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1. Why is Dumbledore concerning himself with matchmaking of first year students - The way I see it Dumbledore (and the wizarding society itself) never quite managed to reach the twentieth century, or even the nineteenth. But to avoid a debate, my point is that using marriages as a means to cement alliances was quite popular in the past (perhaps still is in some countries) and Dumbledore wishes to have the prominent light families firmly behind him.

2. Hermione's oscillation between Harry and Co vs. Neville and Co - Once again, the way I have portrayed Dumbledore, I wouldn't put it past him to subtly influence the brightest witch in the year to drift towards the boy-who-lived, and we all know how Hermione reveres authority figures.

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Chapter 8 - Reactions

It was a cold morning that greeted the inhabitants of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as term resumed after Christmas. The school was shocked to learn that Professor Quirrell had suddenly absconded, rumors of werewolves residing in the Forbidden Forest finally getting the better of him. Luckily, Sirius Black was available to fill the vacated spot instantly.

Most students were initially cautious of the Prisoner of Azkaban but a single lesson in his class made three-fourths of Hogwarts warm up to him, especially the Gryffindors, despite his oddities. He tried hard to make everyone laugh and often succeeded while at the same time provided much better lessons than many of his immediate predecessors.

Harry recalled his first lesson with Sirius fondly. The students had arrived but the teacher's place was empty and many students heaved a sigh of relief, glad that the infamous Prisoner of Azkaban was not present to torment them.

But just then, light faded completely and the room became pitch black. Harry immediately grabbed Ginny's hand and rubbed it comfortingly while bringing his wand out. He tried to tune out the frightful screams and indignant outbursts from the rest of his classmates and squinted his eyes for other movement. Identifying a slight creaking of the teacher's table, he pointed his wand straight forward and waited. At that very moment, light returned and the students stared in confusion at the shaggy dark-haired man sitting on the teacher's desk with a huge grin on his face, flicking his wand between his fingers in a smooth and fluid motion.

"Twenty-five First Year students faced with an unknown threat. Only six have their wands drawn out, and only one has it pointed at the source of the disturbance," Sirius said pleasantly as if greeting good morning and grinned at Harry. "Five points to each of you, let's see. Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley for Gryffindor; Miss Potter, Miss Granger, Miss Patil and Mr. Black," he paused and nodded appreciatively at the reddening blonde haired boy, "for Ravenclaw. For those who are interested to know, Hufflepuff and Slytherin had a class earlier and only two students had their wands out. Miss Greengrass from Slytherin and Mr. McMillan from Hufflepuff. I will take that to expect a higher standard of performance from this class."

After a few seconds of silence during which the students turned to one another in startled awe at the stark contrast between Professors Black and Quirrell, Sirius grinned and said, "Today's lesson is simple - identifying situations where you, as a First Year student in Hogwarts, could be justified in drawing out your wands. Miss Weasley, could you give me one?"

"When attacked by a troll," Ginny muttered quietly, fixing her gaze at the floor, thankful of Harry's hand over her wrist beneath the desk.

Sirius' eyes widened and he turned to Harry, who shrugged in response. With a slight nod of his head, Sirius said, "I hope that doesn't become a necessity in the near future. But yes, that is an acceptable answer worth five points. Miss Granger, do you have one?"

Hermione looked pleased at being asked a question and nodded rapidly. "Yes, sir. Drawing a wand on students is against school rules unless in self defense or defense of others. If attacked by another student, even in jest or as a prank, one is justified to draw out their wand. We may also draw out our wands if we witness another student being attacked."

"Ten points for two answers, Miss Granger, but next time try to give only one and leave something for other students," Sirius said with a grin, and Hermione blushed at the gentle rebuke. "Very well, class. You have got an idea of how to start, now carry on in pairs and identify ten such situations, not including the ones mentioned. Don't make up ridiculous situations, but try to think of what could really happen to you. You have half an hour to do so." He leant back in his desk, noiselessly playing with magical toy soldiers that were battling each other all around the classroom. Often, he would send a stray soldier or a musket flying towards an unsuspecting student. By the end of the half hour period, most of the students had realized what he was up to and managed to dodge the soldiers while bringing their wands up defensively. The lesson had been a success and students were beginning to warm up to the idea of Sirius Black being their teacher.

