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Chapter 1- First Day Antics!

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Her little legs ran as fast as they could, but life was always so typical…wasn't it? How was it that she was always led towards that same corner of the kitchen floor. She released a soft wince, against the cool tiles brushing on her newly reopened wounds.


Her child-like eyes had a long time acquaintance with the darkness that engulfed her home. Without that ability, it was certain that she would have barely survived for this long. The footsteps were beginning to sound slightly louder…he was getting closer.

"It's not nice to disobey adults, Kagome! Where the fuck are you hiding?!"

He swung his arms, harshly, against the nearby pile of dirty plates. She could almost see his teeth clench out of aggravation, how she feared him…him and his power, power over her entire household. She tried to tiptoe her way towards the nearest stairway.

'Please, just this once don't let him catch me…'

She paid no mind towards the lone jagged edges of the broken dishes. Her body was accustomed to pain, and adding another scar wouldn't have made a difference anyways. She had to laugh at the thought, but the sad thing was that it was true

His heavy breathing echoed, surrounding the room with his tremor.

'So close…'

She reached up with her stocky arms, barely touching the wooden arm rails. Happy thoughts danced within her mind. She had to bite down her tongue just to hide a faint sound of laughter, straining to escape her pink lips. Darkness, was beneficial that way. Most people feared to be swallowed up inside it callous grip. They try to stay away from it, and reside close to where light can surround them with its amiability.

Yeah, right.

Her views were far more diverse than that. If anything, light magnified the true ugliness of humankind. It coats individuals with false hope, and for others who can see through its façade…well, the world was filled with people like them. That's why she adored darkness, and everything that came inside its perfectly wrapped package. She knew that the life she led wasn't one that everyone would jump with excitement from. In fact, they'd probably never come close to understanding the dreadful tasks she had to endure. But your life is yourlife, and no matter how much you might detest it…there's nothing you can ever do for it to dramatically change.

The truth was that deep inside, she didn't want anyone to understand. She covered her emotions behind a mask that flawlessly fitted her features. Allowing darkness to take over her life made it easier for people not ask, ask any questions that she didn't have the answers too.

His muscular arms lunged at the closes thing that he could grab, too bad it had to be her hair. Raven locks that forever remained tangled and messy, due to her…situations.

"Gotcha, you think you can just crawl away?" He asked with a malicious smirk plastered on his face.

A loud scream finally broke out from her lips, as a stream of tears quickly followed. Her petite nose scrunched up from the pain that her attacker was currently giving her. Chokes of sobs emanated from the kitchen, there was no sign that he would let her go anytime soon.

Oh, how he loved to see her suffer.

"Dad, please let go." She cried out silently.


This time she yelled louder, as her cheek slowly turned into a faint reddish color.

"I'm sorry, but are you actually giving me an order?" He said sarcastically, pulling on her hair harder.

Her breathing escalated, close to being just like having a panic attack. Her throat had a familiar dried up taste, and every time she breathed it would come out with a raspy tang. Its okay, she'd grown to adapt to these types of feelings…and this existence.

"No sir."

A larger grin began to slowly form on her father's features.

"That's a good girl, Kagome." He said with a soothing tone of voice, while letting go of his vice-like grip.

A sigh of relief escaped her chapped lips. The throbbing pain that pulsated from her head was slowly ebbing away. She proceeded fix her unmanageable mane, making herself a little more presentable. She fully realized that if her father foresaw her to buckle down with weakness, it would result in pain. But if he saw it the second time…well, she didn't want live that horrific memory. She tried to muster up her remaining energy, trying to perform a simple task of standing up.

Immediately her father's knuckles came in contact with her stomach, vision blurred, Kagome Higurashi hit the marbled floors once again. This time it was much harder, but surprisingly a yelp of hurt was not heard.

Red, it's a loud stain that everybody recognizes.

Crimson blood flowed from her mouth and forehead, while her hands formed into fists. Seconds passed by, as her chocolaty brown eyes slowly fluttered downward, until it finally closed.

