A/N: Our take on how Joey met the gang and how he and Chandler became so close. This is about eight months before the start of the first season, so Rachel is not in it at all. I also don't own Friends, or any of the characters. I wish I did.

"Then get a roommate!" Ross was tired of this conversation and rand his hand through his hair. Chandler had come in earlier that night complaining about how high rent was and he still wouldn't get over it.

Chandler rolled his eyes. "Real clever Ross, you think I haven't thought of that?" he sighed, collapsing on the sofa.

"What's so wrong with a roommate?" Phoebe asked, looking up from her guitar long enough to peer at Chandler interestedly.

"What's wrong with a roommate?" Chandler repeated, looking at her as if she was crazy, which was a debatable topic at the best of times. "I'll tell you what's wrong. I haven't had a roommate since college." He glanced over at Ross. "And I want to keep it that way. I like having the apartment all to myself."

Monica looked like she wanted to scream. "Well obviously something's not working. Just put an ad out for a roommate, you might like it."

"Yeah." Ross chipped in. "I mean, we were roommates and we had a great time."

Chandler shook his head, defeated. "Fine, I'll...I'll get an ad out."

Phoebe, who had gone back to plucking at her guitar, looked up again. "Oh! Make sure he's cute!" she tilted her head as they all stared at her. "What? If he's going to be living across the hall one of us should date him." She shrugged and put her head back down.

Chandler, who was still staring at Phoebe, seemed to physically shake himself. "So I'll put the ad out tomorrow." He sounded as if he'd just signed his own death sentence.

"Hey." Said Ross, coming over behind his friend. "It won't be that bad. He can be, like, part of the gang."

"Four's kind of small anyway." Monica chipped in from the sink.

Chandler got up. "Whatever. See you guys tomorrow." He walked out of the apartment, already knowing that he wouldn't like anybody who showed up.

Just trying to get the plot down. The next chapter will be up soon.