Not long after term restarted, Harry received yet another letter from Fabian and hastily left early, ignoring Ginny's curious glance. In privacy, he perused the contents of the letter eagerly.


The Stone is safe in Raven's Hold. I used it once to send a supply of Elixir to the Flamels with an explanation. They sent it back with their gratitude, indicating a desire to move on. It is for the best, they claim.

Dumbledore has transferred money 'in lieu of the Cloak' and Gerhik accepted it in a sneaky way. He accepted it as a payment for the loan of the Cloak, instead of purchase. So if you manage to retrieve it, you are not liable to repay him anything. Not that you should, seeing how much he has taken from your vault. The goblins are doing an audit on Dumbledore's accounts to discover incontrovertible evidence of his support of Grindelwald and his quest for the DH.

The first Amadeus Training Center opened yesterday in Diagon Alley for teaching basic defensive procedures. You will be hearing of it in tomorrow's Prophet. Your idea of making it half price for muggleborns paid off. We received an enrolment of twenty five people on the first day itself, including your old friend Stan Shunpike.

I will see you tomorrow night to collect the Dragon Egg.


Harry folded the letter and hid it in his trunk and returned to the Common Room where Ginny was waiting for him. She smiled brightly on seeing him.

"Professor Flitwick wants us to meet him as soon as we can," she said eagerly. "He's with Rose in his office. Let's go!"

Smiling at Ginny's enthusiasm, he followed her to Flitwick's Office and found the little man clapping excitedly. Rose was sitting in front and grinning while a flock of doves flew around the room. Harry was extremely pleased. This was the perfect opportunity for them to train to their best talents, things that would actually help them later, rather than learning how to make matchsticks out of needles. The previous time, their training with Ollivander was haphazard and often interrupted with battles and tragedies.

"Come in! Come in!" the teacher said happily. "Do come in!" He waved at two seats for the newcomers to take and then jumped on top of his table.

"We are here not to learn magic, but to understand it," Flitwick said sagely. When the students looked back blankly, he continued, "In the ancient days, only a handful of magic users existed at any one time. Now, we have many magical nations. Can you tell me what changed? Why did magic suddenly become so much easier for us to do?"

Harry smiled. This was exactly how Ollivander had begun. "They made it weaker?" he said it simply, not wanting to give the exact answer and scare his teacher.

"Exactly!" Flitwick said excitedly. "They conceptualized magic. Silly incantations and wand waving… they conceptualized magic." Seeing the confused look on Ginny's face, he calmed down and explained, "For Merlin, if he wanted to raise this feather, all he would need to do is point a finger at it and wish for it to lift. If he wanted to lift a boulder, he would point a staff containing a magical core, and wish for it to lift. That was magic as it used to be."

"Whereas for us, we have to flick our wands in a specific manner and say 'Wingardium Leviosa' and we need to practice that for days before achieving any result. Instead of pouring our efforts towards making our will dominate over the feather or the rock, we spend all our efforts in perfecting a drill with techniques. We, in Hogwarts, and nearly everywhere else these days have placed limits on our sheer mental strength in believing what we can or cannot do. Then we seek to achieve them through other regimented techniques." Turning to Harry, he said, "If you would reveal your wand in its true form," he gently took it from Harry and said, "What a magnificent creation! What a conductor!" Returning the wand, he asked, "What is magic?"

Rose said, "Intent?"

"Yes yes. But what else? What makes this intent reality? Miss Weasley, can you attempt a guess?"

Ginny thought for a while and said, "A vision or picture in your mind. Like how the needle transforms into a matchstick."

The Professor smiled. "Having a vision and intending it to happen is how you make magic work, but what is magic? Perhaps Mr. Potter?"

Harry took a deep breath and said, "Control."

"Excellent!" Flitwick squealed. "That is all! Control! Magic is controlling the world around you! The greater control you have, the greater your magical ability! The greatest magician needs no incantations, no wand waving, no wand even! The greatest magician need not do anything but imagine and intend! The greatest magician, the greatest controller, if there is such an entity, can only be God. For the rest of us, we are limited in our control."