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Kagome had always hated doing anything that concerned Physical Education, looking at her curriculum for college, she began to crumple it up into a ball, hoping it would ease her aggravation. Calculus, Physics, and Organic Chemistry she had no problem with. But when the advisor suggested it would be best to get a 'stress-free' class, she had no room to argue. Taking all those major classes during one semester was asking for a gun placed promptly on the head, or becoming a mentally insane maniac…either way both would end up appalling.

She sighed.

Truth of it is, she planned to take difficult classes such as the ones she requested for. College was her new home for now, and she was damned reluctant not to spend her classes with a bunch of spoiled pricks. Everyone knew that the prestigious college, Tokyo University, were filled with them. A majority of rich bastards using Mommy and Daddy's funds to attend, mind you that they don't even have the brains to attend such a college. Rolling down with their clicks, girls acting like a sluttish whore, guys more than willing to pin them down to their bed, and of course being the most popular obviously mattered more than anything else.

Kagome hesitated upon reading her approval letter at first, but she had her reasons of attending. Besides, with any other situation, she would never be caught in such a place. A place where you didn't even need to acknowledge the majority of the people to know the real unsightliness that covered their very being. Her thoughts her momentarily halted, as a newly sliver Mercedes Benz drove pass her, with its loud speakers emanating throughout the whole parking lot.

'Typical Tokyo U. student.'

As Kagome continued to walk towards her Phys Ed class, she began to notice more of the prominent lifestyle that the so-called students lived. From the far end, Kagome could make out a row of BMW, Lexus, and Acura cars. Students dressed in the most expensive clothing Mommy's money could buy. Girls carrying the well-known designer bags, using them for various books like they were worth nothing but a few dollars.

Jealousy? No, Kagome wasn't that type of person.

A few snickers could be heard from a distance, as Kagome passed by a group of people and their clicks. She knew all too well that it was her physical appearance that they noticed first. Her hair was done up, into a messy pony tail. Her face plain and simple, no makeup could be traced at any inch of her beautiful creamy complexion. She wore a simple dark-grey and black striped hoodie, even though it was still warm outside, and dark blue jeans with torn rips here and there. A splatter of paint faded into the lower half of her jeans, black, red, and brown, mixed in together like a mosaic of colors. For her feet, she chose her ever favorite slip-on all black converses.

Kagome didn't care about other's opinions about her, and impressing such a crowd would be far too exhausting.

'Especially these bastards.'

All of them looked the same, wearing the similar looking attire, talking in that annoying pitch that can cause anyone a migraine, and giving off that rich-snobbish aura while enjoying every moment of it. Kagome would be damned to hell, if she was ever part of such a cult.

"Hey wench! I think you might be at the wrong place."

Kagome followed to were the masculine voice emanated from, and she saw a not so typical Popular. Silver, glossy hair cascaded from the base of his head, reaching all the way down to his torso. Amber stained window-like orbs with a slight hint of orange tints, that looked at her in an accusing manner. Muscular built body, that any woman would love to ravage anytime and anywhere…well, any woman but her of course. But by far the most intriguing aspect about him was his, puppy dog ears? Kagome had to focus more closely, just too make sure that she wasn't hallucinating or anything. But yes, those fluffy white doggy ears that perched on top of his hair could have been considered cute, to the Kagome thirteen years ago.

Kagome gave him an uncaring look, and proceeded to move on to her first class. Multiple gasps could be heard from the background, and statements such as…

"That bitch just ignored Inuyasha!"

"She doesn't have the right to do that!"

"Who the hell does she think she is!"

Kagome sighed again, can't people ever leave her alone. I mean he was the one who decided to talk to her in the first place. That so-called guy Inu-ya-sha, right?, tried to insult her knowing that they've never met once in their lives. Ignoring their comments, Kagome had finally reached the metallic doors that held the entrance for Phys Ed classes. But before she gripped the handles, a demonic aura engulfed her surroundings, he was back for more insolent comments? Inuyasha grabbed Kagome's wrists to bring her closer to his view point, only to find out that she wasn't as weak as she perceived to be. She struggled with a strong triumphant will, that Inuyasha barely manage to keep that grin on his face, and pretend that she didn't bother him.

