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Lost Boomerang

They where at the western air temple Aang was off with Zuko learning firebending and Katara had mysteriously disappeared, probably off spying on them to make sure Aang wasn't hurt or captured, she didn't completely trust Zuko yet.

Sokka had been wondering around for an hour searching for his lost treasure that was so dear to him. He would hate it if he lost it again. He walked into the main court yard and saw Toph soaking her injured feet in the water. Looking calm and content but yet somehow suspicious. His eyes narrowed as he walked up behind her.

"Hey Toph"

She jumped slightly in surprise, "Don't sneak up on me like that meathead didn't you notice my feet in the water. Why are you sneaking around anyway?"

"Sorry, I was just looking for my boomerang, you haven't seen it have you?" he asked suspicion in his voice.

"No Sokka I have not seen it or anything for that matter" she said matter-of-factly

"Sorry, I meant do you know where it is?"

"Ohh well why didn't you just say so? Yeah I know where it is"

There was silence as Sokka waited for Toph to tell him where it was but she just sat there absently moving her feet in the cool water.

"Well" he said a bit impatiently

"Well, what?" she smiled, it was so fun to mess with him and easy too.

"Well where is it? You haven't told me yet" he said getting annoyed.

"That's because you didn't ask me to tell you, you just asked me if I knew where it was"

"Well, will you tell me now?" he pleaded

"No" she answered simply

"Why not?" he demanded

"Don't wanna" she said acting very aloof

"Please I'll do anything just tell me where it is" he was on his knees begging

"Anything?" her eyebrow raised up

"Yes anything just name it"

She thought for a moment her face scrunched up deep in concentration. "Ok I've got it. Here sit next to me and close your eyes."

"You want me to close my eyes?"

"Yes and no peeking ok."

"Ok" he sat down next to her. He was sitting right next to Toph but facing the other direction as her. He closed his eyes and as soon as he did he started to get worried, 'What is she planning' he asked himself then his heart beat rose when he thought of all the horrible things she could do to him, and he wouldn't even see them coming.

Toph noticed this and said " Sheesh Snoozles calm down its not like I'm going to hurt you. Now are your eyes closed?"

"Yes" he said nervously

Since she didn't detect him lying she went ahead with her plan. She reached her hands forward and touched his cheek. Sokka's eyes flew open and he jerked his head back in surprise.

"What are you doing?" he exclaimed

Toph simply told him to shut his eyes and mouth or she wouldn't tell him the whereabouts of his beloved boomerang. He complied and Toph placed her hands back on his cheeks. She gingerly moved them around feeling his smooth skin beneath her hands, she then moved them downward tracing his jaw line, creating a mental picture of him in her mind. She then moved her hands back up his jaw and stopped at his ears she traced them for a bit before stating.

"Wow Aang was right you do have big ears"

"Hey! They aren't that big"

"They are compared to mine and my moms and dads"

"Yeah well maybe you guys just have small ears"

"Whatever, are your eyes still closed?"


"Ok I didn't want to accidentally poke you" she continued moving her hands towards his forehead. She traced his hairline and moved her hands up to the famous 'warriors wolf tail' she undid the hair band and let his hair fall into his face. She ran her hands through it, feeling its length and silky texture. Next she moved her hands back down and traced his brow. Her hands glided over his eyes, she felt his long eye lashes beneath her finger tips. She then moved on to his nose, it was excellently sculpted. Than she got to his lips and hesitated. Those lips, the whole reason she had never asked to feel his face before. She didn't want to touch them, that was such an intimate gesture, but at the same time she yearned to feel them, to be able to picture them, to see if they were as wonderful as his voice. She caved in and traced their outline slowly, taking in every curve. She then ran a finger over his bottom lip, then the top lip. They were both rich and luscious and soft, if only a little chapped.

Sokka felt Toph's soft hands trace his lips, his heartbeat immediately sped up. He felt her hands run over his lips and it made his senses go wild, he had a strange yet not unwelcome feeling in his chest and head. He lost track of everything around him the only thing he felt where her hands, one placed gently on his mouth the other on his cheek. Then the hand on his lips drew away, and for some reason he felt a pang of sadness.

She removed her hand, she had to she had just had the overwhelming desire to kiss him, to taste those wonderful lips, but she couldn't. or could she? She placed her hand on the stone beside her and felt Sokka's heart beat erratically.

'What am I doing?' she thought 'I'm being a wimp. What ever happened to the Toph that wasn't afraid of anything, the Toph that dove head first into danger without a second thought?'

And so she did, no fear, no thought, just action. Her lips crashed against his, they were warm and sweet, perfect in every way imaginable. They made her heart skip, and caused her head to spin. She didn't want it to end but she knew it had to and pulled away. But the feeling of his lips remained and it left her begging for more.

The hand on his cheek moved suddenly to his neck and he was pulled forward. He felt lips collide with his. The kiss was filled with longing and desire, it was heavy and gentle at the same time, spicy and sweet, perfect yet missing something. But it was also surprising and unanticipated. It happened so quickly he didn't have time to respond before it was over, and he wanted more. He opened his eyes and saw Toph sitting next to him, a blush spread out across her face.

"What was that for?" he asked breathless, his voice cracked and his throat was very dry for some reason.

"Well you see," she said her voice soft and her face pointed downward. "because I'm blind I don't really know what others look like so sometimes I…"

"No not that, I figured that out when you made the comment about my ears." he interrupted. "I mean the kiss"

"Ohh" she already knew what he meant she was just trying to stall. "I'm sorry I don't really know what came over me. It won't happen again I promise."

"You shouldn't make promises you can't keep Toph."

"What do yo…" she was stopped mid sentence by his lips pressed against hers. Sokka pulled away before Toph could respond he wanted to she her reaction.

She just sat there with a stunned reaction on her face, her mouth slightly open, then she shook her head and said in a very casual voice, "So I guess you want to know where your boomerang is now, don't you?"

"What boomerang?" he said before pulling her into another kiss. Toph quickly responded deepening the kiss. This one was longer than the other two and filled with more passion. His arms found their way around her back. And she slid hers upwards around his neck, at the same time bringing up a boomerang that had been hidden just under the surface of the fountain's stone. She gently put it back in the case around Sokka's back.


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