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"Der-ek! Come on! This has got to stop!" Casey McDonald pounded on the bathroom door, the same as she had done every morning for what seemed like forever, but really only since she had moved into the Venturi household, which had been roughly a year and a half.

She let herself lean against the wall near the bathroom door, but kept her knocks forceful.

"Get out! There are seven people in this house, not just you!" She yelled through the door.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open, and Casey stood up straight, seeing Derek standing there, nonchalantly brushing his teeth. Derek stopped momentarily and removed the toothbrush from his mouth.

"May I help you?" he said through a mouth full of toothpaste.

"Yeah, you could get out. And while you're at it, get that rabies shot I've been telling you to get, before it's really too late." Casey narrowed her eyes at him in annoyance, crossing her arms across her chest, and trying very hard to refrain herself from tapping her foot.

"Oh, ha ha." Derek deadpanned, but he lifted the hand that wasn't holding the toothbrush up to his face, wiping away a glob of foamy toothpaste, and preventing it from running down to his chin.

"Anything I can actually help you with. Or something that will remove you from my general vicinity, possibly?"

Casey rolled her eyes at him, as he put the toothbrush back into his mouth, and stared at her.

"Get out!" she yelled.

"Yeah, I'd love to help you with that one, I really would" he said, removing the toothbrush once again, and using it as a motioning device. "But, wait, I actually don't want to help." he smirked.

He began to close the door, with the toothbrush hanging out of his mouth now, like a toothpick, but Casey put out her foot and stopped the door.

"Ugh, Casey, I really don't have time for our morning banter, and-"

Casey pushed past Derek forcefully, moving herself into the bathroom.

"Either you leave and let me finish, or you get to see my morning regiment. And who knows, I might need to take a cold shower." Derek said cockily, as Casey dropped her towel and the outfit she was going to change into in a neat pile on an empty counter space.

"No, I think you're going to leave this time Derek." Casey said.


"Yeah, really." Casey said, narrowing her eyes.

"And how do expect that to happen. Really, enlighten me, because I'd love to know." Derek said letting his eyebrow arch in that annoying way.

"I'm using your very own tactics." Casey smiled.

"Pray tell." Derek said, sounding slightly amused and intrigued.

"You really may need to take a cold shower." Casey said.

Casey lifted her top over her head. She had a white tank top on underneath the shirt, but taking off the first top was enough.

"Okay! Okay! You win. But only now. You're lucky I just have a deep preservation for keeping my sight, or else you'd be leaving and not me." Derek said, dropping his toothbrush onto the sink, and leaving, not even bothering to spit and rinse his mouth.

Casey was pretty sure she saw him swallow the toothpaste on his way out. The very idea made Casey shiver at the 'guy-ness' of it.

"Hey, Derek. Wait." she called, peeking her head through the bathroom door. She watched Derek walk backwards until he was close enough to talk to her. "What do you want now?"

"Good morning." she smiled sarcastically at him before closing the bathroom door on him.

Derek grumbled at the closed bathroom door before turning so that he could go to his room. He didn't really need a shower anyway. He didn't smell...that bad. And even so, the girls would like his manly smell either way. It was part of his attraction. It wasn't stink, it was musk.

He shrugged as he sifted through a pile of clothes at the bottom of his closet , until he pulled out a shirt he didn't think he had worn lately, and didn't look too dirty, and then pulled on a pair of jeans he had worn the day before.

He walked over to a mirror he had on his wall that was almost completely covered by band pictures, local club cards, and ticket stubs from concerts and such, and looked into the small space that was actually mirror, quickly running his fingers through his hair, then giving himself a snap-thumbs up- wink in the mirror.

After that he went back to his closet and took his leather jacket off it's hanger-the only thing that was actually hanging in the closet- and slipping it on. Oh, yeah. He was good to go. The Venturi perfection. No one could resist him now. Except maybe Casey, but he didn't really care about her.

He left his room just as Casey was coming out of the bathroom, looking like she was ready for her day, while Derek was trying to not scratch his butt.

They both stopped and gave each other their mandatory morning glare, then Casey looked at the stairs and back at Derek. Then she bolted for the stairs. Realizing what she was doing, Derek quickly ran after her, resulting with both of them fighting for space on the stairs, since they squished together trying to get through on the same steps. Casey managed to push through, and jump to the landing first.

Not hesitating she made her way for the kitchen, skidding slightly when her feet met the tile on the kitchen floor. She balanced herself, turning to see Derek close behind her. Her eyes shot to the kitchen counter to where the carton of orange juice was. Her hand shot out, just as Derek was about to grab it from her, and she turned, sheltering it from Derek, and spinning around, so that she could move away from him.

"Ha!" she said holding the carton triumphantly. "That's twice in one morning that I beat you!" she said. She opened the carton and looked inside, her triumphant grin immediately turning into her more usual annoyed frown. "How convenient, " she said, holding the open carton upside down over the floor. "It's empty."

"Edwin!" Derek called, not taking his grinning eyes away from Casey, as she narrowed her own.

Casey watched as Edwin entered the kitchen holding a glass of orange juice, and handing it to Derek. "Here you go, just like ordered." he said.

"I can think ahead." Derek said, tipping his head to Casey, then taking a long drink from the glass. "Ah." he sighed. "Refreshing."

"Ugh! Derek, you are such a brat!" Casey fumed.

"Ha, says the Queen Hypocrisy!" Derek chuckled.

"I am not a hypocrite!" Casey said.

"Keep telling yourself that. It won't change the facts, and you know it." Derek said. He looked at the glass of remaining orange juice.

"You know, I just don't feel like orange juice anymore." he shook his head, and put the glass in the sink, letting it tip over, and the liquid pour down the drain. He watched it, and then looked back up innocently at Casey. "Oh well." he shrugged, and strutted out of the room.

"Hey, Case." Casey turned to see her mom smiling at her. "Hey mom."

"Oh, yeah, and I forgot-" Derek said, coming back into the kitchen.

"Oh, good, I need to talk to both of you." Nora said.

"Why?" Both Casey and Derek said at the same time. They quickly glared at each other for saying the same thing, but then turned back to Nora.

"There's that little carnival that's passing through, and we're all going after you guys get out of school. So don't make any plans, and if you have plans, too bad, because we are all going as a family." Nora said.

"Yeah, can I count Casey as step-family? Would that work? Because, no offense, but I really don't want people remotely connecting me and Casey as coming from the same gene pool, because-"

"Watch it, Derek." Nora said.

"Fine." Derek sighed.

"George and I will come pick you guys up from school, so don't worry about it. Then we're all off to Curtsies, Curses, and Company!"

"Crusties, and what?" Derek asked.

"Curtsies, Curses, and Company. That's the carnival you dumb-"

"Casey." Nora said in a warning tone.

Casey trailed off, not finishing.

Nora nodded approvingly, and walked from the room.

"Don'tcha wish you're boyfriend was hot like me? Wait. You don't have a boyfriend! Ha. Don'tcha wish that you could just cuss me out!" Derek sang quietly, as he wandered out of the kitchen once again, humming as he went.

"That doesn't even sound right!" Casey called after him, even though she knew that a) That was a lame response, and b) It wouldn't matter anyhow, Derek didn't care.

And, oh joy, she got to spend some nice step-family quality time with him after school, too. Like it wasn't bad enough sleeping in a room next to his. Maybe she could push him off a ferris wheel...


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