"Wench! Don't you think you owe me an apology?!" He asked, still trying to keep her in hold.

Kagome's chocolate orbs stared at him, as if through his soul, a stare that could kill…literally. It was just so tempting to punch him right in the face, but…she had to make a new start, and she didn't want to launch her first day by punching the hell out of someone, even if he was an egotistical half-demon.

"Let go." Kagome replied as an order, not a statement.

Inuyasha looked at her, it had been a while since he found a girl immune to his charms. With just one grin and touch, he was able to fuck any woman that he'd just met. Just like that, just with a snap of his clawed fingers. But what was up with this girl, first she didn't show any type of emotions while insulting her, and now? She was ignoring his looks too. Inuyasha hated to admit it deep inside, but this took a beating to his ego. Especially by some girl that he's never met before.

"Say that again wench! And you'll see what happen."

This time Inuyasha tried another approach by whispering the statement closely to her ear, in a sensual passion. He knew this would do the trick, no woman alive ever resisted him when he acted like this. Kagome's eyes showed a faded indication of grayish-silver tints, her free hand shook momentarily, as she gripped it in a stark manner. Inuyasha's grin became wider as the girl that he held showed no signs of struggle. He proceeded to try his luck, and caress her earlobe with his warm tongue. Licking it and taking a nibble of her delicacy, oh how she tasted so good. Even if he hated to admit it. Her scent smelled of vanilla and jasmine, an unlikely combination that perfectly suited her existence.

That did it.

Kagome lunged her free fisted hand right into Inuyasha's stomach, who still a little dazed after taking in her scent. Eyes stared at the scene that unfolded the first day of school, girls released various gasps as Inuyasha hit the ground hard with his face faced down. Kagome could sense his anger emanating from his body. He placed his clawed hands out, as he gripped the ground scratching it, making an annoying sound that familiarized hands on a chalkboard. Everyone, even the male population, that was watching feared the sight of Inuyasha when he became enrage. It was asking for trouble, when you get a half-demon or a full-demon irritated. But Kagome, still showed no signs of emotion. She looked at him with bored eyes, and continued to head inside the building she was first heading too.

'Damn that Inuyasha, I didn't want to do that…but hell, he was just pushing it.'

Kagome cringed at the moment that transpired a few seconds ago, and finally noticed the wet spot that eluded her earlobes. She took the right sleeve of her hoodie and wiped it off.

'Fucking pervert.'

Kagome had secretly hoped that she didn't have to see him again….ever! Because if he was able to make her act like this from just in between classes, she hate to see it escalate if he'd be there to annoy her in a hour and a half long class. There was nothing to worry about, if anything he seemed like a dim-witted hanyou. There was nothing to worry about.


- - -

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Inuyasha had finally let his inner demons aura retain from coming out. It was strange, he never once saw her punch coming until it collided with his stomach. A small pang of pain throbbed, but that was nothing compared to what his healing abilities would soon cure. He had to know more about this girl, no one got away and lived to tell about it, especially when the famous Inuyasha became part of that embarrassing situation. He looked at all the eyes staring at him, and gave them all a loud snarl. Bearing his sharp pointed fangs, caused all the student body to resume to what they were currently doing.

Inuyasha sniffed the air, taking in her scent and making sure to memorize it. She wasn't going to get away with this, if he had anything to about it.

"You're fucking branded now you here, Wench!" Inuyasha growled in a low tone.

Inuyasha wanted to release a small laughter, all of this happened, but somehow he didn't even get the name of the girl he was trying to ruin. But he was well know, and he was sure by the end of the day he'd get the anonymous name he so wanted to acquire. There was nothing left to do now but go to class, and hell he was glad it was his first class, because there was nothing better than taking out the stress from once body by doing a little Phys Ed.

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