So, here it is guys – the last installment. I'm sad – this was my first real fic, and I don't want it to end just yet, but alas, it has. I hope this is a fulfilling last chapter!

This one takes place right after 4.21 – Leyton's last night together in Tree Hill.

Lucas and Nathan's one-on-one game had just ended; almost in homage to the first game they played against one another, Lucas had won against his little brother once again.

Lucas was ragging on Nathan and joking around, while everyone else was exchanging goodbyes.

"Yeah, yeah old man – I let you win, taking it easy on your heart, you know?"

Lucas laughed and bumped fists with his younger brother, both of them walking over to their group of friends. Luke walked up to his best friend and girlfriend who were hugging each other and crying softly.

"Haley stop crying, you're making me cry."

"I can't help it; I'm going to really miss you, Peyton."

Peyton's eyes welled up even more. "I'm gonna miss you too!"

Lucas rolled his eyes and put his arm around both of them. "Okay, I know we're all going to miss each other, but we're all seeing Peyton and Brooke off tomorrow at the airport. Save the tears for then, hm?"

Peyton and Haley both glared at him and walked over to join Brooke, Rachel, and Bevin.

After most of the goodbyes were said, and many tears were shed, as well, the only people left on the Rivercourt were Peyton, Lucas, Nathan, Haley, Brooke and Chase.

Nathan sighed and wrapped his arm around his wife. "It's so surreal to think that this is our last time together – well, for a really long time. College… it's going to change so much."

The three girls were all sniffling, and hugging tight to their boyfriends or husband.

"But we'll all still be friends and be in each other's lives, I know it," Lucas reassured everyone. "Brooke what happened to your 'no tears' speech?"

"Shut up, Luke. I changed my mind."

"We should get going, Deb's been with Jamie all night, we need to relieve our son," Haley joked.

Nathan and Haley hugged everyone once more and walked toward their car.

"Hales! Make sure you bring that beautiful baby to the airport tomorrow, we want to say goodbye to him, too." Peyton called out. Haley nodded her head in response, and wiped a tear from under her eye.

"Okay, P. Sawyer… what's the deal for tonight?"

Peyton furrowed her brows and turned her head to the side. "What do you mean?"

Brooke smiled at the two boys and pulled Peyton off to the side. "Okay, I know what we both want to do tonight with our boyfriends. The goodbyes, the sex… the goodbye sex," Brooke smirked. "So, what do we do with the apartment?"

Peyton smirked. Leave it to Brooke to be worried about sex, she thought. Then she frowned. Brooke was right; Peyton did have plans for her and Lucas tonight.

"Well, Chase and I don't really have a place to go. His parents are actually normal – they live in the same house and are total freaks about having girls over," Brooke pointed out.

"Okay, but at Lucas's there's a crying baby and his mother who wakes up every 4 hours or so to feed her."

They stared each other down. "Rock, paper, scissors?" They both exclaimed at the same time.

They shook their fists three times. Peyton chose scissors and Brooke chose rock. "Yessss!" Brooke cried out enthusiastically. "Sorry, P!"

Brooke skipped over to Chase. "We're good to go. Now, let's… go."

Chase got the hint and was quickly leading Brooke toward his car. "Sorry guys. We'll see you both tomorrow," He called out over his shoulder.

Peyton huffed and walked over to Lucas.

"What was that about, Peyt?" Lucas asked, sliding his hands around her waist.

"Brooke and Chase get to have sex tonight, and we get to spend the night listening to your baby sister cry every few hours, and not have sex on my last night in Tree Hill for nearly 4 months."

"Hey now, grouch. Who says we're not going to have sex?" Lucas smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

"Oh yes, with Lily and Karen right outside of your room? Very romantic, stud," Peyton remarked sarcastically.

"Listen, my mom knows it's your last night. She figured we might be staying at the house – she's not going to bother us. She promised. Not that she was all that thrilled about what we'd be doing, but nonetheless, it'll be like we're alone. And Lily's a pretty good baby, she doesn't wake up all that much – once Mom gets her up, she's pretty settled." Lucas leaned over to stroke her cheek. "We don't even have to have sex. Even if I can just hold you all night long, and be with you until the very last second – it's all that matters. Just you being in my arms."

