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This contains yaoi (male, male love) Don't like, don´t read.. and if you do read don't complain since I did warn you.

Pairing: Kakashi Naruto

'It should have been so easy' Kakashi though.

Naruto had been thrilled when he asked him if he wanted to start a family. They both desperately wanted to have their own baby, one that was both of an Uzumaki and Hatake decent, so of course they went to Tsunade to see if anything could be done. After a few agonizing weeks of waiting to their utter, but very pleasant, surprise it had been Sakura who developed the jutsu. If one of them performed it on the other, the other would become pregnant with the users child.

'Very simple indeed'

Well Kakashi had gotten over the hard part without "too" much of a problem, the hard part being convincing Naruto that it would be best that he carried the child. Mind you it probably hadn't been a good idea to start the argu.. eh.. negotiation of by pointing out that Kakashi was manlier of the two and should therefore not be the one to carry the child.. who knew Naruto had such a mean left hook.. the "I'm older and you should listen to me" tactic didn't go well either.. teaching Naruto the 1000 years of pain jutsu had definitely been a bad idea..

'For a genius it should have been a piece of cake'

After that any normal guy would have realized that trying to pull rank obviously wouldn't work, not to mention how painful it was, but since Kakashi is anything but normal and couldn't even remember a time when he himself thought he could even remotely pass of as normal he tried the" I'm a Jonin and you're a Chunnin" card.. Kakashi made a mental note to thoroughly thrash Jiraiya for teaching Naruto the rasengan, he also made a mental note to get someone to fix the living room wall.. the big hole was making the place a bit drafty.. also the noisy old bat next door was making a fuss, so what if he likes to watch TV in only his boxers and mask.. and so what if cuddling Naruto in front of the TV often led to other things, not that Naruto let him get very far.. something about not wanting the whole neighborhood to see.. which was another reason to fix the bloody wall.. But anyway, no one was forcing her to look.

'so, so easy'

Kakashi used a lot of other not-so-bright ideas to try to convince Naruto that he should be the "mom". Asking him to do it every 10 seconds had earned him a beating from a very annoyed Naruto. Trying to brainwash it into him by telling him over and over that he actually wanted to do it while Naruto was trying to sleep had earned him a beating from a very annoyed and sleep deprived Naruto. Telling everyone that Naruto was actually already pregnant and then telling Naruto that he had to do it after that had earned him a beating from a very annoyed, sleep deprived and by that point royally pissed off Naruto. And although trying to get Naruto completely smashed, in the hopes he could trick him into signing an agreement in his own blood to carry the child, hadn't earned him a beating Kakashi made yet another mental note to never drink while injured. Hangovers and various body injuries, he concluded, just did not go well together.

'On the mission scale it should have been ranked even lower than a d-rank'

In the end he managed to convince Naruto, with some help from Sakura, that he was the best man for the job. Since there was some risk of complications due to the fact that the child would be carried by a man they concluded that it would be best that Naruto did it since Kyuubi kept him pretty healthy and would heal any injuries that Naruto might get and Tsunade agreed. After that Kakashi, yet again, made some more mental notes. Number one: if ever I need anything or am in trouble with the Hokage bribe her with sake. Number two: avoid Sasuke at all cost when he returns from his month long under-cover-as-happily-married-newlyweds information gathering mission with Sakura to the romantic getaway resort.. unless I really want a slow and painful death.. which I don't.

'it should have been e-rank, e for easy god damn it!'

So after the hard part was over Kakashi and Naruto got ready to perform the jutsu under the watchful eyes of Tsunade and Sakura. Kakashi gathered chakra, performed the seals and touched Naruto's stomach. Tsunade and Sakura then examined Naruto but to their disappointment found no trace of the beginning of a pregnancy. They decided to try one more time so Kakashi repeated the jutsu and touched Naruto's stomach again but again they could find nothing. At this point everyone had lost hope that the jutsu would work, if the famous Copy-Nin couldn't do it even on the second try then clearly it just wouldn't work, but Sakura promised to work on it some more and try to figure out what the problem was since theoretically the jutsu had been perfect.

'Why couldn't it have staid easy!'

It was therefore very surprising for everyone when, after having been feeling weak and queasy for about a week, that one month later Tsunade discovered that the jutsu had indeed worked.. on the user.. both times.. So a very what-the-hell, stunned but quite happy Kakashi and a very you-so-deserved-that-for-all-you-put-me-through, grinning-like-a-mad-man and happy Naruto were told they were expecting not just one child but twins.. and Kakashi was the mother.

'How could I fail!!'

After the shock wore of and they looked over what they had done Sakura found out the problem, Kakashi's third seal had been a dragon instead of a lion which had the result that the user got pregnant by the one he touched not the other way around. After that Kakashi made a rather important mental note.

'Note to self: when copying a jutsu.. Remember. To. Use. Your. Friggin. Sharingan!!'

I just really wanted to see a story where Kakashi was the one who got pregnant. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to see Kakashi go through strange cravings, mood swings and other oh so wonderful pregnansy things.

I'm actually planing on making this a full story with this as a first chapter or a prequel but this story can stand well on it's own and the other one won't be up for some time since I generally don't like to publish my stories until they are finished.