"Our limitations are brought to the fore by our upbringing," he said sadly. "The old mages believed it acceptable to limit the scope of magic, as we learnt, and make it accessible to a larger number of people. Incantations and wand movements are just exercises to train your intent and imagination, to acquire a regimented predefined control that is not natural, and that is how magic is diluted. And so the artistic magician is destroyed and the menial magician is created." Then he turned to Harry and said, "The Elder Wand selected you only because the potential of your will is stronger than others." Then he looked at Rose and Ginny. "Conjuring is but another aspect of control. While Mr. Potter can control the magnitude of his will over other objects, the two of you display potential for a different kind of control - a control in manifesting your mental image by your will. That is conjuring."

Then he leapt down from the table and said, "Miss Weasley, Miss Potter, I want you to conjure a single rose. Then conjure it in different colors. Then in different sizes, changing the number of thorns and leaves each time. Then change to another flower of your choice and do the same. Keep on with it for the rest of the class. It is all about controlling your intent and vision. While you do that, I will work with Mr. Potter separately."

He led Harry to a further corner of the office and said, "Now comes knowledge that you may not reveal to any but those you deem worthy. I will say no more than that, for if you so choose to teach someone, it must be entirely your choice." When Harry nodded, he smiled. "While magic is, in essence, control, there is a lot more to it than that, which is brought to light in old magic."

Pausing for a long moment, the old teacher suddenly asked, "But what is being controlled, Mr. Potter?"

"Umm… Life? Nature?"

"In a way. Life, nature, materials, substance, thoughts, even emotions… all of these can be effected by the controller… but what is the magician controlling? Is there something tangible or comprehensible that acts as a medium between the controller and the objects which show effects of the control? In other words, is there a poker that stokes the hearth?"

Harry mused for a moment and said, "I read this in muggle books… the Ancient Greeks and Indians believed in a fifth element… Aether, which is the source of everything that exists."

Flitwick gaped at Harry open-mouthed. "Muggles know of this?" Then shaking his head, he said in awe, "You are absolutely correct. There is a power, a force, an element… you can call it fifth element or the base element. Some call it Aether, some simply Universe. But it matters little what name you give to it, you could even call it dust. And it would mean exactly the same thing." Taking a deep breath, he said, "When you exert control, your will moves through Aether, and magic happens."

"Old magic understands this passage through Aether and requires nothing else, no foolish wand waving, no hymns or incantations. Just a simple understanding and by the time I am done with you, you will understand Aether."

Harry nodded grimly, feeling an odd tingling sensation in his right arm.


That evening, Harry found himself in the Headmaster's Office. During dinner, he had received a request from the Headmaster to meet him in the evening. Complying, he found himself in a very familiar place, in a very unfamiliar situation.

"I understand a certain Lord Amadeus has been in contact with you, Mr. Potter?" the Headmaster asked with a twinkle, offering a lemon drop to the boy.

Knowing it to be laced merely with a mild calming potion, Harry took one, disregarding the Headmaster's surprised look. Nobody ever took his offer seriously.

"Yes, sir," he said, chewing the candy. "Hedwig knows him. He sent the candy which healed mum and Mr. Prewett. I also saw today's Daily Prophet about the Amadeus Training Centers. I think he's doing a good thing."

Frowning, the Headmaster said, "In that case, could you send a letter through that magnificent phoenix of yours to this Lord Amadeus, saying that I would like to meet with him personally?"

"I'll ask Hedwig to collect the letter from you, sir," Harry said respectfully. He got up seeing Dumbledore's gesture and nod of dismissal, but before turning, he suddenly asked, "Can I ask you something, Professor?"

"Sure, my boy," the aged wizard twinkled at the boy's sudden openness towards him. "You can always speak your heart and mind before me."

"My mother said you lost the Invisibility Cloak that belonged to my father," Harry said sadly, exuberating the innocence of a eleven year old. "Can you look for it again, please? I don't have anything belonging to my father. It's like I never had one."

"Objects and possessions are not an indicator of love, my boy," Dumbledore said kindly as he picked up a parchment from his desk. He didn't appear willing to meet the boy's innocent face. "I'm sure there are other items in your home, pictures and books that belonged to dear James."

