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The hot afternoon sun shown down upon the two four year olds as they played some made up game near a gleaming pond in their backyard. It was a very peaceful and heartwarming scene, until a fight broke out.

"You cheated!" Yuri shouted at her twin sister, anger flashing in her bright green eyes.

"Nuh-uh. You're just to much of a dummy head to know the rules." Mizuko replied closing her vivid blue eyes and crossing her arms across her chest.

"I am not a dummy head, you smelly butt-face!" she yelled clenching her fists in anger.

"Yes you are. Mommy likes me mostest 'acause I can bend the earth, and daddy likes Aniko best. That's why he trains her how to be a warrior, but you're too dumb to know any of that stuffs. Even little Min can sorta bend earth and she's a blind two year old. No one loves you not even aunt 'Tara and unka Aang." She said her voice sounding very bratty.

"That's not true!" her voice was filled with emotion, and her arms swung wildly about her in the same fashion her aunt's would whenever she was upset and angry. "When aunt and uncle got here today they said they loved me lots, and daddy he said, he said that he would teach me to fight when I'm older; I'm still to little. And who would want to bend magic earth anyway. That's just stupid and for stupid smelly people." As she finished she clenched her fists at her sides and stomped her little foot on the ground.

Unknown to the two girls their father had just walked outside to tell them the birthday party was about to start, but had stopped in his tracks at the scene before him. Behind Yuri the water was leaping around angrily. Sokka watched in amazement then fear as the water leaped at Mizuko then incased her feet in ice.

Finally Sokka's brain kicked in, and he ran forward. "What happened!" he asked desperately pulling out his trusty boomerang to break apart the ice.

Both girls just stared down at the ice dumfounded, not sure exactly what had happened. Finally Sokka stood up realizing his efforts were futile; the ice was just too thick and strong to be broken apart. He took in their shocked expressions and sighed loudly.

Yuri's face snapped up to meet her father's and her eyes flooded with tears and fear.

"Daddy! I'm sorry I didn't mean to. I don't even know what happened. You're not angry are you? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please help Mizuko. Please." Her voice trailed off, and she sniffled bringing her arm up to wipe her runny nose on her sleeve.

"Ohh, baby. I'm not angry." He said kneeling down to her level, and placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah quit crying like a baby. It doesn't even hurt." Mizuko piped up, giving her own brand of comfort to her twin.

"Really?" she asked, sniffling a bit and peeking her eyes out from behind her arm.

"Nope! It's just really, really cold." She gave her sister a big confident grin, and Yuri smiled softly.

"Yuri?" Sokka asked seriously. "I need you to run inside as fast as you can and get your aunt or uncle, okay?"

" 'kay" she said and ran full tilt towards the house. Sokka just watched her go still in shock.

A few minutes later Yuri appeared, dragging along a very confused Aang. After them waddled a seven month pregnant Katara.

"What happened here?" Aang exclaimed. He then took a stance, and transformed the jagged ice into a harmless puddle of water.

"It's all Yuri's fault" Mizuko said as she shook her now wet feet and crossed her arms.

All eyes turned to Yuri. " I didn't mean to" she said. "We were playing and Mizuko cheated,"

"I did not!" Mizuko interrupted

"You did too! You used your earthbending".

"Did not, you liar!"

"I'm not a liar, you are!"

"Girls" Sokka interjected sternly before things could get any worse. They both stopped and looked bashful at their scolding. "Go on Yuri, and don't you interrupt again, Mizuko".

"Well, she called me stupid, and said that nobody loved me 'acause I can't bend. It made me really mad. Then all of a sudden there's ice on her feet; it was like magic or somethin.".

"Ohh Yuri you know what she said isn't true, right? Everyone here loves you very much, whether you can bend or not."

"I know that daddy, but Mizuko wouldn't believe me"

"Well Sokka, it looks like you have one very odd family on your hands" Katara said. "Three earthbenders, including Toph, you and Aniko are both non-benders; and now it looks like little Yuri here makes one waterbender".

"But how? I can't bend water and obviously Toph can't either".

"You airhead, you're still from the water tribe, Sokka. Bending is in your blood."

"Hey!" Aang spoke up, "What wrong with being an airhead?" he said as he used wind to swirl a few leafs around his head.

"Hey, What are you slowpokes doing out here? Having a tea party?" Every one turned to see Toph striding towards them, little Min crawling after her. "The ice cream's melting, and Twinkle toes Jr. is in there talking my ears off and bouncing from wall to wall like a hyperactive Rabbaroo".

"Mommy!" Mizuko said excitedly, "Aunty 'Tara said that Yuri's a waterbender!"

Toph looked shocked. "What? How do you know?" She asked.

"She froze my feet to the ground".

"I already said I was sorry. It was an accident" .

"A waterbender, huh" Toph said thinking. She then bent down, picked Yuri up, and held her high in the air. "That is so cool! Katara do you have any of those waterbending scrolls?"

"Well not with me, but I could bring them next time we come to visit". She answered. "In the mean time I could write down a few basic instructions for her to practice with. Of coarse scrolls are no substitute for a real master, Yuri might have to come live with Aang and I for a while".

"What!? But I don't wanna leave!" Yuri said looking panicked.

"Yeah! Yuri's not going anywhere without me!" Mizuko said defiantly.

"Calm down, munchkins. Nobody's going anywhere right now" Toph said. "And this family isn't splitting up, so don't worry about it, if we have to we'll all move together".

"But Toph you can't live in the South Pole. You won't be able too see."

"What was that, princess. Did you just say I couldn't do something? I'm the greatest earthbender that ever lived. I can do what ever I want".

"Here we go again" Sokka mumbled.

"Okay guys, lets not talk about this now" Aang intervened. "Yuri's only four, we still have years to decide what's going to happen".

"Aang's right" Katara said.

"Yeah let's just go eat some ice cream already. I'm sure Roku is dying to open his presents" Sokka said.

"Yeah ICE CREAM!!" both Mizuko and Yuri yelled as they ran towards the house.

"Aang you might wanna hurry up and get inside. It looks like your son is about to use your glider to fly down the staircase. But don't worry too much Aniko is setting up cushions at the bottom" Toph said grinning wickedly.

"What!" Katara exclaimed.

"Don't worry, I'm on it." Aang said as he formed an air scooter and rushed towards the house.

A loud crashing sound could be heard as they walked towards the house.

"What happened" Katara asked alarmed.

"He hit the wall. Don't worry, the cushions did a good job; after he hit the stairs and rolled onto them" Toph laughed.

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Just a quick note on the kids,

Toph and Sokka's-

Aniko- age 6, female, non-bender. Her name means grace.

Yuri- Age 4, female, Waterbender. Her name means earth worker.

Mizuko- Age 4, female, Earthbender. Her name means water child

Min- Age 2, female, Earthbender. Her name means quick or sensitive. She's also blind.

Aang and Katara's

Roku- Age 5, male, Airbender. Named after Avatar Roku

??- not yet born, female, Bending unknown.