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Summary: This will be a series of vignettes about what we didn't get to see in Season 4 between Lucas and Peyton. The first story takes place after 4.10. Peyton brings Lucas home from the hospital.

Peyton flitted around Lucas's bedroom, pretending to keep herself busy; straightening out invisible wrinkles on the edge of his bedspread, rearranging knick knacks here and there, and hanging up neglected items of clothing lying around his room.

Peyton Sawyer was nervous, and was silently berating herself for it. Being nervous around Lucas Scott was ridiculous. He was the person she trusted and cared for the most, the guy she loved that was always saving her. Truly, her best friend at this point in her life. Though, he also recently crossed over to being her boyfriend, and on top of that, her boyfriend who had collapsed from a heart attack after winning the state championship and admitting he wanted to be with her.

She couldn't shake the thought that her kissing him played a role in his collapsing. In the back of her mind, she knew it was a bit of a silly thought; but that motto of hers – people always leave – kept popping up in her head. Technically, he had come back, but it didn't change the fact that for a while, she wasn't sure if he'd wake up. Lucas had a heart condition, and she had to face it – something like this happening again was not totally out of the question, and that thought scared her more than she cared to think about. Lucas was someone she couldn't bare to have leave her. Peyton was trying to remain strong, but found she just had no energy at this point to pretend.

"Peyt, do you think you can spare a minute from this fake busy thing you've got going on?" Lucas questioned with amusement from the top of his bed, patting the spot next to him.

Peyton smiled softly and slowly walked towards the left side of the bed. She had secretly deemed that her side of the bed in the days that followed Derek's attack, when she had been staying with Lucas.

"Sorry. I guess I'm just anxious. Or nervous. I'm just so glad that you're home and you're okay."

Lucas chuckled softly and put his arm around Peyton, pulling her close to him and placing a soft kiss atop her golden curls. "I know believe me, so am I. It's nice to be back in my own bed, instead of that stiff hospital bed."

Peyton smiled sadly, but refused to make eye contact with him.

Lucas noticed Peyton's hesitance and tilted her chin up so he could meet her eyes. "Hey, what's wrong, Blondie? What happened to the Peyton that couldn't stop talking and running around my hospital room, ecstatic when I woke up?"

"It's just…," Peyton took a deep breath. It had been a long day, and in all reality, this was not a subject she wanted to breach at all right now. The conversation that would follow would be far too emotionally draining.

"You know, it's been a really long day. A long couple of days. I'm exhausted, as I'm sure you still are. And you need your rest, mister. Do you mind if we just go to sleep?"

He lay down, and gathered her in his arms, bringing her head down to rest against his chest. "Of course. Let's sleep." Not that he was really buying into her excuse of being tired, but Lucas knew when to not push Peyton. She always came around with him, and he knew it wouldn't take long for her to tell him what was bugging her. That and he truly was still tired. Having a heart attack really did take the energy out of you.

Peyton breathed in deeply, taking in all that was Lucas. It had been a long time since they had been in a position to really sleep together like this. She wanted to fully appreciate it.

Lucas couldn't help but marvel at the feeling of her in his arms again, after such a long time apart. It somehow still managed to make him a little breathless, even after how long they'd known each other. Just the feeling of her soft skin against his was absolutely euphoric to him. This was what he'd been missing for so long. He couldn't help but notice the feeling of "rightness" that always rushed through him whenever he and Peyton were together in this sense.

Peyton leaned up and brushed her lips softly against Lucas's, intending to pull back quickly, but Lucas took her face between his hands and deepened the kiss, exciting them both and bringing goose bumps to their flesh. His tongue teasingly traced her perfect lips, silently asking for permission to enter, which she immediately gave him. This was what she had been craving.

After the kiss broke, he smiled down at her, a little out of breath. "We've got a lot of time to make up for. And you never got to 'remind me how good of a kisser you were for a couple of hours.'"

"This is true, Scott. Look who's talking though, you're one hell of a kisser, yourself."

Lucas smiled and pulled her closer. To himself, Luke thought this would've been as good a time as any to tell her that he came back for her, and to express how much he loved her. But something inside of him stalled. Fear? Maybe… but she had already said the words first. He reasoned to himself that she deserved a more perfect moment than this one to hear those three sacred words.

"Well thank you, Sawyer." He let out a loud yawn. "You're right though, I'm so drained, I'm about to fall asleep on you here."

Peyton giggled a bit. "Lucas Scott choosing sleep over making out?"

He let out a loud laugh. "Oddly enough – and this has nothing to do with your kissing ability whatsoever – yes, I am. As you said, it's been a long week. Plus, neither of us are going anywhere, we've got plenty of time to catch up on what we've missed."

"You're right." She kissed his soft lips once more, then turned so her back was facing him and scooted herself back into his arms so that they were spooning. To her, there was no better position to sleep in.

Lucas immediately threw his arm over her waist and moved as close as possible to her, kissing the top of her head once more. He smiled slightly when she instantly intertwined her fingers with his on her stomach. "Night Peyt."

Neither of us are going anywhere… we've got plenty of time. His words rang through her head, wishing she could convince herself he was here to stay.

She closed her eyes and resigned herself to let it go for the moment and just fall asleep next to the man she loved. "Night Luke."

Let me know what you think! I have about 9-10 more of these planned, all taking place either during or after a season 4 episode. Though season 4 was all about Leyton – I still don't think we got enough, you can never get enough LP love. This was my first story on here, so let me know what you thought! Thanks!