"I suppose so," Harry agreed, stifling a sudden upsurge of irritation. "I wish I had it though, my father's cloak, I mean. Mum and Sirius keep saying how much dad loved it and how he used to cherish it more than anything else. Having it would be like having a bit of my father back. I'm not sure if you know how I feel, Professor, having lost a close family member and not being able to remember them at all. I do have some fragments of memory… but it's always a bit too far. Rose calls them butterfly-memories because I can see them from afar and they are pretty but I can never catch them. Oh I am being silly like her now. I bet your memory is very sharp." He paused, waiting for Dumbledore's face to mist over and said, "Have you lost anyone close to you, Professor?"

"I'm not sure that's an appropriate question, Mr. Potter," Dumbledore said, removing his spectacles. "If that is all, I will see you at breakfast tomorrow."

Harry nodded and took another step towards the door. "I suppose it's not that bad despite everything. The Dursleys were horrible but at least, I always had Rose with me. I do not know if I would survive losing her, sir. Or how I would feel if I lost her and someone kept her things away from me… I'm sorry you don't have a sister, Professor Dumbledore, sir. Then you might perhaps understand how I feel about the cloak. I hope you sleep well tonight."

He lingered long enough outside the door to hear the silence of stunned inactivity as he walked along an empty corridor where Rose joined him. "I have the egg. For some reason, Hagrid wasn't too keen to talk to me. I had to use magic to acquire it," she said, showing the large round sphere to her brother.

"For the safety of the innocents, sis," Harry muttered, taking the dragon egg in his hand. "A school full of students isn't the right place for a live dragon to be bred, despite the abilities of the dragon keeper." He paused and smiled sadly at the egg. He missed not being as close to Hagrid as he used to be. But being at odds with Dumbledore, that was an unavoidable side-effect.

"I hope you weren't too harsh on him," Rose commented as they walked towards the Astronomy Tower.

"Not any more than I had a right to and much less than what he deserves. I only made him realize that not even the greater good can justify some things. I could steal the cloak very easily from Neville but it doesn't seem proper," Harry said quietly, putting his free arm around his sister. "No, I cannot dishonor the memory of that cloak by stealing it. I want Dumbledore to personally return it to me with a sincere apology," Harry said with a closed expression and led Rose out. "I don't think I have done enough to achieve that yet."

They walked quietly towards the Astronomy Tower, taking care to prevent being seen or heard by others, especially if someone might want to put an Invisibility Cloak to use that night.

"I'm not sure if Voldemort is still around here, I'd reckon not, now that Quirrell is gone, but if there is a possibility of him being here, I must do what I can to aid the unicorns."

"The safety of the innocents," Rose chorused quietly. "Earlier Hermione was trying to dissuade Ron and Neville from staying up after curfew. They might be going out to the forest tonight in search for an adventure."

Harry picked his head up at his sister's statement curiously and said, "What's with Hermione anyway? I thought she couldn't stand Neville earlier in the year."

"You know Hermione," Rose said, shaking her head. "Always trying to make the peace. I think she's had a slight crush on Ron from the beginning." Seeing Harry shake his head firmly, Rose continued, "You can't help it. Some things are bound to happen. We will keep her from getting hurt this time but we can't enforce our will on her. Ron and Neville try to get her to do their homework in the library and Hermione's been getting subtle hints from the Headmaster to pursue their friendship."

Harry sighed. He should have expected Dumbledore to be prodding the brilliant witch towards the boy-who-lived. "What about you and Draco?"

Blushing, Rose said quietly, "He gets intimidated with too many people and you know Hermione can be highly intimidating. He has faced much discrimination all his life, you know, being a disgraced Malfoy, quite the reverse of his former self. But I'm slowly drawing him out of his shell. Sirius talked to him and that has been of great help."

They finally reached the Astronomy Tower and waited for Fabian to appear on his broomstick. They greeted each other warmly.

"It's a pity we could not risk any damage to the baby inside the egg by traveling through phoenix fire," muttered Fabian, as he secured the egg. "I hope Dumbledore doesn't detect my presence. Questions will be raised."

"Don't worry," Harry replied. "He has other things on his mind right now." He looked at the egg one last time and said, "She will be a good addition to the protection of Raven's Hold. But did you find someone to look after her?"

