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Chapter 7


As I walk down the halls I'm overcome with a strange sense of shame, feeling the looks that people are giving me.

They know. They all know.

Of course they know. I mean, Thompson High has never been exclusive to privacy. Note the Klutzilla incident when my name was called over loudspeaker. Plus, all the juicy filling of this weeks gossip occurred at one of Kendra's parties. Nothing that happens at Kendra's parties stays there. This isn't Vegas, it's the social scene of the "popular" crowd. A grade-grubbing freak macking on her stepbrother, a popular hottie, pretty much has an insurance policy on being golden elite gossip of the week.

And the whispers don't help my mounting paranoia much. I mean, come on. Do they really have to break into a hush of whispers once I pass by? What's worse is that they are whispering before, and once they see me they stop and become completely silent -though nothing stops them from staring at me with knowing smirks and disgust-. The whispering ensues once I take a few steps past them.

This is ridiculous!

Has no one ever heard of a girl kissing her stepbrother and then dumping her boyfriend after he makes out with his ex out of jealousy?


Don't answer that. Dumb question, I know.


Every time I see Casey in the halls, I want to stop and apologize.

But for what? Kissing her in that damned closet at that damned party?

Yeah, that might be a good place to start. Seeing as I can tell she's miserable. She's shuffling her feet. As she walks she's staring at those shuffling feet. And I can see the paranoia seeping in. All the whispering is taking its toll on her. Yeah, the whispering is following me, too, but it's definitely not affecting me the way it is Casey.

I could also stop and apologize for the fact that I still want to kiss her.

But I can't exactly go up to her and tell her that.

The whisperings would become full-fledged madness. I know that. If she knew what I wanted to do, she would know it too. But she doesn't know.

Or I could just apologize for the stupidity of our peers who have nothing better to do than feed off of whatever gossip they can grasp like the bloodsuckers they are.

But I can't apologize for that either because I knew from the moment we stepped onto the school campus this morning that it would be best if I stayed clear of Casey today. It would just cause more problems, and she doesn't need anymore. From the last time I saw her it didn't seem like she had crossed paths with Max yet, but it's only a matter of time. I know he's at school, and when they see each other, there is a very large possibility that all Hell will break loose. Maybe not as much Hell as was released at the party, but who knows, it could be more.

Like, I have all day, I ignore the gawking stares as I make my way toward the cafeteria. As soon as I enter it is like I have some sort of radar. I immediately focus in on Casey in one part of the room, and Max entering from another part.

Time for what we've all been waiting for.


My heart begins to speed up when I see Max entering the caf. This is it. There is no way he's not going to say something to me. My eyes flit around the room quickly and I can see that I'm not the only one who has noticed Max and what may come from this. My eyes spot Derek and I see that he's seen Max as well. His eyes move to me and lock with my own causing me to become even more on edge. I avert my eyes quickly, and stare at the dirty linoleum while I try not to hyperventilate.

When I look up nearly everyone is paying attention to Max who, to my horror, is making his way to me. Everyone begins to sort of shuffle forward, trying to see what will happen. I see that Derek has pushed his way forward and is standing not too far from me.

"So how was the weekend? Nice and incest filled?" Max spits out bitterly when he reaches me.

I cringe. Incest. The word sounds harsh and vile to my ears. It sounds dirty. Therefore, I feel dirty. Is it really incest? Derek and I aren't blood related? But I know a lot of people don't care about certain circumstances such as this. Especially high school students. They take what they can get and tear apart whoever they can reach.

And Derek and I are right in their grasp.

"Max, don't." I manage to whisper.

"Why not?" Max asks.

"I'm not the only one who did something wrong, okay?" I say.

"You know what, Case?" Max asks, giving me a disgusted look. "People cheat on their boyfriends everyday. But it's usually not with their brother. I can't believe I ever wasted my time on a freakish, incestuous slut like you."

His words are pure venom and they nearly make me stumble backwards at the force they are said with. I feel my eyes begin to sting as tears fill them. My mind becomes blank and I have no idea what to say. What do you say to something like that?

"Max, shut the hell up." I hear a familiar voice say.

Derek steps from the sidelines to stand a bit ahead of me, facing Max.

"Don't start with me, Venturi." Max says. "Before I tear you down your social ladder even more."

"You haven't done shit." Derek spits out.

"Oh, you're right." Max nods in agreement. "You did it yourself. You and that whore." He nods his head in my direction and I bite my lip to keep the tears from spilling over.

"You're an idiot." Derek scoffs. "You're just upset because you lost Casey." My eyebrows raise. He's defending me?

"If you think that, you're the idiot." Max says.

"Man, she's gorgeous, she's smart, she's talented. And I bet I'm not the only who thinks it's crazy that she wasted so much time on you."

"You're just trying to change the subject from the fact that you made out with your sister." Max says shaking his head, but his confidence seems to be waning.

"One," Derek says, giving Max a look of pity. "Casey and I are not blood related. So get your head out of your ass and then get over yourself. And two," Derek turns away from Max and looks at the crowd that has congregated around us. "Guys, how many of you think Casey is hot?"

My eyes bulge out. What is he doing? But then my eyes bulge out even farther when I see that a good chunk of the guys in the room have raised their hands.

"How many think that she is a good actress and an amazing singer?" Hands are still raised. "How many of you have ever wanted to date Casey?" There are still a bunch of hands raised up.

"And how many of you," Derek asks. "Think that Casey can do so much better than Max?"

Almost every single hand in the room becomes lifted in the air, and not just by the males.

Derek turns back to look at Max and gives him his signature smug smirk. I can't believe what has just happened.

"You see Max? So keep your bitterness to yourself because Casey is nothing that you're making her out to be and has always and will always be way too good for you."

Derek turns away from Max to face me. He puts a hand on my shoulder and begins to lead me out of the cafeteria. I'm not sure how this will affect what people think about the status of Derek and mines relationship. But right now, I don't mind. Because what Derek just did is amazing.

And Max is still the idiot.


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