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Chapter 1

Eterna City

Danny was spat out of the portal at high speed, smashing him into the ground in the middle of an allyway. A startled girl who looked around thirteen stood up sharply from a pile of milk crates, looking at him in shock. She dropped the sketchbook that she was drawing in, letting it lie forgotten on the ground. She had bright, anime-blue hair that was so common in that world, along with dark green eyes. She was wearing a white hoodie and some plain, navy-blue tracksuit pants.

"Excuse me, but what the heck?!" she exclaimed loudly, watching the limp figure pick himself off the ground. "I'm not great in physics, but since when do portals appear out of nowhere and spit something out? What's with the weird gettup anyway? No one wears jumpsuits." Danny put a gloved hand to his pounding head and looked around slowly, taking in the ally. He wasn't familiar with this; and he more or less new all of Amity Park.

"Ugh... where am I?" Danny rasped "My head is killing me!" the girl lowered an eyebrow and eyed him curiously.

"You're in Eterna City. Have you ever heard of it?" then the girl thought for a moment. "Oh, of course you have, we have that statue of Arceus, and everyone knows about that!"

Danny shook his head. "No, that can't be... that's impossible! That's in a video game for Pete's sake! That's impossible!"

"Funny, I don't feel like I'm in a video game." the girl remarked sarcastically as she walked over to him. "You know you never told me where you came from, or why you're wearing a jumpsuit, of all things."

"Seriously, I came from the real world, a place that's Arceus statueless. Hey, if you have an Arceus statue, doesn't that mean... oh my goodness, is there Pokemon here?!"

"Um, like, duh. Of course there's Pokemon! You sure you haven't been smokin' something? Pot? Crack? You know that those are really bad for you, you'll end up giving yourself skitzofrenia or killing yourself. Now, just tell me, just what is this place called the 'real world'? And, the jumpsuit! No one wears HAZMATs unless they need to and you know it. Unless in this 'real world' of yours it's common."

"I don't do drugs." Danny replied bluntly. "In the 'real world', there's no Pokemon. They only exist in a fairly large collection of video games... I had one, I had Diamond version... And the jumpsuit, I'd rather not point it out considering you haven't pointed, screamed, then ran."

"I was meant to?" she asked in confusion. "Your voice sounds weird, and you are... glowing, but I don't see any reason to point, scream and run. Besides, it's probably normal, wherever you come from. This real world place you keep talking about."

"Okay. So, anyway, have you ever seen a portal like that? Or better yet, a green glowing one? 'Cos I'd really like to get back to where I've come from."

"Well, then I guess you're stuck." the girl said simply. "Never seen one of those things, or any other kind of portal in my life, and haven't heard of them either. I guess you'll just be hanging around here until another one pops up."

Danny slouched. "Great... that's just perfect. Well, if I'm stuck, you might as well know before you find out the hard way. I'm a ghost."

"Cool, I've never seen a human ghost!" the girl exclaimed. "You don't look scary or anything like that, though. This could be interesting... c'mon, you should take a look, Sphinx." the girl pulled out a brightly coloured red and white ball from her back pack and released a Luxray just as tall as she was.

"RRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Sphinx the Luxray cried, looking around for the opponent.

"No, stupid." the girl said jokingly. "It's not a battle, it's a ghost, look." Sphinx's eyes glowed as it observed Danny carefully.

"Wow, I'm on display." Danny said bitterly. "Y'know, when I was playing Diamond, I had a Luxray. I called it Static. What else do you have?"

"Just her." the girl replied, walking up and stroking the Pokemon lovingly. "She turned up on my doorstep when it was a Shinx I was only six back then, but my dad said I could keep her if I looked after her. properly. Anyway... enough about me, what about you? You have a name or something? Mine's Cyndy."

"I'm... Danny. I'd better go and find - what the heck?"

"Stop right there!" a man in a (spacesuit of sorts?) with bright, light blue hair called from the entrance of the ally. Cyndy clutched her Luxray protectively, as Danny looked at the man. If his memory served right, that was a member of Team Galactic, a bunch of bumbling idiots trying to re-make the universe... "I'll be taking that Luxray and anything else you have with you!"

"Oh no you won't!" Danny yelled, sending a green ecto-blast from his hand, hitting the man face-on. "You even think about taking that Luxray then there's more where that came from!"

The man stumbled whilst getting up, then grabbed a walkie-talkie from his pocket, yelling "Backup!!" into it. Cyndy looked absolutely horrified and let go of her Luxray, pointing at the man.

"Luxray, Thunder! Don't go easy on the volts, NOW!"

The team galactic member began to back away in fear while Sphinx's eyes lit up like lightbulbs and arched it's back, sending a thick bolt of lightening into the air, where it disappeared from sight. Then, with a deafening bang, it came down and struck the Team Galactic member like... well... a thick bolt of lightening. At the end, he was in a heap on the ground, smoking. He didn't move at all.

"There, he'll be out cold for a long time now." Cyndy said, with a satisfied grin on her face. "But he called for others, we should get going." Danny nodded in agreement, rising off his feet. She looked at him with amazement. "How... how are you doing that?"

"That's... a good point." Danny said as he thought. "I just do. Besides, I'm a ghost, remember? All ghosts can fly. I say we attack them from where they're coming from, they have a building around here, don't they?" Cyndy nodded. "Good, then that's where we're going. If that video game taught me anything about the Pokemon world, they're plotting something bad. And if I say what it is, it's going to make everyone panic. If I don't do this... maybe no one else will. Are you going to help me?"

"What? I... um... yes! Those morons might be thick-skulled, but they're taking Pokemon, I agree with you. Just one problem; their building's locked."

"I'll take care of that. I'm a ghost, remember? As long as they don't put a ghost shield up, we're fine. Let's go." Danny said firmly.


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