No answers.

"Kakashi-san," the person called again.

No answers.

Mechanically, Itachi walked closer to the limp figure, his Akatsuki cloak billowing behind him. Kakashi was always good at suppressing his chakra that even when he was in the middle of an intense battle, his chakra would still indicate ridiculous calmness as if the battle was nothing but a mere trip to the nearest ramen stall. The easiest way to determine his awareness was obviously, by calling him. Unfortunately, Kakashi was not really courteous enough to answer especially when it came to his enemies. Itachi did not see himself as the enemy, but considering what Akatsuki would be doing to the Konoha Jonin, he guessed he deserved to be branded as the Copy Ninja's foe. It would be in Kakashi's blood to ignore his foe then, since Kakashi showed no sign of addressing this foreign presence.

Hooking his index finger below the silent man's chin, Itachi tilted Kakashi's head up to look at his face.


Releasing his hold, Itachi leant forward and reached around Kakashi's back. His hand slid lower till it passed Kakashi's hip where it finally rested on a cold, protruding cylinder rod. See, sadism was a part of Akatsuki's nature. Apparently, to be the official member, one either had to be a complete sadist or a downright psychopath. Most of Itachi's "colleagues" were of the aforementioned; therefore he was glad to say that he would not be grouped in the same category with them. He noted that his sanity was still intact, but he might just lose it when the man before him awake.

Kakashi seemed very vulnerable when he was naked.

Itachi held the rod firmly. Pulling it out slowly from Kakashi's anus, he took a glance at the silver haired man. A shallow frown formed, followed by harsher breathings. Itachi paused and looked at his captive.

"Kakashi-san, it's good to see you're awake."

Wearily, Kakashi flicked his right eye open and stare into the man who had massacred his own clan. If Itachi did nothing cruel to Kakashi, the latter believed that it would be the first sign of world's destruction; Itachi was not the kind of person who would let a passing kitten go unharmed.

Or so he thought.

"Having fun, Itachi?" he whispered hoarsely.

"Not really. To me, fun has never been defined."

Kakashi half chuckled, half coughed into the robes. To his surprise, Itachi had yet to distance himself away from him.

"So you really want me to spit phlegm into your uniform?"

"If you can."

His parched throat would not allow it. Bastard…

Kakashi shifted as much as the bonds allowed. He had been in this dark, little dungeon for two days already. He must have been brought in after he lost consciousness in the battle he had with Itachi and Kisame at the village's river. Before everything faded into blackness, he could swear he heard Gai's colourful arrival; there was no mistake in his signature "Dynamic Entry!". At least he knew that Asuma and Kurenai's safety was assured. Gai would not let anything bad befall them.

Now… his trouble was Itachi.

"You got terrible, inhumane plans to do to me? Bet you do. Just make it quick and we'll both be happy."

Kakashi imagined a smirk on Itachi's face, but a cold façade with unfathomable expressions greeted his slightly hazy sight.

"I won't degrade myself to that level, especially when it deals with you, Kakashi-san. My – colleagues – will fulfill your wish. The evidence is clearly seen –" Itachi shoved the rod deeper into Kakashi, earning a muffled gasp in return, "here."

As he shut his eyes, willing the pounding pain in his abused posterior to subside, Kakashi cursed through gritted teeth, "Go to hell, Itachi."

This time, Itachi smirked.

"I already had."

"Clearly the demons hadn't burnt –" Kakashi flinched and went tense, his inhales came in shallowly. The sneer on Itachi wore off as he studied the pained look so clearly etched onto the other man's visage. Gripping the rod once again, Itachi spoke into Kakashi's ear, "Relax your muscles down there. I'm not going to clean the blood away."

Without a warning, he yanked the rod out in one swift, pull; some amount of blood splattered onto the wall.

A ringing scream ricocheted off the dingy corners.

Kakashi wilted, relying completely on his chains for support. The Akatsuki really wanted to keep him in prison; the chains were all spun around his appendages, leaving him suspended almost horizontally in space.

Like a fly caught in a spider web, Itachi mused.

Kakashi did not even bother to pull himself away from Itachi. He let his forehead rest on the man's shoulder, panting for much needed air. Most of his body parts were already numb from poor blood circulation, yet the most alert section of all was his –

"You're bleeding down there," Itachi commented almost casually. Kakashi did not bother; Itachi could have his way with him. Pain did not scare him. He had readied himself for torture ever since Itachi said he would bring him back to Akatsuki at the river two days back. He mentally reprimanded himself when he found out that deep down he wished Itachi would administer the Tsukuyomi on him and render him unconscious for a long, long time.

Again, pain did not scare him; cowardice did.

"Do you fear me, Kakashi-san?"

No answers.

Itachi lifted the resting head from his shoulder and stared into the half lidded eye. Black pupil bore into his Sharingan ones. As usual, Itachi was not able to read what was coursing through the Copy Ninja's mind, but one thing was sure.

"It's not like I care whether you fear me or not, Kakashi-san," Itachi mumbled, his lips ghosting Kakashi's dried ones. "It's the organisation which you have to fear."

Itachi's looming shadow wove in and out, Kakashi was uncertain if Itachi had been bodily present with him in the room. As he finally reached his limits, darkness caved in and he dismissed a momentary warmness on his lips as mere imagination.