Peyton's eyes softened and she seemed to swoon in his arms. "Baby, I love you for that. But… we won't be seeing each other until I come back in the fall. We're so having sex. We'll just have to… be quiet." She spit out the last part with disdain.

Lucas laughed and pulled her to his side, starting their journey back to his house.


The young couple entered his bedroom door quietly, not wanting to wake anyone up, or really even make their presence known. The mood was somber and both teenagers looked pretty sad.

Lucas glanced over at Peyton and noticed the sad expression on her face. This wasn't how this night was supposed to go. "Come on, Peyt, we're not going to do this. Not tonight. Tonight is supposed to be all about us, you can be sad at the airport. I know it sucks that we won't be spending our last summer before college together, but let's make the most of your time in Tree Hill."

Peyton laid down on Lucas's bed and pulled him to lie on top of her. "You're right. Tonight is about me and you. Plus, like you said – the time will fly by, and I'll be back in no time."


Lucas leaned down to brush his lips against her. He kept teasing her by placing short, chaste kisses to her lips, not giving in to what she really wanted. Soon enough Peyton became frustrated and grabbed the back of his head, smashing his lips down to hers, and opening his lips with her tongue to explore his warm mouth. Lucas let out a low growl, moving his hands to lift her legs around his waist. He kept one of his hands on her thigh, and the other moved to get tangled in her wild curls. Two things he would definitely miss, besides Peyton herself, would be her never-ending legs and her amazingly beautiful curls.

Lucas sat up on his knees and quickly removed his shirt, then moving on to unbutton his pants. While Lucas was taking care of his clothes, Peyton hurriedly removed her own garments. There was an unspoken understanding that they just wanted to be together, nothing else mattered. There would be no foreplay or tender touches this time around. Once all pieces of clothing had been removed, Peyton pulled Lucas down on top of her again, and in no time, they were frantically crashing into one another, moving in an impossibly fast, erotic rhythm. As Peyton felt the end nearing, she pulled on the back of Lucas's neck, bringing him into a searing, breathy kiss, and then they were falling over into that pool of ecstasy.

Lucas fell to her side, gasping for breath, his heart thumping wildly beneath his chest. He laid his head over her breasts, and pulled her impossibly close.

"I can't believe that every time we're together tops the previous time."

Lucas grinned somewhat proudly. "We're just amazing together; we were made to be with one another. In all ways for always."

"Scott, you are cheesy all the time, but after making love that cheese factor skyrockets."

"And that is one of the reasons you love me."

Peyton kissed his forehead. "I think you're right."

Lucas sat up against the headboard, making sure to keep his lower half covered. He should be exhausted after the intensity of what they'd just done, but he felt exhilarated and happy. All thoughts of her leaving were pushed to the back of his mind.

Peyton reached down and fished under the bed for Lucas's discarded shirt. Once she found it, she slipped it on, and buttoned it up – leaving just enough for the imagination.

When Lucas looked over at Peyton his mouth went dry and he felt himself becoming aroused once more. "That is the hottest sight I have ever seen. I changed my mind – stay here all summer, in my bed, wearing my clothes."

Peyton chuckled and shook her head, leaning over to rest against him. "Silly boy."

"In fact, I think I need my camera."

"Okay, you know I love sex, but I'm not up for going all Paris Hilton."

"Your mind is worse that my own. Not naked or anything – just a picture of you just like this. So I have something to look at while you're gone."

Peyton rolled her eyes reluctantly as Lucas came back to the bed with his camera. She bit her lip and as soon as she did, Lucas snapped the picture. It was natural and beautiful, just like her.

Lucas looked at her once more and felt a wave of sadness wash over him. "Okay, I know I said we weren't going to do this. But just looking at you right now…" Lucas let out a deep breath. "God, I'm going to miss you. I want you to go, and I want you to have a good time chasing after something that you love. Just… don't forget about me okay?"

