the imagination to incomprehensible lengths. And when Dan Phantom finds of this well kept secret, one that was hidden since the beginning of time, he is not so trapped in the Fenton thermos as everyone thinks. He remembers back to his childhood, when he was slightly interested, but not really obsessed, with Pokemon. And then he remembered three in particular; Dialga, Palkia and Arceus. Becoming absolutely drunk with the awesome power of the mind, the Pokemon world suddenly became a reality, everyone contained inside thinking they'd lived a complete life and not a fake imaginary memory inserted into their brains. As portals begin to appear in the real world and the Ghost Zone to this strange land, Danny finds himself intrigued how a video game suddenly became a reality...




Dan Phantom was hearing voices in his mind again... Voices that Clockwork could not hear... They were calling to him... Why him? And why from within this blasted thermos?! He couldn't make out what they were saying. That was, until now. He could make it out - but only barely. He listened and kept his mind quiet, listening to that eerie low voice, a bone-chilling one...

The call of the... is upon... must listen... look into your mind... bring out the imagination... let it run wild... do not let it go... release... RELEASE! RELEASE!!!

There was a suddon thump in Dan's head. It felt like someone had come at him with a mace of sorts. Dan shook it off, and wondered about the voice. It had said to release his imagination, but he couldn't understand why anyone would give him this kind of power. Why...?

He found himself imagining what he could do if he was out of the Thermos. Then he remembered... Release...

He himself couldn't explain it. One minute he was sitting in the Thermos thinking himself to be an idiot to try this, the next minute... he was overwhelmed with an awesome power, and then in Clockwork's lair. The Time Ghost was busy looking into the antique that allowed him to see future, past and present. Dan approached him from behind, and not being affected by time, Clockwork couldn't stop him.


Danny Fenton, a very stressed-out teen with messy black hair and icy blue eyes lay on his bed. He closed his eyes... there was something not right. Not right... at all... Something was very, very wrong. Pushing his hand through his scalp, he realized he was sweating. He was so worried about this horrible feeling that he was actually sweating... So what exactly was it...? He could sense something, and whatever the heck it was, it was drunk on power. Possibly even on crack. Every bone, every muscle, every molecule in his body, told him this, screamed this... So what the hell was it??

There was a sudden crash, and in the ceiling, there was a ghost portal forming. Well, it would have been a ghost portal, had it not been pure black with a few bits of swirling light, and had it not made an unholy fissure right through the ceiling. Danny felt himself ripped off his bed, taking the sheets with him, being sucked into the unknown swirl. Right before he was sucked into it, he quickly transformed into his ghostly self with two white rings. They revealed a boy with snowy white hair and glowing emerald green eyes. A second later, Danny, his bedsheets, and the portal, was gone without a trace except the debris everywhere, and the huge fissure on the ceiling.

No one could figure out what had happened.


End Prologue

Author's Note

Man, I like being evil. I really like it. And what really happened to Clockwork? I know, but you don't. You'll just have to wait for a sparodic random update to come your way, hopefully a soon one too. Please review on whether or not you think I should continue. Also opinions. I love hearing people's oppinions, whether they be good or helpful. It's the flamers I hate. If you just flame, go get a life and live it. Or be forever like Dash Baxter. Your choice.