Chapter 1

The three figures hurried down the drab gray halls, the woman in between the two men, as if they were protecting her and the bundle she carried. A dull boom echoed overhead, and dust floated down from the ceiling as the lights flickered. The woman shifted the bag on her shoulder, and held the bundle of blankets tighter.

"We're almost there," said the man in front. He hoisted his gun, and motioned them forward.

They passed the next five minutes in silence, the only sound their footsteps and the explosions overhead. Behind them, a chunk of the ceiling fell, making the woman jump badly. The man behind put his hand gently on her shoulder.

"You ok, Sweetheart?" he asked.

She nodded, "I am fine, Charlie. It just scared me."

They halted in front of an unimportant looking door, and waited while the first man first swiped a card, and then punched in a code on the key pad. The door clicked open to reveal nothing but blackness. The first man switched on the lights, and made straight for the only object in the room. It was a large, full length mirror, and beside it a low table, with what looked like a stone sitting on it.

"Close the door, Kawalsky. We don't want them walking in on us before we find somewhere."

Kawalsky nodded.

"Yes, Sir," he said, doing as he was ordered.

"You know how to use this?" the first man asked, holding up stone-like object.

In spite of the anxiety that was evident on her face, the woman smiled.

"Yes, Jack, I know how to use it," she said.

"Good," Jack turned the devise sideways, and the mirror lit up, its surface not reflecting the three figures there, but a sunny beach.

"Colonel, you play with this till you find a place that looks good." Jack flipped the device to Kawalsky and turned to the woman.

"Now, when you get to the other side…"

"You're not coming with us?" she interrupted.

"Sha're, you know I can't. I've got to stay here and mount Earth's defenses."

"But you said yourself, we are hopelessly outnumbered. We cannot win. Why else would you be sending me away? You cannot stay, Jack." She protested.

"I have to, and you know it. It's you he wants anyways." Jack argued back, "And I'm a General, and a General always goes down with his ship… or something like that,"

Sha're was prevented from answering by Colonel Kawalsky.

"Sir, I think I've found one." He said.

Outside the door, there was the sound of weapons' fire, and shouting.

"Just in time too. The Jaffa are in the base." Jack commented, glancing at the door

"I'll hold them off," Kawalsky said, hoisting his gun.

General O'Neill shook his head.

"I have a much more important mission for you, Colonel."

"Sir?" Kawalsky asked.

"I want you to go with Sha're. No" Jack held up his hand to stem Kawalsky's protests, "We have no idea what she could meet on the other side of that mirror, and I need you to keep her safe. I'll destroy the mirror after you've gone through."

"But Sir…"

"That's an order, Colonel." Jack said, but not unkindly.

"I'm going to miss you, Jack," Kawalsky said, his tone changing from that of an officer addressing his superior to that of a friend addressing a friend.

"I'll miss you too, Charlie," Jack said, pulling his friend into a hug. The two men slapped each other firmly on the back, and stepped away.

Sha're handed her bundle and the heavy bag to Kawalsky, and flung her arms around Jack.

"I wish you were coming," she said, tears forming in her dark eyes.

Jack hugged her back tightly, winking hard to keep tears away from his own eyes.

"I love you, Jack." Sha're said, "No sister could love her brother more,"

"I love you too, Sweetheart," Jack pulled away so he could see Sha're's face. A tear had traced its way down her cheek, leaving a trail in the dust. He wiped it away with his thumb, "My brave girl," he said affectionately. After one final hug, he let her go, pressing a piece of paper into her hand. Then, he turned to the bundle that Kawalsky was gingerly holding.

Jack brushed back the blankets to reveal the small face of a baby who was, inexplicably through all the noise of the bombing overhead, still sleeping. He kissed the tiny forehead.

"Gonna miss you, buddy." He said to the child, "I wish I could be there to watch you grow up, and corrupt you. You're going to be just like your Daddy when you get big, you know that?"

Then, he straightened up, all tenderness replaced with military precision.

"Kawalsky, Sha're, Jake. Goodbye."

Sha're took the baby Jake back from Kawalsky, leaving him to shoulder the canvass bag. With one final look over her shoulder at Jack standing resolved before the closed door, his gun held at the ready, she took a deep breath, and stepped through the mirror.

Sha're did not know what she had expected when she stepped through the Quantum Mirror, but this was not it. It was an ordinary storage room, complete with shelves and shelves of alien artifacts, and lit by lights on the floor. As soon as she stepped through the mirror, she turned back to it. Through it she saw Jack standing with his gun raised. He gave her one final sad smile, and a little wave, and then pointed his gun and shot. The mirror's surface went black, taking with it most of the illumination for the room.

"Charlie?" Sha're called out, clutching Jake tightly in his blankets. He have a sleepy sound, and opened his big blue eyes. In spite of the situation, Sha're couldn't help but smile at her son's eyes, so like his father's.

"Sha're, Sweetheart, I'm over here," came Kawalsky's voice, "It looks like an ordinary storage room, but I can't find the door. Come here, I don't want us to be separated."

Following his voice, Sha're made her way carefully to what seemed to be the center aisle, where Kawalsky was standing.

"I wonder where we are," he said, looking around in the dim half light, "could be the SGC itself, or we could be in some sort of Area 51 facility. I don't think we should…"

Sha're took a step forward, and an alarm began to sound.

"…. Move just yet," Kawalsky finished, "too late now,"

"Sorry," Sha're winced.

"It's ok, just stay close to me," Kawalsky instructed, as doors opened on all sides, and men in green khakis and raised guns came running forward.

"Drop your weapons!" one of them instructed, "and put your hands in the air,"

Kawalsky put down his P90.

"And you," the soldier barked at Sha're, "whatever you've got in your hands, put it down."

"I cannot," she said, "it is a child," she tipped Jake up so that the solder could see his small face, and his wide open eyes. The sight of a strange man, coupled with the loud sound of the marching soldiers had been too much for even such a good baby as Jake. He began to wail, as if to prove Sha're's point that he was, in fact, a child.

"Drop the blankets then," the soldier said, above Jake's crying.

Sha're did as she was instructed, letting Jake's wrappings drop to the floor so that he rested, clad only in a yellow sleeper, on her shoulder. She gently bounced him up and down, whispering words in her native Abydonian, to calm him.

"Who are you?" the soldier who seemed to be in charge demanded, "and how did you get here,"

Kawalsky stepped in front of Sha're protecting her as best he could.

"I will only talk to General O'Neill," he said.

Author's Note: I have had this idea bashing around my head for literally years. Finally I couldn't take it any more and decided to write it down.

I know Sha're died seven years ago, but she is still my favorite character, and the love Daniel and she had was truly epic. She was the love of Daniel's live, and he never really got over her. And besides, as long as there is a Quantum Mirror, nobody is really dead. Not in Sci Fi anyways.

Anyone else totally stoked for Arc of Truth??