"Yes and it was surprisingly easy. One of Charlie's friend was fired after being bitten by a werewolf," said Fabian dryly, while mounting his broomstick. "He has been contacted by the representatives of Lord Amadeus, providing a safe haven for him and his sister, who was the werewolf to bite him, and employment looking after a dragon. They are aware of the risks and I have moved them to Raven's Hold."

"Sounds good," Harry said with a nod. "I'm glad you're looking after all these things, Fabian." Looking out at the ominous forest, he said, "Let me know when the first Amadeus Research Facility is opened. Wolfsbane should be started in mass-circulation as soon as possible. That would keep the werewolves from joining Voldemort."

After watching Fabian fade away in the sky, Harry took Rose's hand and led her back. But before they could turn in their own directions, they saw a side exit door open but no figure came out, or at least no visible figure came out. Harry turned to Rose and whispered, "Ron and Neville were planning to sneak out?"

When Rose nodded, Harry groaned in frustration. Shaking his head, he turned to his sister. "Get some sleep, sis. There's no point in both of us going. I'll keep an eye out, just in case."

Harry watched Rose walk away and turned into a dire wolf. As Nighteyes, he followed his nose's direction towards the two boys out of bed and saw them being accosted by centaurs. He stayed in the shadows knowing that while the centaurs would appear dangerous, they wouldn't harm any student without due cause. But just then, Ron drew his wand out and pointed at a centaur, Bane, whose face contorted in fury.

Nighteyes growled, and sprang up in midair, finding himself inches before the two errant students. He growled menacingly, snatching the wand out of Ron's trembling hand and spit it far away. He growled again and the two boys ran away in fear, never once looking back, the wand and the cloak left behind. Nighteyes observed them and when they had faded into the distance, he turned to the centaurs - Bane and Firenze, and growled again.

The centaurs had been staring at him for a while and when his attention turned to them, Firenze looked almost gloatingly at his companion. Bane nodded and then the two bowed before the wolf.

Harry reappeared in human form and gazed in confusion at the obeisance of the usually reticent race. But before he could voice his confusion, Bane turned and galloped away, while Firenze approached him and prodded the Invisibility Cloak towards Harry, before he turned and joined his companion, leaving Harry behind, alone and confused. But the bluish material of the Invisibility Cloak caught his eyes and he wrapped it around himself protectively, relishing the warmth and security it afforded to him.


Harry didn't know how to handle this new situation. Rose had just told him of their mother's request and he was not looking forward to their meeting. So he deferred to the usual route of a eleven year old instead knocked on the door of his mother's office. On receiving an invitation inside, he walked in and saw his mother frowning at a pile of parchment, some of which bore the Gringotts seal.

"Harry dear, straighten your robes," she said distractedly, glancing at her son. But then her eyes narrowed and she regarded her son's movement into her office carefully.

Harry walked to her desk and sat down on a chair. He glanced at the documents in front of her and raised his eyebrows curiously. "What's that, mum?"

Lily glanced at the document her son was looking at and frowned. Picking it up, she pushed it towards Harry and said, "I was hoping you could explain it to me. This Lord Amadeus seems to be heavily involved in a lot of our family affairs, and though I am terribly in his debt, I would like to know more about this man. Have you ever met him?"

Harry opened his mouth to say no but the lie faded away almost instantly as he looked at his mother's face. He sighed and said, "Mum, why do you want to see our memories of our time with the Dursleys?"

Lily frowned at her son's change of topic and nodded. "I want to know what my children suffered at the hands of my sister. I also want to know what you are hiding from me, Harry. I know it is big and you are scared of something. You are scared of me for some reason, as you aren't of Sirius. I can only imagine it to be because of something that happened at the Dursleys." Her voice was firm and full of determination but couldn't hide a tinge of sadness behind them.

Harry sighed and walked to his mother, who put her arms around her son. "I love you, mum," he whispered.

"I know," said Lily as she patted her son's messy head affectionately. "I love you too, Harbear."

"But I am afraid you won't once you find out," Harry continued quietly. He leant against Lily's neck as her grip tightened around him.

"You are such a silly little boy," she said tearfully. "Who or what else do I have in this world apart from you and your sister!" She kissed his forehead gently and said forcefully, "Never say something that insensitive again, Harry Potter, or I will become very angry."