Peyton tilted her head and looked at him in astonishment. "Are you… serious? Do you think that I could ever forget about you? Luke you are the love of my life. Nothing's going to change that. Certainly not 3 or 4 months in LA."

Lucas nodded, knowing he was being ridiculous. He just couldn't help it – it was going to be a torturous summer without his Blondie by his side. "You promise you're coming back after the internship?"

Once again, Peyton was taken aback. "Lucas, why would you ask me that? Of course I'm coming back! Why in the world would I stay there?"

"It's going to be a whole other world out there, Peyt. There are great schools, the music industry you love, different people."

"If you're worried about me finding someone else, you're nuts. I'm head over heels in love with you. Yes, there are great things out there. But you're not – you're here. And that's where I want to be. I just need to do this for the summer. That's all – I promise you'll be seeing me in a few months." Peyton scratched the side of her face. "Wow, Scott, I predicted that it would be me freaking out and going all sentimental and anxious."

Lucas grinned and pulled her to sit on his lap. "I'm sorry, it's just a wave of insecurity overcame me. I'm going to miss you so damn much, and I know you'll love it out there."

"I will. But I can say with confidence that there is no better place for me to be than in your arms. So, I will for sure be coming back. Los Angeles has got nothing on Lucas Scott."

Lucas gently leaned up to kiss her softly. "I know. I just needed to hear you say it. And I want you to know, that I am so in love with you." Peyton smiled; Lord was that good to hear.

He glanced over at the clock and saw it was nearly 2 a.m. "Geez, it's late Peyt. Maybe we should get some sleep."

Peyton shook her head vehemently. "No way. We are taking all of the time we have and using it to our advantage. Plus, Brooke scheduled our flight for the late afternoon. Take off is at 3:55. So, we've got hours until we have to sleep."

"Good, because I'm not tired, and I'm taking in all of you that I can."

"Interesting you put it that way," She murmured while leaning down to press a kiss against his chest, right over his heart. At the same time, she shifted in his lap and pressed down against him.

"Are you insinuating what I'm hoping you are?"

Peyton bit his earlobe. "Hell yes, I am. You up for it?"

In an instant, Lucas had pulled his shirt off of her. "I'm always up for you."

This time, their lovemaking was gentle and slow. They were drinking each other in, and making sure to memorize every inch of skin. When Lucas entered her, their movements were almost unbearably slow and sensuous.


The next morning, Peyton woke up around 10:30, before Lucas. He was holding her tightly in his arms, and turning around to face him was almost a struggle with his tight grip. Once she had successfully turned in his arms, she brought up her hand to stroke the side of his face.

She could not believe that the day of her departure was finally here. Leaving Lucas was the last thing she ever wanted to do. But she had spent all of last night convincing Luke and herself that everything would be okay and this was the right thing to do. Truthfully, only time would tell.

Lucas's eyes fluttered open, and he groaned, realizing that it was morning, and he needed to wake up. However, his mood greatly improved once he saw that his beautiful blonde girl was staring at him; green eyes bright and wide. He leaned over to kiss her in greeting. "Morning, Blondie."

"Morning, babe. Sleep well?"

Lucas chuckled throatily and pulled her entire body onto his. "Sleep? Baby, do I need to define sleep for you? I'm not sure much of that happened in this room last night."

Peyton blushed and shook her head. "I guess you're right. But… it was worth it right?"

"Every second," he whispered into her ear. "God, I can't believe this is our last morning waking up together for a really long time." They both frowned at the thought. "What time do we need to get going?"

Peyton glanced over at the clock and smiled. "We need to be at the airport by 2, 2:15 at the latest."

Lucas grinned slyly as well. "From my calculations, we have a little over 3 hours to spend together before leaving."

"One more round, Scott?"

Lucas sat up to kiss her neck, running a hand down her spine. "Just one?"


The group of 6 friends had met had the local airport, and the moment everyone had been dreading had fallen upon them: saying goodbye to two of their best friends. It was like a sign that adulthood was finally here, and high school was officially a memory of the past.

