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Chapter 1


"Next activity: Seven Minutes In Heaven! Kendra style!" Kendra shouts, excitedly.

May I mention to you, wherever her excitement came from, I have no idea. I'm definitely not excited.

"Kendra style?" some girl that I don't know asks.

I look around Kendra's dim-lit living room and notice -not for the first time- that I only know three people in the room.

Kendra, Max, and Derek.

I swear, I wouldn't have come to this stupid party if Max hadn't asked me.

"Kendra style," Kendra said brightly. "Is that instead of picking who you're going into the closet with, we sit in a circle and let a bottle decide, like in Spin the Bottle!"

I grimace and hesitate before raising my hand.

"Sweetie, you don't need to raise your hand to say something." Kendra laughs, which causes everyone else to laugh.

Like I don't get laughed at by people I already know. I don't need to be by people I don't.

"Uh, what about those of us that are taken?" I ask, glancing at Max and ignoring the ongoing giggles.

"It doesn't matter if you're taken in this game." Kendra says like it was obvious common knowledge.


"Case," Max interrupts me. "It's okay. I don't mind."

I narrow my eyes at him.

I mind! Why don't you mind?

But he's grinning at me in that heart melting way, so I can't bring myself to say anything.

But I'm not kissing some other guy. Not.

And even though I'm not going to say anything, Max better not either.


Casey's such a weirdo. What's she even doing here? Wait, it's not like I even care.

But come on, who raises their hand at a party? She could suck the fun out of anything.

"Come on, kids! Sit in a circle!" Kendra smiles, flouncing off for a second and returning with one of her dad's beer bottles.

Then again, Kendra kind of can too. Who schedules activities at a party for people that aren't in Pampers? She's lucky she's popular. That's why no one's saying anything.

I settle down in between two blonde's. They look familiar, since I go to school with them, but do I know their names? Nope. Do they know my name? Of course.

"Hey, Derek" Both girls say to me at the same time.

I try not to laugh as they both slowly look past me to glare at one another.

"Hey, ladies." I say, and their glare breaks as they both snap to look back at me.

Seven minutes in heaven. This should be interesting.

"Okay, so I'm going to spin first, and whoever it lands on will be the first real player, okay? And then that person will spin, and whoever it lands on will go into the closet with them!" Kendra claps her hands. Seriously. She clapped.

Sometimes I worry about her.

I just hope I don't end up in the closet with her. Yeah, she's a good kisser, but now that it's over, and has been for two months without it starting up again, I think she may relapse into calling me Der-Bear if we end up in the closet together.

But, who wouldn't? Once you've had a taste of me, it's pretty hard to get over.

"Here we go." Kendra says, spinning the bottle.

We all watch it expectantly as it stops at...me.

Okay, I guess I'm going first. Wonder who the lucky lady will be.


You can totally tell he's wondering which 'lucky' one of us will be the one in the closet with him. He's got that smug look about him. God, he's so self centered.

And these girls aren't helping. They're practically drooling, waiting for him to spin the bottle.

Geez, about half of them just crossed their fingers. What is wrong with these girls?

Derek looks up at everyone.

"Well, let's see, ladies." he smirks. I feel the need to throw up.

Derek places his hand on the bottle and let's his fingers push it into a spin.

A bunch of the girls gasp. I roll my eyes, disgusted. These girls should really see the bathroom after he uses it. That might cure them from Derek-itis.

I watch the bottle spin, then look up and see all the girls staring at the bottle intently with bated breath. Suddenly, every single girl looks up to stare at me.

Okay, I'm slightly scared.

I look around, every girl's looking at me. I glance at Derek. He's staring at me slack jawed.

Okay, what's everyone's problem?

I glance down for a second, and then look back up...

Only to look back down so quick that I almost get whiplash.

The bottle's pointing at me. Me.



The bottle's pointing at Casey. Casey.


Ew, this can't happen. It's Casey.

"Um, I can re-spin this one, right." I'm not asking. I'm telling. Because there's no way I'm going anywhere near that closet with Casey.

"Of course not, silly." Kendra says.

Every girl, including Casey, snap their heads to glare at Kendra.

"What?" Kendra asks, noting the death glares.

"I'm his step-sister, Kendra." Casey says.

"So?" Kendra asks.

So? Is she kidding me?

"Are you kidding me?" Casey asks, as if reading my mind.

"No. Now get in that closet. Now." Kendra says.

But that's not going to happen.

"Sorry, Kendra. No." I say.

"Stop being such babies, and get in the closet." Kendra rolls her eyes.

I glance at Casey, who looks like she's about to spoon out Kendra's eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I don't feel like making out with my brother." Casey seethes.

"Step-brother." I hear myself say.

Wait. That is not helping.

Casey glares at me, which tells me she's thinking the same thing.

I avert my gaze from Casey, and catch that Max is also glaring at me.

For a guy who said he doesn't mind playing, he's pretty good at looking like he does.

But, I guess it's understandable. If I was him, and my hot girlfriend was- Wait, what? Did I just think Casey was hot? Ick. Just...ick.

"Kendra, this really isn't-" I was interrupted by Kendra getting up and grabbing my arm, dragging me over to Casey, where she grabs her arm too, and drags us both toward the closet.

I never experienced her strength before, and it makes me quite glad that she only cried, and never hit while we were going out.

"Kendra, what are you-" Casey starts to ask.

"Ssh. Okay, you guys are going in that closet, whether you jump each other or glare at each other from opposite sides of the closet. I don't care. But you guys are getting in that closet." Kendra says with fierceness.


"No, too bad." Kendra opened the closet door and shoving us in it, closing the door behind us.

And then it's dark.

This is just great.


Oh, my God. I can't believe that she did that!

That... word I'm not going to say.

Remind me to kill Kendra later...

When I'm not in a dark confined closet with Derek.

"Well," I say into the darkness. I have no idea where he is. "This is just great."



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