Tenten's POV

Everyone has a family, I should know, but well...I don't. When I became a ninja, I was all-alone at the graduation party, in the building, on the mountain, on an old rusted bench thinking about how different my life would be if my parents never died. My best friend is Rock Lee, he protects me from the people who make fun of me and my hair. He tells me their just jealous, and I can't help but giggle. Then there's the stotic, Hyuuga prodigy. He has so many fan girls, I don't think its even good for him! He clearly doesn't like the attention and I'm pretty sure he has a stick shoved up his ass. Anyway, you should get my point. I have friends, but no family.

Several years later I graduated and became a chunin! We had a party at the same building, in the same mountain. They re-painted the bench so now it looks good as new. And most importantly, this time its different. This time I have my 3 friends named Sakura, Ino and Hinata, they're practically my sisters. And my multi-personality brothers Kiba, Naruto, Lee, Choji, Shikamaru, and Shino. Then my super weird sensei, who I like to call my dad, Gai sensei! At least he's really good at embarrassing me! But there's no mom...yet! You might be wondering about Neji, welllll, I guess you can call him my boyfriend. So I think that my real family is out there somewhere watching over my and they made SURE this happened.