After Peyton and Lucas had finished up their morning rounds of lovemaking, they had had lunch with Karen and Lily at the café. Peyton and Karen had a teary goodbye, and Lucas found it nearly impossible to get his baby sister out of his girlfriend's arms. The whole car ride to the airport, their hands had been interlocked, but not a word was spoken. They were unsure what to say at this point.

Everyone had been at the airport for nearly a half an hour, and the goodbyes were incredibly emotional. Brooke currently was holding baby James, and Peyton was standing right next to her; both of them doting on the precious child.

Nathan regrettably looked down at his watch and cleared his throat. "I'm sorry to end this love fest, but it's 2:50. You two should probably start the long process of going through security.

Brooke nodded and brought James back to his parents. She hugged them both, and couldn't contain her tears. "Take care of my Godchild, okay?"

Haley couldn't speak, and Nathan was choking up as well. They both nodded and brought Brooke in for one last hug.

Peyton was next on the list. She hugged Haley and James tightly, not wanting to let go. She then moved onto Nathan and felt herself falling apart. She would miss this young, small family so much. "I love you two so much. And you too Jamie. I love you all. Don't forget that."

Haley hugged Peyton again, and Nathan kissed her forehead. "Be careful out there. Watch out for each other in L.A."

Peyton let out a small smile – Nathan was always the protective one. "We will, I promise."

Peyton's eyes immediately found Lucas's after all other goodbyes had been said.

Somewhere deep down, Lucas had a feeling that California would be privy to having Peyton Sawyer longer than 3 months. He just knew it – he didn't know how, he chalked it up to intuition. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind, and tried to believe in what Peyton had said last night.

He pulled her into his arms tightly, not wanting to let go. Lucas closed his eyes and breathed her in. That smell would be with him long after she was gone – it was intoxicating. Lavender and chamomile. Lucas kept his eyes closed until he could feel Peyton shaking in his arms.

"We're going to be okay right? Tell me we're going to make it," Peyton almost sobbed out.

Lucas felt his own tears welling up. "Peyton baby look at me. We are going to be fine, not even putting a whole country in between us will split us up. No matter what happens – it's you and me in the end. And you know why?" Lucas cupped her face in his hands, making sure she was listening to his every word. "Because I'm going to love you forever Peyton Sawyer."

Peyton couldn't stand it anymore; she crashed their lips together. His hands were still cupping her face, and hers were buried in his hair. The kiss was slow and sensuous, full of longing, and she hadn't even left. They kissed as long as possible before withdrawing to take in deep breaths, gulping for air.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, guys, I really am – but P, we need to get going," Brooke sounded teary as well, having just said her own long goodbye to Chase.

Peyton nodded and picked up her carry-on luggage.

"Call me as soon as you get settled."

"Not a minute later," Peyton promised. She took a deep breath. This was it. "No goodbyes, because with you and I, there will never be a 'goodbye.'"

They kissed one last time, and then Peyton and Brooke were off.

The four remaining friends looked like they'd just weathered a storm.

Not even a minute later Lucas was surprised when he saw Peyton running toward him. She jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. They joined in one last heated kiss; lips moving roughly, sure to be bruised later, tongues dueling, and breath coming out hotly. Once it was over, Peyton rested her forehead against his. "That's something to remember me by while I'm gone."

Lucas smirked and pressed one last chaste kiss to her lips. "I'll never forget it, that or any other kiss. I promise."

Peyton unwrapped her legs from around him and dropped to the floor. "Lucas Scott, I love you. I just didn't want to get on that plane without saying it again."

Lucas watched as she walked away, Brooke at her side, a consoling arm thrown over her best friend. Peyton turned one last time to gaze into his eyes, and then she was lost in the crowd.

Lucas closed his eyes and smiled sadly. "Goodbye Peyton."

I hope this wasn't a let down for my last chapter! I had such a hard time writing it because I knew that she wouldn't be coming back to Tree Hill and it nearly broke my heart the whole time thinking about it. I hope it wasn't too depressing. But, I'm staying confident, Lucas and Peyton will end up together; let's all just believe in that.

So, thank you to all of my loyal readers – you've been the ones keeping me going! And don't think I don't recognize that, I do. So thank you all, once again, and let me know what you thought of the end.

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