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Chapter 16: Say Goodbye.

Inuyasha's hand quivered against the stone's edge as it crumbled in his palm. Right now he couldn't think of anything but jumping the ten story drop—to actually let his demon self take over.

Yeah, right now anything would have been better than standing there like an idiot.

To inevitably be pushed towards the harsh spotlight with his parents by the wayside. All at the same time they—those people who would always be a blur in his mind—continued to clap with a fake smile adorning their faces.


He hated the thought of it because, as Inuyasha had recently admitted to himself, years ago he became one of them and regretfully enjoyed every damn minute of it. Life was easier in their eyes because nothing was ever out of their reach as they shrouded themselves with only the joys money had to offer.

All the while his world continued to become dirtier and dirtier, uglier and uglier.

Inuyasha's eyes softened as he thought of the girl who'd shed a strand of light within his path. Kagome, the spitfire who he despised at first glance, but also the only one who ever had the spunk to fight back.

The only one who never kissed the ground he walked on.

The only one who walked outside that insufferable mob of people he called his friends.

The only one who, oddly enough, he felt comfortable with.

It was strange thinking about Kagome now because of her relationship with Hiten. To anybody else he would have fought back and reclaimed what had been his to begin with.

But now?

He had no choice but to watch idly by as the huge ring placed atop her finger blared its blinding light. It was enough of a hint. Hiten had done that on purpose. It wasn't much his style to declare that Kagome was his automatically, rather than showering her with gifts and taking it slowly.

He'd gone with the second one, much to Inuyasha's dismay.

The worst part of it is that Hiten wasn't even a bad person. In fact, Kagome would most likely have the best happily ever after with a guy like him—but somehow he just couldn't swallow his pride and be happy for his best friend.

Inuyasha felt his shoulder grow heavy as the truth of the words steadily escaped his lips, "Because I've already fallen for that damn girl."

He let out a deep breath as he jumped off the balcony, and by the time he inhaled another breath his feet were already touching the ground. Gracefully, Inuyasha walked with his hands casually stuffed inside the pockets of his pants, as his mind wandered once again he even forgot about the burning anger just moments ago.

- - -

Yura's eyes sparkled against the Naraku's pale eyes. She was never the one to be intimidated and back down, even with the cool walls seemingly closing around them both. Even as her breath became shallow and her hands clammy.

No, she had to stand her ground—especially with such a man like Naraku.

A man devoid of any emotions. Everyone who was anyone that mattered knew of his name, his very presence.


Well, not so much.

"You aren't doing your part."

"Talk to your daughter. She's the one getting in my way." Yura explained with her arms across her chest, "If she doesn't back off then I can't be responsible for your little precious getting hurt."

Naraku chuckled with sarcasm, "I think you've got this situation mixed up. Kagome won't be the one facing the ground when this is all over, I can assure you that much."

She scoffed, "I'd like to see her try."

"By the way you're acting then that moment will come soon enough. But tell me Yura there is something I've been wanting to know."


"What does Kagome have that you already don't?" Naraku smiled as he said this. The kind of sadistic smile, Yura knew, comparable to when a hunter finally cornered its prey.

Yura backed down as a small crack perforated the mask of ignorance that easily fit her face.

"The way you sound right now—it seems as if you were jealous." He continued to push her buttons, which were so undoubtedly wide open at this time. "Kagome is much lower than you in every which way, and yet, you of all people cower beneath her because you let yourself be subdued by your pathetic emotions."

Naraku was laughing now, loudly, against the crowd of people drowning themselves with petty conversations.

For once Yura had no remark.

"So, its Inuyasha isn't it?"

- - -

Kagome's hand encircled into two solid fists as Bank continued to close the gap in between them both. His eyes stayed ecstatic with one brow arched and the corners of his mouth curved into a deviant smile. She wanted to wipe it all away.

The men behind him started to scatter, forming a loose circle, they must have thought she was the type to run from a situation like this. Well, they were about to get the biggest surprise of their life.

As Kagome took a step back the bottom of her boots sunk into the snow. She couldn't help but divert her attention towards the dark blue sky line, because it had started to snow.

She closed her eyes momentarily, inwardly wondering why she had done so at the first place, and by the time she'd open them back it was their turn to take a step back. Kagome's fists burned a bright pink light that engulfed even the darkest corners.

The next thing Bank knew his feet were already off the ground and his back against Jak's chest.

"I guess we should've expected this. She is Naraku's daughter after all." Jak strained to say from the unbearable weight of Bank's body. "Should we retreat?"

Bank stood up gradually while holding his left arm in place. He hated running away, especially because even they couldn't follow a simple order and capture this bitch. Naraku was definitely going to have their heads once he found out.

Kagome advanced in a slow pace that only made the tension heavier. Her expression remained blank even with the adrenaline pumping through her veins. She hadn't felt such strong emotions in such a long amount of time, and to actually have a chance to release it all felt indescribable.

Bank buckled as Kagome reached out for his collar and although she wasn't touching his skin with her bare hands, he could still feel the burning sensation of her immense power. It made the hairs from the back of his neck stand stiff straight.

