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Summary: The fire in Twilight did not happen. So Suze forgot about Jesse and became Paul's girlfriend. Everything's been great. Until one day she finds something that brings back all the memories that have been forgotten. Will Suze forgive Paul and continue to be his girlfriend and go on with her life as it is or will she go to Jesse instead, even though they are centuries apart and try to reawaken the love that was lost? What are the surprises that await her in her choice?



Everything happened so fast.

Last thing I remember was standing near the wall of a barn then, Felix Diego had me in a headlock with a knife pointed at my neck. A sharp one too, mind you. Then next, he tossed me aside like a rag doll – as if a hundred and fifteen pound girl like me didn't weigh anything at all – and lunged at Jesse.

I would have fallen flat on my face if Paul hadn't suddenly grab both my arms to steady me. He also managed to steady – with his foot – the oil lamp that I knocked down when I was so kindly thrown aside by Diego. Boy, was it a sight. If this were any other occasion and not an I'm-trying-to-save-my-ghost-but-now-alive-boyfriend-because-I-went-in-time-to-save-him-from-being-killed-so-that-he-could-have-a-normal-life-as-a-living-person-in-his-century, I would have been laughing my head off at Paul.

Good thing he did save the oil lamp though, because if he didn't, maybe the whole barn could've been burned to ashes.

Paul helped me to my feet and we stood near the edge of the landing. My heart suddenly went back to my throat and pounded as loudly as before as I remembered who was the reason we were in this place.

I looked back at the two people fighting, hoping that for some miracle that Jesse would be winning. But Diego managed to pin Jesse on the floor, his knife was dangerously near Jesse's neck. I wanted to help but it felt like my feet had a mind of their own and wouldn't let me.

I watched in horror as Jesse – the only man I would love for all eternity – fight for his life. I felt like my heart was being stepped on and torn to pieces. What if Diego still manages to kill him? What will happen to Jesse?

Well, he'd be haunting the Ackerman backyard up to the 21st century,

that's for sure.

No. I can't let that happen.

Jesse wasn't meant to die. He has 5 sisters for crying out loud! What will they do without him? And his parents? Oh my God. What would they think of their only son, dead? No. Jesse can't die!

"Hey!" someone yelled. Paul and I looked down to see that there was a guy near the door of the barn. Obviously he came to check on what was the noise about. But he took one look at us then ran back to where he came from, probably to get help or the police or something.

However, the guy's shout actually surprised Diego and Jesse took the opportunity to shove his attacker off of him. But then, Diego lost his balance and fell to the ground floor.

Hearing the breaking of backbones was enough proof.

Felix Diego was dead.

Oh. My. God.

Felix Diego was DEAD! Jesse was going to live!

I wrenched my arm from Paul – I hadn't noticed that he was still holding on to my arm though. My mind was a bit occupied, by all the action that we just saw, to notice – and ran to Jesse. I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I didn't care if this wasn't how a girl should act in this century but Jesse did seem shocked at first, but then returned – thankfully – the hug.

He was sweaty, breathless and bloody but I didn't care! He's alive! That's all that mattered to me. Sue me, I was overjoyed.

"Jesse, you're going to live!" I said as I pulled away just far enough to look at his face. He didn't say anything but just smiled – something that made my heart melt. His starkly white teeth contrasted beautifully against his olive skin. Everything was perfect with him. But there was something in those beautiful eyes of his. Something that bothered me. Something that shouldn't be there.


But why would he be sad anyway? I mean, he just changed his destiny and he's going to live! That's enough for another person to hold a feast.

But then, Jesse isn't just any other person. But still, why would he be sad?

I didn't get to think about it much though because I suddenly heard someone clear his throat behind me. Someone being Paul Slater. Damn him. Can't he see this was a happy moment?

"Uhh, Suze," He said, clearly feeling awkward, "I think we better go now."

As much as I didn't want the hug me and Jesse were sharing, we – Paul and I – really had to go. There were people starting to gather. They might wonder who Paul and I were. And not to mention our clothes.

But at the thought that this could be the last time I would ever see, or even remember Jesse, I felt like I couldn't and wouldn't let go. I will lose the one I love. I will never see him again. Forever.

Next thing I knew I was crying against Jesse's chest. God. Suze Simon does not cry. I'm just hormonal right now. Yeah, right. Keep telling that to yourself, Suze. But it didn't help much. I just kept sobbing on and on.

That is, until Jesse was stroking my hair. He also whispered Spanish words in my ears. Now that calmed me. A lot. He pulled me away from him and cupped my face in both his hands. A first I thought – or rather, hoped – he was going to kiss me. I wish. But he just wiped away my tears with his thumbs.

"Jesse, I don't want to lose you." I blurted out before I could stop myself. I suddenly felt heat creep up to my cheeks as I realized that, to him, I was just some strange girl from the future he met today. Damn, what was I thinking? He didn't know who I was. Or at least, who I was to him in the 21st century. This Jesse didn't know that I would give up my life for him. This Jesse didn't know that I cared for him with all my heart. This Jesse didn't know that I love him.

Tears started to flow again. But Jesse just kept on wiping them away. "Ssh, Susannah," he whispered, "you never will."

Before I could say or question anything, I heard Paul's voice again, "C'mon Suze, let's go."

I sighed. It had to come to this anyway. I slowly pulled away as I said, "Well, I guess this is goodbye then." He didn't say anything so I just started to go beside to where Paul was standing.

"Susannah, wait!"

I turned, hoping that maybe this time he would take me in his arms and kiss me for one last time. "Yeah?"

"Will I ever see you again?" Oh. Guess you could only hope for so much.

"I… I don't know." I looked up to meet his gaze. Those deep, unreadable brown eyes that I have come to love. I wish that he would see that this was hard for me. "Probably not." I whispered.

"Oh. Well then, take care, Susannah. Thank you again. And I… I want you to have this." He grabbed something from his neck and placed it in my hand. It was a small gold cross on a thin gold chain. Funny, I didn't notice he had a necklace before.

I tried to give it back to him but he wouldn't have any of it. He said that it was a token, a gift from him to me, for saving his life.

"Thanks." I said as I put the necklace on. It was really pretty for a nineteenth century jewelry. Simple yet elegant. I turned and walked back to Paul – who was waiting impatiently. Insensitive dumbass. He was the one who was going to shift back. I was just going to hold on to him. I was too tired and exhausted to shift. But I would have punched him in the face if he wouldn't do so anyway. When I reached Paul, I turned back to Jesse, "I guess we better go now. Goodbye, Jesse."


As we shifted – well, Paul did all the work. I just stood there holding his arm. I heard Jesse whisper another word. But to me, it seemed that he shouted it to the whole barn. A word that I have also grown to love. A word that I would also unbearably and sorely miss. A word that always made my heart skip a beat whenever I heard it.



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