Harry smiled at the emotions that were radiating out of her voice and tears, and he kissed her cheek. "Come with me, mum," he said, grabbing her hand.

Harry led his confused mother to the seventh floor corridor and the Room of Requirements, explaining the room's power to her. Lily gasped when she entered. The room was modeled exactly as the living room of Godric's Hollow, complete with a couch and a television set. Harry picked up the remote control and stated blandly, "The Life and Crimes of Harry Potter, Versions One and Two…"

Lily gasped when an image came up in the television set, a small green eyed little boy being dragged out of a cupboard and being shoved to the kitchen. After several minutes, she turned to Harry, masking her fury at her sister and asked a question that had been bugging her for a while, "Where is Rose?"

Harry bit his lips and lowered his head, unsure of how to respond. Finally, he said, "Please mum, see the whole thing. Rose won't come until the end."

Lily frowned but turned her attention back to the television and gasped. Harry received his Hogwarts Letter, but he was still in Privet Drive. "How is this possible?" She turned to Harry again, who had been staring at the floor all along, and shook her head. With a sweeping movement, she brought Harry to her lap and fixed her attention on the television set.

Several hours later, Lily shook from her stupor and realized her fingernails were digging into Harry's palm. Harry, for his part, didn't seem to mind the pain, his eyes were downcast and dejected. Lily turned to him and raised his chin gently. Two sets of emerald eyes met, mother and son, both in agony at having been the cause of pain to the other.

"I'm sorry," Harry muttered woefully. "I should have told you earlier. Please don't hate me."

"I had told you, Harry Potter," Lily stated in a dangerously cold voice, "if you ever said that again, I'd be very angry." Then, she lost control and broke down in tears and clutched her son to her bosom. "My poor baby," she sobbed in his hair. "My poor, innocent, little baby. I am so sorry. I am so sorry I wasn't there for you."

Harry rested his head against his mother and smiled in content. He had been dreading this day for a long time now and was pleased with the outcome. He still had his mother.

"Thank you," he said finally. But Lily's eyes became heavier with his words.

"What have Petunia and Dumbledore done to my baby? My own son is afraid of me hating him. It's all my fault," Lily continued on miserably, and then she took a deep breath and her eyes radiated with naked fury and hate. "Petunia and Vernon Dursley, you will pay for ruining my children's childhood! Albus Dumbledore, you will pay for treating my son as a weapon! Peter Pettigrew, you will suffer for every hurt you caused my children! Tom Riddle, there is no power in this earth that will stop me from condemning you to hell for what you have done to my children!" Her eyes blazed and she was about to continue in the same vein, but faltered at seeing the adoring eyes of her son, staring at her. "And you, Harry James Potter, you will not carry the whole world on your shoulder! I'm glad Fabian and Sirius are helping you, but did you really think I wouldn't? Did you think I would abandon you, my baby, for things that were beyond your control? For Heaven's Sake, Harry, I gave birth to you! Twice, from your point of view. Even if you committed the most heinous crimes imaginable, I would still be unable to stop loving you."

Harry lowered his eyes but didn't respond for a while. Lily's heart wrenching question troubled him and he slowly shook his head. "I didn't doubt you would help me. But I didn't want you to stop treating me as your little Harbear. I was afraid you would see me as someone else. I am sorry. I didn't mean to…" he stopped when Lily pulled him against her and started rocking him gently.

"I used to sing to you and your sister when you were babies," Lily said quietly, reminiscing in her mind, and a nostalgic smile on her face. "Your father loved to hear me sing and claimed that my singing would give you two good dreams for the night." She paused and touched Harry's cheek tenderly. "I want to sing again, Harry. I want you to have good dreams tonight." She smiled when Harry's face shone with anticipation and she began humming without any further delay, "When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be… In my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be… let it be…"

Harry's face brightened as his mind began to let go of all else save the sound of his mother's voice and for the first time in his life, he felt truly secure, knowing full well that his mother watched over him - the real him, without any deceptions or secrets between them. To him, her voice was that of an angel's and he felt his eyelids drooping, there was nothing to fear, not that night. That night, Harry Potter would sleep in content and Lord Amadeus would have to wait.

"… shine on until tomorrow, let it be… I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be… there will be an answer, let it be…"


End of Chapter


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