"Why?" Kagome's tone was low and clipped.


Bank could only growl as she pulled him closer to her body. It was strange as his anger receded and all he could focus on was her pale face and pink lips. He didn't know if it was the attraction that made his anger take a backstage seat. But before he could even think, Ren was already pulling him away inside the dark limousine.

Kagome's fist uncurled as she retracted it back to her side. The pink glow that shrouded her body not too long ago finally diminished and the adrenaline along with it. Exhaustion took it place and she couldn't help but fall weakly against the ground.

The snow is falling faster now, she stared for the second time that day as an unnerving feeling swirled in the pit of her stomach. She knew that it was only a matter of time until those men would get to her Father. So going back to her apartment wasn't the brightest idea.

Kagome moaned as she pushed herself to stand on both feet. There had been a reason why she always concealed her powers, and for a vague moment she'd forgotten why, but it became alarmingly clear now that her powers were still far too strong for her control.

She hated feeling this way, finding similarities between them both and feeling the heat of her Father's powers course through her veins. It was all because of him that she suffered like a stupid, pathetic weakling.

It was all because of him that she had to prove herself time after time as to not disgrace the family name.

This was what he called her 'gift'?

Kagome wanted to vomit at the thought.

- - -

Inuyasha snarled as he heard the sound of the doorbell ring. It wasn't enough that he finally got the house to himself, which by the way never happened before, the Gods really must have it out for him.

For a second he thought it might have been Yura, who he just remembered walking halfway home he left at the party—go figure. He readied himself from her screeching voice as he slowly opened the door.

To his surprise it was the last person he could've thought of, "Didn't this happen before?"

"Shut it half-breed, I'm looking for someone."

Inuyasha grinned, hard enough so that the crease on the side of his eyes were easily seen. "Yeah you said that the last time too—the half-breed part I mean."

Kagome ignored the comment as she brushed pass Inuyasha in one fluid motion. This time making sure that she didn't trip clumsily as she took one step up.

"Where's Hiten?"

"Well, come in?" Inuyasha mentioned even though he knew she probably wasn't paying attention. He shut the door promptly then made his way towards the raven haired girl.

Her pale gray eyes stared at him guardedly when he got too close, while her arms stayed afloat in front of her chest. Although he had to wonder why in the first place—it wasn't as if he was a complete stranger.

Why guard herself?

He inched closer, "Hiten's out."


"If you want to wait just stay here."

Inuyasha flinched as he saw he acceptance ripple beneath her eyes, her tired shoulder slump, but her posture still didn't change. There was still defiance in her expression. It was as if something was separating both of them now and he didn't know if it was necessarily sensible to cross that barrier.

That was it, wasn't it?

He didn't want to admit of what he feared . That in the near future he and Kagome would never be able to revert back to what they used to be. He was afraid of growing so far apart that awkward moments like this would soon feel normal, and the burn inside his chest would gradually just ebb away.

"I'm sorry Kagome but I feel like if I don't say this now then I'll never have the chance."

"What are you…?"

"I know that it's difficult for you to stand here and look at me. I know that you and Hiten are probably very happy, and I'm just making your situation a lot harder than it already is." Inuyasha's eyes strained to look away because as he continued to express his feelings, Kagome just stood there unwavering.

"I know that what I can offer isn't nearly as much as what Hiten can do for you. I mean come on, you guys are childhood friends and no amount of time that we've talked could ever replace to the years you've spent together."

"But I also feel that loosing you as a friend, or whatever it is that we had, is a lot more painful than not speaking my mind. I've done that for such a long time that after all these years it's just so—I'm just so sick and tired of it all."

"I want you to know that—" Inuyasha stopped abruptly, first looking at the door and then at Kagome.

He took a step forward as she followed to step back. Instinctively, he raised both arms and placed each hand beside her face. Kagome couldn't avoid his intensifying gaze and as she continued to stare, the indifference that covered her eyes steadily went away.

Inuyasha's face lowered until he could feel her warm breath fanning against his skin. His demonic half ached to touch her, so he curled his hands in an attempt to calm its need.

"This is the last time—I'm sorry, I'm not going to bother you anymore…" His mouth twisted into a crooked smile as he said this.

The next thing Kagome knew there was a burst of air brushing pass her side and in the blink of an eye Inuyasha had made to the couch, leaning back lazily as he held the remote easily from his hand. The silence that surrounded them faded away. Only to be replaced by an annoying infomercial.

What had bothered her now wasn't so much as Inuyasha's strange action as it was the expression on his face. Kagome felt like she was looking through a mirror, because while she continued to stare his eyes continued to look farther and farther into the distance.

"Kagome? This is a nice surprise."

"Hiten? Oh."

"What are you doing here?"

There was a slight pause as she continued to think. Everything was blank in her mind except for Inuyasha's apology, so she walked closer to Hiten and smiled a smile that hurt her cheeks.

"I've missed you..." Kagome whispered as she buried her face against his chest, hoping that his scent and touch would drown out the voices inside her head. "—is all."

- - -


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